LINK REQ and FastFood for max gainz

>Daily reminder that without fastfood you wont make it
>Daily reminder that without LINK and REQ you wont make it

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Eat fruits you animal !
You'll thank me in 85 years.

Monster Energy contains fruits

Have fun dying in your 50s


Yeah OP put some tomato on that thing. Get your veggie going one!

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>more expensive than cooking
>buy high, sell low

you get it, user, you get it

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That pizza looks incredibly mediocre.

fuck me if i live that long. im hoping to die at 50

cooking is much more expensive compared to fastfood because it takes a lot of time. time is money. if you dont cook you save time. if you save time you save money.
kek, stay poor fag

Nigger that is what I had last night.

I am biz and biz is me.

it tastes mediocre, too...cant wait to get back to my hometown for easter to get some real food made by mommy

>get some real food made by mommy

so how much of your time made free by eating fastfood do you actually spend on making muhnae and not jacking off to anime porn?

ever heard of a crockpot you faggot?
ofc not you fat fuck, have fun with heart failure at 50

literally 24 hrs / day

take your cockpot and stick it up your ass

Wieviele REQ hast du?

>Not taking methamphetamine to kill your appetite and stay productive

You won't make it


Nigga please. No having fasting+amino acid days to reset the receptor so I get higher than before.

You are not living.

Ate a big fucking plate of rice, lentils, and peas after pumping out a few sets. You frail little subhuman trashboys aren't going to make it.

You must be brapping constantly

kek, ich bin ein armschwuli und hab nur 2000, sollte aber reichen, um in 2 jahren paar südostasiatische mädels am anus zu lecken

Good god you have no idea.

I'm 33% LINK, REQ, AMB
Actually feels pretty comfy

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viel glück user!

>without fastfood you wont make it
What happens when your sausage fingers can't hit a single keyboard key and you lose your shit all because you typed too many zeroes?

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rice, and lentils are for poor people and pajeets, legumes are the worst thing you can eat

try veggies, blueberries fruit fand meat next time

Get rid of the rotting cheap ass ground beef and throw a shitload of actual Greek feta on that pizza, sprinkled with some oregano.

Also, more mushrooms

I’m 70% LINK and 1.5% REQ.. rookie numbers I know.. tryna up that req stack before the upcoming moon missions

Amb is trash desu. Take that bit and put it in bnb.

lmao go back to the /joerogan subreddit forum you dumb mong

op y r ur names weird on the can n march? u from a weird place?

150k REQ herrenrasse

>Get rid of the rotting cheap ass ground beef
That is sausage, user.