Serious discussion about Chainlink's future

>Is this the best oracle project out there? If not, why?
>Do we you expect any major partnerships this year?
>Where do you see it by the end of 2018 ranking-wise on CoinMarketCap?
>Are we all gonna make it?

Also, Sergey, I know you are reading this so I from the bottom of my heart, thank you.

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ICO prices in a couple of months. The code has a long way to go before it can even be used on ropsten because there are no contracts.

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I have to be honest. You guys and your constant shilling caused me to FOMO into Link without researching it. This is the only community that I have ever seen discuss, much less promote, Link, so I thought that maybe you guys had some keen insight that everyone else was missing.

The lack of Link shilling recently, however, has me worried. You guys are the only ones behind this scam, and yet you've been quiet on this recently. Did I get meme'd?


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>Is this the best oracle project out there? If not, why?
It is the only oracle project out there. No you pajeets, mobius doesn't count. Nobody gives a fuck about stellar.
>Do we you expect any major partnerships this year?
If we hit mainnet this year, yes.
>Where do you see it by the end of 2018 ranking-wise on CoinMarketCap?
25-50 position, maybe 25+ if major partnerships and mainnet
>Are we all gonna make it?

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nah it's just traffic on biz dying overall. Most coins get a month or two of shilling, and you can tell fro what era people joined by the bags they're holding. Chainlink has consistently been discussed on this board since october and sentiment is largely the same. Honestly I look forward to the day theres one or two chainlink threads in the catalog a day and I have 32k link.

Don't believe the pajeets. Oracle requires companies who are willingly offering oracle services. If the code is open source, they will just take it and offer oracling themselves. They have the data the smart contracts need, not otherwise. I would wish it was different, but the hype of this coin NEVER realized.

biz has been extremely slow lately.
and link is legit, yes

Thanks user. I'm done accumulating .

why would you willingly buy a scam you brainlet? are you that retarded that you cant do your own research and come to the conclusion of buying link on your own?

he si here....

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Nick is Satoshi sooo not worried

Nice response. You seem hesitant about mainnet releasing this year. Why's that? Also, do we have any real reason to believe Sergey has been making all these partnerships happen behind the scenes or is that just biz speculation?

Kek smiles upon your advice user

The code review few days ago said they have a long way to go and Rory commented that this is basically alpha release. Mainnet will be full release, beta might be testnet. If this is alpha I don't expect mainnet by EOY.

We know they have a shitton of partnerships behind the scenes. Rory himself said that they will all get revealed with mainnet. We already got ZeppelinOS and basically Request Network.

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It is by far the best oracle solution currently. Apart from oraclize (centralized), there are no serious competitors.

Partnerships will certainly come when mainnet approaches.

Top 20

We’re all gonna make it. Maybe not 2018 but definitely by 2019. Unless some much better competitor comes along.

On partnerships...yes they have partnerships. Rory confirmed today in slack that they have hired a business development person who is racking in partnerships.

My god what have I done?

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It's true

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Read some material on blockchain and smart contracts. Watch Sergey at Devcon and read the white paper. That should be enough to get you excited in your pants.

That's actually quite bearish... They were supposed to have the users on lock and have to turn away business given how high of a profile they have in the smart contract world. Now there's a two-bit "biz dev" guy out there shilling to "fintechs." Fucking yuck.

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You fags dont deserve any of this shit, all you want is quick gains for no effort. Never any threads about nodes or code, only partnerships and mcap and WHEN MOON. You would be better off finding some IRL pyramid scheme. It would suit you better.

will LINK ever reach $400? 400B cap has by a coin has never been achieved iirc. BTC's peak was ~340B. crypto's cap peaked 800B on the other hand. i guess in 5 years, if crypto's cap reaches 20 trillion. that'd be nice. i already have enough money to for expenses for 3 years, i was wondering if i should try to swing trade a bit of my stack to add another year or two to that.

The code is largely just stuff for writing http requests to the blockchain... literally the easiest part... they haven't even started on the most challenging stuff so there's nothing to talk about....

now that they have a biz dev guy thats a turn off? what the fuck more do u guys want?

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Your post makes absolutely no sense.
Literal Pajeet tier.

nodes have already been speculated to death and it's not as interesting as price predictions because we still need more details. i don't even think they're finished with the reputation system just yet, and it's something very important.

That says nothing about "raking in partnerships".

Also, I like the language of "Specialized tasks." Makes me think of the Roche/Tesla connections.

What if the specialized tasks are writing the contracts?

Holy shit. Why not just read wp and think about what could possibly be a next step in blockchain tech.

I know this isn't your point but Dimitri Roche is full time. We don't know who the other full timer is. I'm guessing It's Ben Woolsey. They've actually assigned him stuff on github.

The others that seem to be hired to do tasks are The Microsoft guy and the Fremont Capital guy.

What was jordan bonilla doing though? Interning for chainlink?

You have to also realize Sergey is business development. They are also able to show what an oracle can do via the current Smart Contract oracle.

Sergey does not want this to pump at all right now...why? If he holds coins wouldn't he want a pump ala almost every other crypto...This is bullish as fuck.

The other dev is in the private repo completing the node incentive structure. Beta coming friday.

Let us pray
>Our Father who art in heaven
>Sergey be thy name
>Thy stinkies come
>Thy link become
>1k EOY

>Give us today our daily thread
>And forgive the weak hands
>As we forgive those who dump bags on us

>And lead us not unto JUSTing
>But deliver us from Jewery
>For thine is the link, the stink, and the big mac forever

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Fuck I am doing the same thing. I only bought Link for the meme value. Thankfully I only bought 560, so even if it is a scam, I will only lose a few hundred dollars.

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Indeed brother !

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Nope chainlink is discussed on mainstream boards as well
Just not as often
Also Veeky Forums had the most deep digging into it
I bought 20k at 0.18 and since then did intense research and the numbers of odd appearance and connections to the project is kinda uncanny desu
I think i was in pretty much every interesting thread which appear from time to time between the shitposting

nope, thomas said they would work on that in the public from day one to catch all errors. They haven't started.

I'm jealous of your stack

bought high

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What about this
LINK will be useless

cant be arsed to look through the blog-like website. what is it supposed to be about?


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volumes dropping. What was the point of pumping the volume the last week without a dramatic change in price. Now this shitcoin is doomed to months of falling prices with req-like 50 BTC volume. What an absolutely joy. Fuck you sergey.

Lamden TAU has just launched development on their own decentralized oracle solution for atomic swaps and down the line for all dapps on the Lamden blockchain.