Who here /LARP/?

>be me
>FOMO into crypto beginning of 2018
>down thousands on initial investment
>Tell other Veeky Forums posters I’m a crypto old fag in since 2011 that’s made over 700k in my fake blockfolio
>give market advice to day traders traders
> Spread FUD on my own coins I HODL
>Go to other boards and LARP as NEET self made crypto millionaire off 2k investment to get others to FOMO into crypto
Currently Larping on whisper app to some old hag who thinks she’s a forex trader making big bucks and I told her I made 6 figures last bull run and show her my fake blockfolio and tell her how much of a dumbass she is for investing in boomer stocks KEK.

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bro i larp in real life.

i take my fake blockfolio and show people when i get drunk and bored and tell college kids to buy chainlink.

Do you rent exotic cars from those exotic car rental places and make timestamps with the car to tell everyone you bought a lambo?

same dood
lost 4 of 5k though i suck at this

thats 99% of biz..

everyone knows crypto is a total retarded ponzi. we are all just trying to lure newbs into it to dump our bags.

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i'm unironically 400% up on initial "investement"
too bad initial investement was only $50 and it wasn't even investement, some guy paid people for memes in Veeky Forums a month ago
on the other side i'm 10x in initial eth so kinda mixed feelings

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how the fuck is any of that reddit?

nice feed the ponzi

>Tfw you literally FUD your own investment just to fuck yourself so you can have a life and not care about price.

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I larp that I made more than I did. $100k+

Though I have made $14k with $1k invested it does not feel like it was good enough.
I blew it all like a nigger and now face taxation consequences of my actions.
My remaining crypto assets are about $40.
I give bad advice and shill terrible coins for amusement.

Are you larping now?


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I’ve been larping as a racist neo nazi since 2012.


Why would you rent a car like this if you could just show up at a car show?


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Are you Asian or Hispanic?

I also do this
Kek I do this at the gym when roasties are around and leave delta opened showing my huge gains. You can scan your phone at the front desk by handing it to the people to check you in and when it’s a QT I open delta instead of the app for LA and say whoops sorry wrong one!
Feels bad man I do it to see if people actually believe in the projects I invested in and try to come up with any reason to not pick at why what I dumped money into is failing.

It's the same faggot who always posts that image. Anything that he doesn't like is reddit.

fucking kek

i don't even have account there even though i really should have with this crypto bullshit to check on what are they up to
in fact i probably won't even do that because reddits ui is horrible piece of shit and it still gives me ptsd since times when i had to go there for my F1 stream links

any more info or a screencap on the guy that was buying memes?

that's similar to my fudding, its involuntary, but whenever i buy a coin soon panic sets in and im looking for reasons to sell

tomochain thought it would be a good idea to ask Veeky Forums for memes, thread was flooded with absolute trash once people realised they actually give away eth for that shit

Kek, same here. I'm white but not aryan-white. Just pastanigger white, like the Bitgrail guy.

i have 90k (down from 170k) and i larp as a NEET poorfag

The Bilzerian Way

I don’t need to larp... somehow getting into crypto in August 2017 was early enough for all the Dec/Jan noobs to think I’m a legend. I think not being underwater during this bear market is considered “genius.”

OP, how can i be cool like you?