XVG is mooning

thinking i'm having a FOMO attack

should i give in?

i know i'm going to get rekt, but this FOMO is too strong

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dont know how many times i jerked it to this scene

FOMO means Fear Of Missing Out

How can anyone ever be afraid of missing out a literal shitcoin?

where is this from?

Same here. One summer I didn’t have internet but I had this DVD and this was my prime fapping material.

This is obviously going up. Look at the history. Every time it does a 5 minute pump the same direction is pumped more at least like 3 times.

It's not necessarily a shill because I do it myself. Works perfectly everytime it works.

OP, im buying. i havent had a good entry in weeks, so best to stay away from btc atm.

son......fast time at ridgemont high

you never seen the movie?

have fun
she shows her tits

suckers are born everyday.

Slow Times at Prarie Hill Elementary

Im in with 250K.
Just buy 25% and be happy

1. right click image
2. 'search Google for image'
3. ta da

>they thinking about fomoing in
>keep pumping it

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Time Flies and I'm High as fuck


im going to furiously jerk it to her now see you guys

she looks ok, feminine face but her physique is "interesting" to say the least, broad shoulders, thick neck, narrow waist, hips not much wider

what movie?

Harold and Kumar Go To Ridgemont High

speed multiplied at Cambridge University

slow divided at Poormont Low

What the FUCK there's no titty

fast time at ridgemont high
brb gonna jerk it again

in the movie there is titty
trust me
i know

Its a 90's anime, really well rotoscoped.

Rijjimonto kōkō no hayai jikan

No there isn't you fucking nigger I've never been bamboozled so bad in my whole life

Do you have an estimate?

he's talking about the entire movie not the youtube song,
>expecting tits on jewtube

uh its not 2008 anymore user


Thank god. I've found them