Are we supposed to be buying this right now

fucking way down off its ath.
are does btc have to be kill first ?

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It's still too expensive.
I will consider buying it at 30$.

As long as you have enough to generate 1 GAS per week or more we're gonna make it in the future.

if BTC hits 10k
NEO will be around 120-140
All-in'd NEO at 68
I don't even give a fuck anymore

when NEO mooned to $50 and collapsed to $30, everyone said "I'll buy it when it goes back to $10." and they missed out on the moon to $180. so enjoy.

No. It's better to buy GAS actually.

>BTC tanking
>Hey guys lets buy shitcoins whose survival depends on BTC and are already tanking twice as fast!

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Same. Not cheap enough for me yet. Sold my stack of 1500+ a while ago to buy more when it gets a little lower.


Just a heads up, there will be a massive pump first week of April.

Best to keep an eye on it once it goes below 50 again, I already missed it the first time

One of the most hyped icos of 2018 is a week away and you guys think it will drop further???....

what is it

It's different now
Multi year bear market

>Multi year bear market
yeah, ok

>thinks NEO is an ICO

Its chinese... do I need to say more? Tell me one fucking succesful chink project, ever? All they do is cheap copies with limited lifetime and zero style.

>Tell me one fucking succesful chink project, ever?
how about, oh i dunno, NEO? or are you a December newfag

Lol that face perfectly describes my state of mind right now

It doesn't matter.
If BTC wills it, every alt coin dies.

Look up Achain.
Also NEO is not a cheap copy - It is actually quite superior to ETH from a technical perspective.
t. ETH solidity developer.


no one is going to say due to the way the public sale is set up

Was just watching neo this morning, also monero, good for a quick profit... I'll wait another day to see how things go

stay poor user

Wouldn´t wait too long user, since we all know what next Saturday is and many people will need NEO then ;)

NEO is a shitcoin,
theres a reason it produces GAS.
Literally shit that produces farts kek