I'm done

trips decide what i do with my diversed 19,4k Portfolio.

This interest has spiraled out of control,i used to be entirely Veeky Forums & /trv/ now i'm fucking Veeky Forums & /pol/
I have lost all of my friends because i felt they were lacking in comprehension of reality and i viewed them as lefty faggots, and i haven't seen or spoken to my family since the China ico ban.

I have lived on junkfood and a non-existing sleeping schedule, pulling an average of 3 all-nighters per week.
I have not been scheduled for working shifts in about 2 months now and i think it's because of my appearance and extreme views i've displayed during break conversations.
I've gone from this person everyone wanted to hang with it, to this guy who's borderline obsessed. I recognize this now.

This is my portfolio, i am to get rid of this curse once and for all, start living. Get trips and you determine the outcome.

>Bitcoin 6%
>Iexec RLC 20%
>Unitus 11%
>HPB 20%
>Acchain 8%
>Oyster 10%
>Zencash 5%
>Skycoin 12%
>Elastos 8%

Anything goes.

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Trips and telcoin


Just send it all to me OP, thanks.

Faggot. Send them to me

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Godspeed user. This crypto shit has ruined my life as well.

>all crypto
diversification means multiple asset classes.

Send it all to me. I'll ensure it goes towards defending fighting the (((globalists))) and defending our people OP.

I understand that the struggle is no longer something that you can participate in for personal reasons but I will carry it on in your name.

Good luck with your life brother.

Everything into powh

Turn all into ripple and send it here:



Cash out and take it all to roulette table on black

All in on NANO


Give me some pls

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send em to me, i dont hold any of those shitcoins and would like to make my portfolio a little stinkier
0x 7D363b61BfFf9908761feD0652E9568f4f322859

L1nK 100000 3oY

linkies btfo

All in ETH

Rip in pieces man

All in Elastos, forget for a few years and come back rich

look below

>>Bitcoin 6%
>>Iexec RLC 20%
>>Unitus 11%
>>HPB 20% . -- scam
>>Acchain 8%
>>Oyster 10% . -- does not work for long term, esp in bear market
>>Zencash 5%
>>Skycoin 12% . -- over used shit,
>>Elastos 8% . -- scam coin. look at their github , they copied from other projects

I suggest get rid of Unitus,hpb,sky, ela and move to solid projects like eos, ada, zil, iost, eng ..etc if you planning long hold

Half to me, half to some other faggot in this thread.