How do I short this obviously overvalued piece of shit?

How do I short this obviously overvalued piece of shit?

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go back to january and sell it at the ath because its a scam

lol stay mad op. Look like money man dan delivered again

why is it that bitcoiners and EOSlets prefer centralized garbage?


Name 3 more decentralized coins than BTC

any crypto basically due to the lightning network scam

>any crypto

Really, all 700+ of the non-mineable tokens out there are more decentralized than BTC? Ripple is more decentralized? LTC? EOS? ADA? Really?

Just name two. Hell, I'll throw in XMR as a gimme. JUST NAME ONE!

typical bitcoiner. ignoring the problem completely and focusing on semantics. how's that critical lightning network bug doing where when your database corrupts and you try to restore it the channel steals all your coins? if that's decentralized to you, I want to know what centralized is.

>still can't name just one

Jesus you cashies are pathetic.

you're such a fucking retard. any mining currency. fucking litecoin. fucking XMR. fucking ethereum. fucking SIGNATUM IS MORE DECENTRALIZED THAN LIGHTNING NETWORK WHICH YOU CONTINUE TO COMPLETELY IGNORE.

you argue like a woman and I'm done with you

>gets mad
>runs away

Lmao. You're not baiting me with your shit-tier strawman LN arguments. Do some fucking research rather than reading one Medium article on the matter, idiot.

If bitcoin maximalists themselves bother to create FUD threads about EOS, this might be a good sign. I mean, not every coin gets such attention.

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>only top 10 coin not shitting itself AGAIN
>only one post on biz
>"how do I short this piece of shit"

stay forever poor biz

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EOS is the only project positioned for scaling in the short-medium term. I wouldn’t be surprised to see many ERC20 projects port over to the EOS blockchain to utilize its high throughput and feeless advantages.

they would have already ported over to stellar if that were the case

shitcoins moon all the time during a bearmarket. it's called a safe haven and they don't last long.

bitfinex you can short on margin too!

Billions in VC
Great tech

some are. KIK is doing it's ICO with ethereum and stellar platforms. you'll see more soon

Billions of dollars were pumped into and lost during the tech craze sof the 1980s and 200s, and even today most VCs have a dogshit record. Saying "VCs invested in this product" is meaningless when Tim Draper is out shilling fucking Ncash.

Great tech? Have you read the whitepaper? Have you used the test net? How do you know it's great tech? Because they have a "blockchain guru" on staff? Do you know how many tech companies with "X gurus" went ass up in the past 30 years?

Dude the test net is full of complete garbage apps. Literally shit where 20x more effort was spent on the little icon for it than writing the code.

This shit is gonna tank so hard when the panicked reality sets in for people .

By buying HPB


EOS testnet is amazing. literally they can host facebook and google together on eos. dyor. or stay poor

youre deluded, their testnet is shit and their fucking api barely works

i tested myself faggot. dont fud with out testing it. 10x by mainnet

I don't see any pajeets user. Nice try FUDFAG.

OKEX futures.

>the only coin doing well
>shorting it

stay poor user stay poor

Use Bitfinex

You actually think this retard has $10k to open an account there?