Mfw I bought the ADA dip again and going to dump it at 21 cents same as last week

>mfw I bought the ADA dip again and going to dump it at 21 cents same as last week

Who here financial genius?

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MFW I bought at 2 cents last year...

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What's up with Koreans desperately wishing they were white?

Got any source on this? Pretty sure I can see some labia here

what up with whites wishing they were niggers?

For research purposes, what group is this?

what's up with niggers?

looks like Eunsol from Bambino I think anons

I recommend checking out Dahye for Bestie for some proper thicc gifs

koreans are so much better than jap chicks, fuck like crazy. damn i miss my time there

> What is google?

>Googled "korean girl crotch thrust stones shirt"
>0 results

how would you google for this lol

First sell at 2400, second one at 2800.

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i love how foreign pop music is usually 3-5 years behind american pop music

that's not their song. they (were) just a dance group

yeah but it still sounds like korenglish and that horn hook is iggy azalea tier

Tru dat. You can see the American degeneracy slowly spreading across the globe. Soon enough there will be Kpop sluts twerking in front of niggers.

What's up with white people creaming their pants over anything even remotely asian?

meh, things like that differ per genre. North American house/techno/dance music is for example considered years behind European house/techno/dance music.

I'm sure that, given enough time, East Asian music will develop their own distinct styles

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I'll predict it will take less than five years before we've got 16 years old Kpop girls grinding on some hood-rat from the US.

Also pic related is the first non-Korean Kpop boy group, which is as gay and cringy as you would imagine it to be.

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Lol please tell me how you think she looks white.

I see a kike in there

What are the differences?

They ain't got nothing on this one:


huge, user

koreans are way more affectionate and emotional. you can see korean couples arguing on the streets for example, which WON'T happen in Japan (or at least it will be strange to see).

sure, they're shier than a lot of the western world, but korean girls can be way more aggressive/proactive than japanese chicks. an exception might be the japanese gyaru but they're a subculture that isn't seen positively inside japan.

japanese are passive aggressive as fuck. koreans are more straightforward. i've gone out with both a japanese girl and a korean, and communication with my korean gf was WAY easier. seriously, japanese passive aggressiveness is ridiculous.

that said, your average korean chick is a bit more materialistic than a japanese girl. on the upside tho, you don't have the housewife (shufu) culture that much in korea. korean women aren't lazy and are willing to work unlike a shitton of their japanese counterparts.

t. lived in both countries, more in japan. both are ok to live in, but honestly Taiwan is a hidden gem as people there are the warmest in all East Asia. it's like a mix between China, Western influences, and the politeness of the Japanese.

what about vietnam user

This....thsts really out there even for white standards

this was retarded and really not hot at all

Aren’t Korean chicks much uglier without plastic surgery? If you look at Best Korea you see what real Koreans look like (same DNA) and all I see are girls with giant round jaws and tiny eyes. Even the Best Korean cheerleaders at the olympics are ugly af.

korean girls are insane.
but they do express themselves thats true

haven't been there to be honest, user. in fact, i haven't been anywhere in SEA yet. REAL vietnamese food is boss though, even though it can be a bit smelly.

it's still cheap if you want to try a new location, tho. not at Thailand's level of development yet.

have lots of SEA friends, some of them girls, and they hate western people. the more conservative ones gave me the cold shoulder initially due to the sexpat stereotypes they've seen. took a bit of time to establish normal relations with them. i don't blame them. even in japan and korea a lot of the expats are retarded pieces of shit.

SEA is pretty good from what i've heard, tho! lots of scams going around sometimes, but people are a lot warmer. pinoys and thais are a fun bunch of people. just keep your eyes open unlike in japan/korea where literally nothing can happen to you.

respecting other cultures isn't a meme. it makes a HUGE difference and has made my stays 100x better.

the shitty thing is lots of westerners suck japanese and korean culture's dick but are total fuckers when it comes to lesser known countries in the SEA or even Taiwan. the japanese themselves are ridiculously racist to SEA people and i've been in heated discussions with retarded japanese boomers regarding that.


i'll be honest: your average korean chick has worse facial features than your average japanese girl. japanese are a bit more refined, but i'm willing to let it pass in favor of getting less than the fucking passive aggressiveness.

oh tell me about it, user. but at least it's fine when they say things directly, as you noted too.

way better than your japanese gf letting it slowly build up inside her for months without properly communicating it and then exploding all over the place. also, the huge change in japanese women once they become married is not a meme either.

there's a reason a shitton of the salarymen i drank with didn't want to go home. i wouldn't either. personal experience, of course, but...

thx for the explanation

I visited Taiwan in 2016, such a great place that (partially due to politics) doesn't get enough recognition in the world. I'm actually contemplating learning either Korean or Japanese, so I guess learning Korean seems a bit more attractive now. I've heard that thing about Japan being much 'colder' before which I see as a negative

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Lol how can you stay on the topic with a webm like this?

the fun thing is that, as taiwanese really look up to the japanese, you can chat in japanese with the older generations there. that's what i did at least, lol.

go with either of the languages, learning a new one is always fun. just make sure that you study every single day, even if it's only for 15-20 minutes. regular sessions are better than cramming 10 hours only over the weekend.

i'm seriously thinking of fucking off to taiwan and learning mandarin but i don't have the proper $$$ fund yet. if crypto moves in the next 1-2 years, i'll do that.

it is a great place, as you said. public transport can suck a bit outside of Taipei, but the nature is crazy beautiful and as the island is small you can travel very comfortably. cheap food, cheap standard of living, warmest people in East Asia, great stuff.

i had a few taiwanese friends and the dudes were easily one of the most easy to connect with people ever. also, because taiwan isn't that famous (shitload of people mistake it with Thailand, ffs), taiwanese REALLY like it when you get hyped about their culture.

>ive never been there but...

Its shit, dont bother
T. Lived in sea for three years and would rather get stoned by allahu snackbars then go back there

which countries were you in, user?

to be honest while i've heard good things about SEA, i think i'm not compatible with the majority of the cities there. i've been shilled to try out Cebu as Manila seems to be a total shithole according to everyone i've talked with.

cambodia's nature seems amazing, though, would totally go on a 2-3 week trip there.

everything here is basically correct.
taiwan is scenic, relatively inexpensive and the girls are the best in asia.

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Google search lessons for utter retards 101:

> Right click the still image
> Search Google for image
> Choose any of the 100 Reddit posts
> Check comments for sauce

You're welcome retards.

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You don't even have to do that. It's right fucking there in the search results.

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Here’s my experience with SEA:
Thailand: Well developed, relatively safe, still cheap, very open towards westerns but still proud of their culture, pretty girls and even smart if you know where to look
Philippines: Worship westerners (especially Americans) but in a self loathing manner, mostly a dangerous shithole, girls rather ugly but top tier can be educated and smart
Vietnam: Commie shithole but developing rapidly, reserved towards westerners, conservative culture, girls are pretty, smart and hardworking
Laos: Commie shithole even less developed than Vietnam, very conservative culture, population is mix of Thai (Tai), Vietnamese and mountain people, girls seem alright
Cambodia: Commie shithole, poor as fuck, people are nice but see you as a walking ATM, girls are ugly

thanks for explaining, user, appreciate it

the thai girls i've met so far were definitely smart as fuck. seems like their men cheat a lot and are generally lazy, though. can't understand the chiang mai meme tho, seems like anything outside of Bangkok might be a pain in the ass

>mfw you didn't sell above $1

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Never been in CM but i wouldn’t want to live there because of the annual haze.
Bangkok has some drawbacks (mad traffic, occasionally bad air quality) but is an awesome place to live, especially when you’re young and single.

How do i get this korean gril Ive been seeing to give me the fucc. She seems pretty conservative

what a fucking waste

how to get qt south korean gf?

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This is now a yellow fever thread

Make money

if she's religious you're shit out of luck user. impenetrable wall incoming

by filling half of your fridge with kimchi, they will come

memes aside, don't sperg out and forget about the nationality of any chick you see. i mean, i noted my exes nationality for the sake of my personal comparison, but i didn't give a flying fuck whether they were korean or japanese at the time. hard to date something else in such a homogenic society anyways and most of the western chicks in East Asia are borderline retarded and/or crazy.

holy shit check em

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She's not religious at all

and where I find qt korean girls?

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Retard what exactly in that video makes you think she is "wishing she was white"
She looks 100% asian

then it shouldn't be THAT hard but it might take quite a lot of time.

i'm a europoor so we don't have much koreans and i'm not sure if she's a pure korean abroad in the US (assuming you live there like most of Veeky Forums) or a X-generation korean (difference is HUGE)

if she's korean and not american-korean...honestly, korean girls appreciate kindness. not a meme, seriously. that doesn't mean you have to be a spineless retard, note that. stand your ground and don't sperg out, but by all means be polite.

being attentive, kind and polite above all, is cherished in korean culture. macho shit like we do in the west isn't that attractive to people here. lots of gaijin in japan and especially murricans think it's cool - nope, you just look like an ass.

dress smart, even more so than you would for a western chick. koreans might be one of the most appearance-driven people i've seen and what you wear make an immense difference with them

if she's korean-american, no idea.

plastic surgeons office.

most korean girls pre-op are very round faced and doughy. look like moonfaces.

i meant *pure korean STUDYING abroad in the US for 1-2 years for example

Like that but with a handful more years. I think i nailed the kindness and dressing part down but yeah it does seem to be taking a while. I like the chase though she seems to be worth it unlike most sluts.

then you're on a good track, user

honestly, i haven't lived in the US but it seems like a lot of your chicks are fucked in the head or something. i've had some roasties that fucked me, but generally my experiences with girls have been alright.

i don't know your korean girl, but with my ex i didn't have to worry about being TOO kind/polite or some shit. as i mentioned, know when to draw the line, but they really, really appreciate it.

so if she's your standard slightly shy korean girl, yes, she is worth it, and she'll reciprocate every good thing you do for her. unconditionally.

do keep in mind that koreans are very territorial with their relationships (generalization, but that's what i've seen.)

best of luck, keep at it!

>on the upside tho, you don't have the housewife (shufu) culture that much in korea.
...that's a bad thing, retardo

go live in japan to see how 'good' the typical housewife is, user

takes all the salary of your typical salarymen and gives him pocket money like $10/day maximum

cheats a lot (not even memeing, housewives cheating is as rampant here as the bored out of their mind salarymen going to soaplands with his colleagues & boss)

especially when the kids are in school age (so she has 1-2 hours of work MAXIMUM) she rots on the couch watching retarded japanese TV all day, getting dumber and dumber

goes all tiger mom on her kids to the point of them barely coping with all her aspirations she projects onto them to save face and because that's her only reason for existing

shufus are dumb as fuck and if you're a man who wants somebody to motivate you, somebody to actually DO things together, 95% of the japanese housewives are brain damage. i lived in your typical 'quiet' neighbourhood with mainly housewives, you can't even imagine how dumb can they get

people have different lifestyles, tho, so i can understand somebody wanting a piece of that. i'm all in for smart chicks with ambitions and drive.

Jap women are fkcing retarded and they moan like walrusses. Fcking kek.

Rather become a faq.

I don't think those things (housewife ambitions and intelligence) are mutually exclusive, but what you describe sounds terrible

all women are whores and will suck jamal and his monkey hordes 400 mile long dicks the first chance they get.

get married to a woman and you are guaranteed to lose 100% of your money after she throws you out on the streets and leaves you with jamals 8 children to raise on your own.

there are no exceptions. this happens to all men who associate with women. there has never been a case of this not happening.

Thank you user, I’ve converted to homosexuality now

it's not, of course, user. lots of different people.

but you know where the problem is?

if a married woman with a kid decides to pursue some more ambitious employment, she doesn't only receive pressure from her retarded bosses. the lazy housewives go all out on her and attack her for being a bad mom etc etc.

i've seen that happen with a gaijin friend of mine. there's a thing called PTA (parent teacher association) here and his working wife was brutally excluded by the other full time housewives with the inherent japanese passive aggressiveness. it was ridiculous to witness.

if you want your TYPICAL japanese housewife image, do a cursory search for terms like okozukai (お小遣い), ATM (in the context of labeling their husbands) and dig a bit for more general info on the name of the game

one of my favorite ways to spend my time when i was in japan was reading which has a shitload of housewives discussing a lot of stuff. sadly if you don't know japanese it won't be of much help.

a common theme for many of them is how much they hate their husband, but because he has money they'll stay and leech off him, among other shit. brutal.

this is good. the ultimate alpha male only associates himself with the strongest and best humanity has to offer. nothing feminine or done by women can ever be good, let alone the best. logically, morally, and spiritually you must place yourself around and in the company of men if you want to be alpha and true to yourself.

Surely this doesn't represent the average

Do you hold LINK by any chance?

All in on AMB. Watch Saturn V take off tomorrow.

they're less than before as a single-income household is becoming increasingly hard to maintain. however, there's a lot of them still.

the shitty thing is that you can't dive beneath the surface of how brutal they can be if you don't catch the cultural nuances, including all the linguistic shit.

i'm not putting the blame only on them - a lot of the japanese husbands are complete failures as fathers too. there are fascinating sociological studies on the dynamics here, i think marriage in japan is a very specific phenomenon.

anyways, all this stuff is why i REALLY respect japanese women who know what they want and are ready to fight for it. you won't find many of them due to social pressure, but they're starting to appear here and there

the desired image of a japanese girl still is to be cute, appear dumb and be obedient (on the OUTSIDE, go marry one and see what happens.) no personal opinion. i can see why it can be appealing to some people, and this is the usual outsider's view on japanese chicks... but you won't believe how dull it gets in reality.

fake cuties are the ones to stay away from. they turn into this same ruthless housewife that i described in zero time.

time to go out, cheers user

Not the user you replied to, but that's what I did. Then I rebought from 50 cents to 30 cents. What OP is doing is the smart thing, and that's what I've been telling myself to do for over a month now, but couldn't bring myself to because of the releases that are planned "soon", and the fact that I convinced myself it would pump the second I would sell at a loss. The last 2-3 times I told myself to do it and didn't, it would have turned profitable, but now I can't bring myself to think that this will repeat indefinitely, so I hold until it puts me back in the green, which likely won't be before the Q2 releases.

I didnt say anything about marriage

Wooooah m8 mad digits

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You are a sad retarded monglet virgin. Try non-western (tradcon) girls, asian/eastern european/latin american. They havemt been jewed down as badly as western ones

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frenchpop is bestpop

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>Asian celebrities use umbrella in sun to avoid getting tan
>wear sunglasses or get surgery to get rid of chink eye
>powder themselves to look lighter skin
>not trying to look white


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It's Hadam. I miss Bambino. Dunno why they quit. 2015-2016 they were pulling millions of views on fancam videos on youtube. Then Hadam left, then whole thing fizzled. I miss their stripper dancing. ;-;

Koreans have a very flat distribution in terms of looks. Higher percent on the high end, but also low, compared to the other Asians.

the nose knows

Kpop is 110% western influenced. She's wearing a rolling stones shirt ffs. Neck yourself retard

they also genuinely hate shit skins more then westerners, racism is accepted in the developing world.