BAT won't be added to coinbase, with proof

BAT won't be listed on Coinbase, first off Brandon Eich is a major homophobe, and secondly BAT costing more than a dollar would violate very basic principles laid out in the Brave white paper.

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weak. 2/10 for making me reply.

Lazy, uninspired FUD. The absolute state...

>more than a dollar

what are decimals

Hating fags is the only reason I hold any BAT. Fuck off Schlomo.

Is being added april 1 faggot

This. Nigger got outed from mozilla for saying the "f" word repeatedly, and there are tapes. The Coinbase folks (based in seattle mind you) are not going to add the homophobe coin.

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God damn you're retarded, BAT is not an ERC20 token. It's a DAG coin using a block lattice. They also recently had problems with their kernel and double spending on several exchanges.

The first ERC20 token to be added to Coinbase will be Nano. Screencap this.


BAT is not a dag. nano is.

>implying it’s not OMG
Inb4 muh testnet
>what is plasma

>Coinbase listing a coin that has an incredibly niche purpose and is meant as an accessory to the main product, a shitty internet browser being developed by a blacklisted developer.

Wow. People REALLY think BAT is being added huh? Pathetic

Really wish you could think of some fresh material.

Weak bait.
You should talk about double spending and kernel leak.

notice how there is no refuting this point other than wishful thinking and insults. Read up on his dismissal from mozilla. It's fucking insidious and behind your back backstabbing. He's been blacklisted and anything he does from now on is doomed to fail, even if no one comes out and says it.

Bat wouldnt cost more than a dollar, they would double the token count. So if bat is a dollar and rising, they would double everyones count. if you had 20 bat at a dollar, youd have 40 bat at 50 cents. similar to a stock split

Also: why the FUCK would they list BAT? It's a fucking random shitcoin. why would they list this specific shitcoin? It makes no sense.


research it..look up "brian armstrong BAT"....brian armstrong is ceo of coinbase.....look up yesterdays tweets on coinbases account and Brenden eich, creator of BAT. Nuff said. You are tryna block people from gains....pathetic
Fuck off, they arnt gonna ignore a technology cuz the inventor of it has unorthodox social views lol.....and if you actually read the brave white paper you would have read what theyd do to keep it under a dollar. to appease the lazy ignorant fucktards who cant reasearch on their own, if you have 50 bat for a dollar, and the BAT team does a split, everyones token count doubles adn the token price halves. so if u have 50 for a dollar, after the split youd have 100 for 50 cents

BAT is a working product.

Content creators already making $$$. Fast browser.

Believe it or not, BAT and FUN are 2 of the few shitcoins that actually have working products but are incredibly undervalued.

- Approved by Apple App store to facilitate the transference of funds in apps on the app store.
- Classed as a utility token, not security by the SEC, thus being compliant with coinbase specifications on listing new assets.
- Active referral programs with youtube and twitch content creators. 1 million plus users. (working product).
- Intergration with a browser, who's already partnered with Coinbase as a payment processor. Extensions and plugins for more browsers are integral to the business model as stated in the whitepaper and roadmaps. Actively working on Chrome support.
- Brain Anderson's personal appreciation for the project is a tiny bonus.

Meanwhile, you think Brendan Eich being a twat once is the reason it WONT get listed? The fucking state of Veeky Forums. Mental dexterity of a fucking spanner. Go buy more TRX.

>BAT added to GDAX
>Users buy in browser background GDAX trade
>Withdraw into fiat via background trade to uphold, +/- 5% sway on cashing out