REQ Mainnet

do you buy, dump or hodl after mainnet release?

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dump ofc

I will only sell when I wake up to
>let me suck your dick for .000001 req

let me suck your dick for .000001

I'm buying after mainnet. Waiting for a good dump to stock up as much as I can.

I'm 100% sure people on Veeky Forums will dump so I am waiting for the bottom to buy.

pwc partnership convinced me to buy a ton of REQ to hold for 3 years.

>completely brainlet answer
>medium brainlet answer
Buy (why don't you own REQ already)
>patrician answer

>Buy (why don't you own REQ already)

I didn't believe they would actually be able to compete with the Big 4 in accounting/auditing.

Now that they are partnered with FUCKING pwc it's inevitable that REQ becomes the future accounting standard.

I didn't buy because I knew mainnet was launching and there will be a dump afterwards so I am waiting until that dip until I go all-in.

Same, bro.

Dump it faggots.
Most of the brainlets here didn't even know what PwC does. Better stay out of coins where you have no clue. Better go back to the stinky stuff.

Yeah Im waiting on the post news dump. Then Im going to put 50ETH in. In all fairness I was going to before but after the Team was able to no hype release of the Big 4 news even after BlackBox said they could'nt get a partnership with the big 4 I was fucking sold. This team makes other teams look like monkeys fucking footballs.

REQ seems super undervalued atm to me... can't understand how it's not at least $1

truth spoken. if i wasn't already, i would've gone all in after the confirmation of the partnership by pwc.

Hope it stays undervalued for a long time. I'm planning to put my paycheck into it every month from now on out until it reaches ~$2 (2 billion marketcap is what I estimate its true value at right now so I won't buy if price goes above that unless even better/more partnerships are announced.)

I'm staggering buys, 1/3 before 2/3 after. It hardly reacted to PwC news so maybe it does fuck all and Veeky Forums dumps for no gain.

Bear market + 0 marketing, you wouldn't hear of REQ outside Veeky Forums or reddit
Aside from their blog posts they're not really posting much else

Let's be honest most of the people that actually know what pwc is also know how the market will react.

Everyone that is interested due to the pwc partnership (such as me) will only invest AFTER mainnet is released. Not going to risk dumping happening to us.

This new utility token business model is insane. Especially with the tokenomics of the REQ token (burning and such to maximise the value of it)

Let me explain. The harder the team work to perfect their product and get it adopted, the more money the token is worth. They hold a ton of the token so they get $$$. We also hold the token. We literally get money for other people's hard work. This is absurd and in a few years a bunch of Veeky Forums NEETs are going to be the new saudis who just got born on oil. What the fuck guys

I honestly think they are going to regulate the SHIT out of tokenomics in the future because there is no way (they) are going to let a bunch of random people get rich for doing nothing

Let's keep it low profile here and wait for the dump.

See a lot of smart people waiting for the dump to go in after pwc news. Same here, it is just too fucking low price so i'm scared all the time it will shoot up before.

yeah sure it's gonna dump, just like the people tried to get in after testnet release right

Yeah I agree with you but I feel like even if we tell the truth nobody is luckily going to listen anyway.

Most people within crypto have 0 experience with any actual finance so they can't give proper long-term value propositions to coins.

It's not going to shoot up. Most people are going to dump and then afterwards it will quickly rise due to buyers such as us. But the initial dump will happen because people treat "sell the news" like a religion and don't actually base it upon the performance of the company.

Yeah, the price was rising before the PwC announcement for no reason. People might just buy it for the "sell news"-dump. Mainnet ist priced in imo.

He wasn't sleeping, user..

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That's a good point, I think the market will react to the news of the partnership after Mainnet (expecting a dump). But for me it's all just a little risky. I'm not hanging around. I think a lot of people are going to be glued to their screens gambling on where the bottom is and it only takes one big buy to switch directions for a second and start the dominos. But maybe i'm just playing it a bit too safe.

You're not playing it safe you're playing it smart. I'm not saying it won't dump, in fact it probably will, but REQ is down 80% since its ATH, it's just so low already it's an amazing buy in point. It can solve a trillion dollar problem and its valued at 150m. There is no need to try and play the market, just choose your position and keep it.

i was also waiting for an entry for another 1000€ but pulled the trigger on saturday because i figured even if it dumps it wont go much lower than 20 cents
my average entry is now 12 cents
and yes a lot of NEEs/autismos/regular joes are going to become filthy rich through crypto
ive read before that most new millionaires of 2015-2017 were crypto millionaires
we are living in the most exciting times of human history yet
the future can be so bright it will be blinding alternatively we may also whitness the destruction of earth
truly what a time to be alive

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People are making a lot of fuss about a possible coinbase partnership but i'm so much more excited about the possibility of REQ partnering with Airbnb. If that happens I really cannot see this staying under $10 and if they both happen...

Even if Request Network never partners with any other company from now on it's still worth about $2 billion right now purely due to the accounting auditing potential it has.

I don't even take their payment/platform potential into account because that's not something I can anticipate its success of.

But the accounting/auditing is a sure thing at this point and 150m marketcap is laughably low.

I agree with your general point but I am just betting on it dumping after mainnet by about 10% which means I can have 10% more REQ. Even if I'm wrong and it starts pumping I'll just cost average myself into REQ since it's still only 10% of the value that it should be valued at right now based on their actual proven added value they will add to the accounting world.

Agreed if the accounting and auditing potential drives it to $3 on it's own... the moons the limit ;)

Mainnet when?

Before Friday.

I managed to buy near the bottom, fence sitters may be waiting a month before price goes near the bottom again, I already sold half near the recent spike and waiting to increase stack so for all our sakes i too hope it drops after mainnet. Nothing but good news and shit coming together though so wouldn't be surprised if this is already a new floor

Agreement with others itt let's keep it undervalued for bit longer.

Am waiting for the inevitable dump as well. Tryna get a measly bit comfy REQ stack built up from my tax return (yep, even after paying the kike IRS I still got money back).

I can only get so erect user stop doing this to me! 50k Link and hopefully 6k req by end of month.

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>everyone on Veeky Forums expects a dump at mainnet release
Thanks, just bought 100k. You morons are fucking clueless.

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Ever heard of game theory?

People are going to sell because they don't know what other people are going to do and they are expecting them to sell so they sell in expectancy of other people selling.

That is what I'm hoping for. As I buy the bags from their retarded hands.

Ever heard of doing the opposite of what Veeky Forums says, newfriend?
>That is what I'm hoping for
At least you're honest about being a brainlet that bases his trading decisions on "hope".

Lets stay reasonable

>biz controls the market

ya nah

Of course I hodl. Request will be worth infinite amounts of money after mainnet release. Also I have no idea what a bubble is.

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Req has no use case. Stop being delusional.

Only one market that we can claim to control is Link...

Never said that, brainlet. What is it like having subhuman IQ? Do you have to breathe consciously?

Weak. At least try harder!

I tried having normal discourse with you while explaining the economic phenomenon behind people dumping after mainnet.

Instead you acted rude to me and other people.

When is Veeky Forums going to return to how it was in 2015? Place used to be a lot better with more genuine economic discussions.

you better hope for sub 250 total mc before it returns to normal

Do you realize that when everyone expects a dump after mainnet, they'll sell it before the actual release, you fucking amoeba? Please do us a favor and kys.
Ain't fooling no one. Go back to plebbit, newfag.

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What phenomenon, icon? That shit was 100x ico ofcourse it couldnt hold its hype

I just converted all my REQ to NANO/XRB a day ago. Did I fuck up? I think REQ is gonna crash a bit when Mainnet is released.

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Mainnet releases have let to dumps every single time. So I'll sell right before of course.

Lol this, most of those trying to time their buys/sells with "sell the news" type brainlet strategies are those with eg: 300 REQ trying to get to 350 REQ. When you aren't a poorfag you don't need to take these types of risks that eventually and inevitably blow up in your face.

I am going to make a prediction that they announce another partnership when they launch their main net.

I've been using KyberNetwork to buy my REQ - easy as fuck.

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When is mainnet release?

Yeah they confirmed that they have another partnership lined up for Q2 and that starts next week so that's possible.

If these motherfuckers announce a main-net AND a fucking big-dick partnership SO MANY anons are going to be fucking PISSED. Shit gonna moon and all those sell the news fucks gonna have to take a loss in order to climb back on the moon rocket. Accumulate assholes.

this week

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Okay you fags convinced me. Hows the short term outlook on BTC look right now? Someone said if its doesnt go over 8300 itll go back to 6k, is it true? Should I even care? Or just buy in already

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When this week?
I get paid on thursday so I need to know if I'll make it in time.

BTC's fucking garbage
I hope Request actually does make fiat pairings for every alt and we can leave that old dinosaur behind

Holding until $50 per REQ

REQ def not a security by SEC definition. Y-Combinator pal Coinbase is laying the groundwork motherfuckers. I think we are going to be rich bros.

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Nobody knows how the cryptomarket is going to react it's all based on factors outside of the market's control.

I personally am buying into REQ after mainnet in the hopes of buying a dip. But that is not guaranteed either. I think REQ is the most promising crypto project that exists now for the long term (3-5 year prospect)

well were not there yet so tell me what price point to buy in right god damn now

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a few months ago when it was under 10 cents :^)
or how about right now?
time in market > timing the market

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dude just buy some of it if you want it
why do you want advice from a bunch of losers on Veeky Forums?

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Who wants to make a price prediction?

What scenario and what timeframe?

Alright anons, you've shilled me, here's my portfolio
>10k LINK
>1k ENG
>8k ADA
>1k fiat
What do? Sell some ADA for REQ?

In terms of how much I think the projects have viability
LINK is the best of what you have now
ENG comes next
ADA is the least likely to be used and has a high market cap while not showing a lot for it

I think REQ is better than all of them though. Sell at least ADA and maybe ENG if you dare. But make sure to buy after mainnet launches to buy the dip from "sell the news" people.


Thanks user. I'm probably going to sell most of the ADA and put it into REQ. I really like ENG and my position isn't that large in it so will just hold I'm thinking.

How can you even believe in this scam? kek like 80% down LOL.

Get rekkt faggots. everyone will dump on mainnet and you will be -95% down.

REQ is the reddit coin LOL.


Dump ADA and LINK. Increase position in ENG, and get REQ & NAS.

>my linky stays super stinky
I've been looking into NAS as my platform hold, I'm terrified of chink coins though.

Can you name any other project that I can use on my storepage that lets me accept all crypto and gives me USD and also does my accounting for me so that I save a lot of time and money?

Why are you only talking about REQ's price. Some of us here actually want to use the actual product to make money.

Hold as usual, i have a nice stack since ico and post-ico dip and i am going to hold until i can retire by selling half of it.

I honestly dont even give a shit because I am just going to hodl year long

I am expecting a dump after mainnet, however... Once a working product is revealed with a working use case outside of crypto as well...who knows.

I'm all in so
$100 EoY

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Brainless fucks don’t realize this practicality eliminates your cpa and banking needs. That’s why big enterprises will join.
Biz traders can’t see past the today let alone 2 yrs from now when REQ is the norm.

Prolly all three

I can't understand why bitcoin isn't 100k or PayPal isn't a 1 Trillion dollar mcap

req is the true link

My Reqy stays high techy $100 EOY

Holding here's why.

It's already dumped on the best partnership announcement we've seen in the market. Dumping again is kind of bizarre. Mainnet will start the token burn also. It's about time this thing went up 20-30% for all the progress it's made. I almost wonder if someone is keeping it low until mainnet, so I'm holding.

>Didn't even know what PwC does

Dude kys

when will REQ hit $1,000 though

When the market cap is $662,961,504,000 without token burning.

Nope, unlike other platform tokens the supply SHRINKS over time. Moreover, people that want to use the platform don’t need to ever see or use the token, so they don’t need to interact with a volatile asset.

However, when they use the platform, tokens are bought through an automated process (meaning more usage of the platform = more demand for the token) AND the supply shrinks. So demand goes up AND supply shrinks as people use the Network. If you’re selling when these mechanisms are in place you’ve lost your god damn mind.

how can they be keeping it low, no ones fucking selling

seriously im trying to buy and no ones selling

The coin, it's utility nor it's partnerships matter. There is always a dump during these announcements. All the people telling you to buy right now are going to dump right before the announcement. Don't let them short. Just buy the dump.

patience, set reasonable buy order

if you have no patience, just put a good buy order there and the bots will sell into you


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PayPal is what 100 Billion? req hitting 600 Billion seems delusional

Key word: "seems"

>French tech being saged everyday on /biz is also delusional, but it still happens.

This fucking hand-holding REQ thread every fucking day.

Same as. These two along with 0x will be huge