Pls god pls bulls pls whales

I am desperate for money tell me one reason to cancel my x100 Long with my livesavings that gets liquidated at 8000.

Pls guys im shaking

If i double my money i will cover most of my losses

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Good luck, godspeed.

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prepare to be simpson'd

Im worried

whale here, we're gonna complete the Bart in t-minus 60 minutes.

jesus man this is not a competition to see who gets liquidated first

I doubt they will use the same trick twice

What price will you close it at?

>desperate for money
>opens x100 long
get rekt degenerate gambler.

8150 pls pray for me

lmao its not the first time and not the last either check 16 march / 19 march same pattern


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If I get cucked by a bart im gonna kms

i don't know why but reading this shit is so fucking entertaining, just watching some moron get btfo when all it takes is doing nothing and forgetting about crypto for a while.

Good luck user. What price did you get in at? I'm guessing you didn't place it when BTC was at the bottom of its current channel


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Not the best timing on the entry point. Hopefully it works out for you.

Idk what im gonna do with my life if i get liqd

seems like most people are impatient about this, cant you wait a couple years ffs, people that buy stocks have to wait 10 for a decent return and you cant wait one

start making plans.

inb4 we pump to 8.5k and OP is rich

Im depressed for 2 years....
Idk if i still have the will after i get liquidated

OP is playing you guys in reality he is shorting mindgaming whales

Im gonna close if it hits 8200

dont be afucking iditiot OP, i dont know what you should do but eaven if you manage to make money of this, you are still a fucking degenerate gambler.
The most important thing is to remember how horrible you fucking feel right now so eaven if you by some luck manage to make a profit, you are never again going to do something this stupid

hope you dont become a meme
....but 100x godamnit op what the fuck were you thinking

don't get greedy my dude, 8150 might not be a bad call in this current shitshow

also please have a fucking plan on where to close the position.....and dont hope to market sell since bitmex get overloades and you cant place market-buy/sell orders quite oftenly be sure to make a limit-sell on the order

ffs now we will crash again

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Thanks user

Most "people" here are literal teenagers and money strapped low IQ lower class citizens.

Veeky Forums contains the dregs of society as they see crypto as their only way out of their shitty situations.

Normal people that actually don't depend on crypto for "making it" can just hold for years as not all their hopes and dreams rests on the shoulders of crypto.

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Insider here. Close your shit soon user.

maybe its you lucky day user, if it doesnt dump suddenly and stays out of the triangle for a few more minutes you should be okay...
dont forget as the price moves up to constantly rise your stop-loss

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Close it, faggot. Don't risk it.

dont get greedy like the faggot yesterday close now cuck

just wait if we break out u will make bank

Don't hate on user making money, don't be jealous.

Go user keep holding you're gonna make it!

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I just need it to hit 8200

Your last words before getting simpsoned.

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Sorry OP, 44 beats 22. Kek wills it.

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Dumping now, just for you

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margin [email protected] ... hell even 25 - pure gambling

no feels whatsoever towards it

>Getting barted again

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Why do people do this? You will lose either way.

>If successful, you'll try to do it again because that part of you that went for it this time will still be there.
>If not successful, you lose everything.

Close at 8150 and never ever do this again if you make it.

Just close it fagget and swear you never do such dumb shit again and you can forever be a winner at gambling, this is more that you should ever hope for.

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nice bullish candle on 1 hr

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Im entered at 8086 i just need a small pump


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You went long at the resistance. I'm pulling for you OP but I think there's a pretty big chance this goes south...

you were alreeady at 8150

Was hoping for 8200. Next time it surpass 8150 ill close

Don't worry user it'll rise you'll be fine.

I'm rooting for you despite the retardation

Can't believe he didn't close at 8150
>liquiditate him now

Well going long now atleast wasnt that retarted as the OP of yesterday who went short. Just please do understand you are playing with the bogs now OP. They have no mercy

OP needs to get rekt for the sake of the upcoming bullrun that'll start @7999.

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It is written thou shalt not temp our lord thy god

all "people here

drumrolls.....third try at breaking resistance....if this one fails you are fucked op....imo

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isnt that a bearflag on 30 min chart?

youre terrible at drawing lines

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what where i dont see it.....could you share a chart screenshot, im really trying to learn this TA thing

you think the red resistance line is retarded? please explain why, im trying to learn as much as possible and some of you fags are pretty good actually

Close at your entry OP. For the love of god. We are going to drop 2,000 dollars in the next few days.


If it breaks this line you're getting liquidated

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Luckily for OP we have one more green dildo coming. 5th wave up, coming soon.

Bounced off again. Volume is way down and bollinger bands tightening. It could break either upwards or downwards.

still here OP?

He's going to get one more wave upwards. He'll have a chance to sell somewhere between 8195 and 8260. All of which is above his target of 8150 so he should be able to easily get out.


true boi, but for some reason i still start freaking out when crypto falls even though its only technically like .2% my net worth

Nice knowing ya OP



TOLD ya 8x times

Press F to pay respects


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sell all belongings you still have, take another loan from the mafia and put it all on black.

HODL !!!!

technically he still didnt get liquidated...

solid support 8k bears tried to dump and failed hahahaha

it bounced pretty quick maybe he didnt

Doesn't matter. Only matters that the price was reached.


There you go. Happy now?


im very sorry OP, how much did you lose?

Probably a hundred bucks or it's a larp.

well he said his life savings....i dont see why woul someone be larping about doing something this dumb....he seemed pretty desperate to begin with


Please tell me that you wisened up and closed it before crash.

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Fuck off with your weak LARP



>i dont see why woul someone be larping about doing something dumb

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