The highest we go from here is 8.8k

The highest we go from here is 8.8k
Once we close below that line, that's it until next year.

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What's funny is even if it broke out, you'd simply redraw the triangle.. Like pic related

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and so on and so on.

TA fags are the cancer that is ruining Veeky Forums with their constant "IT'S GONNA BREAK OUT THE PLANETS HAVE ALIGNED AND A WINTER CHILL IS IN THE AIR. BUY/SELL NOW".

A breakout is a breakout.
If it moves significantly above that line, I'd expect it to keep trading sideways until around june, for new highs next year.

If it breaks out, and is over ~9k in June, I'm going all in.

OK so this bull flag won't break to the upside? For the first time ever in BTC's history it won't break out because OP said so. Seems legit.

I'm not counting it out. I don't think it will though

It'll be at 9k by early next week and on its way to 11k by the end of April before we see any meaningful pullback.

that's not to say it won't have a higher high though, it'll just take another few years.

those triangle lines are resistance and support lines.
the top one is a resistance line and if we broke out of it upward, then drawing a new triangle wouldnt mean anything because that "resistance line" is unsupported.

See how his resistance line rests on 3 peaks and how his support line rests on 3 peaks.

the more peaks your line can rest on the more reasoning you have to support your claim of where the resistance/support is.

Your line is just arbitrary. You just placed it at ATH and where its at now. There is no other peaks to support your line.

Exactly thats what everyone does

lmao, just dont bother with these idiots. realise that 50% of people have an iq below 100 and retarded posts like this start to make sense

A trendline has to touch 3 peaks or 3 bottoms.

What is the point of this fucking shit thread.

Volume should decrease as you get closer to the end of the triangle and also become less relevant as you get closer to the end of the triangle, as they usually break out at around 2/3 of the length.
Basically, because we're so close to the end of the triangle it's essentially irrelevant.

it's yet another retard drawing a triangle on the chart and claiming it will go up or down
there's so many of those posts on TradingView

TA circlejerk

the next 1 hr is CRITICAL for bitcorn

Your support line needs to be dropped significantly which lowers the close to about 7.8k you absolute brainlet

> until next year
why do you think we will recover so quickly?

trips of truth


Nah, it's going to 100k$ this year and eventually 1m$.
McAfee said so, he wouldn't lie.
He's a decent guy.

88k EOY

it's just an asspull, nobody knows what's going to happen, except maybe the top whales. could be weeks, months, years before we see another bullrun. maybe never, again, that's also an option.

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assuming it follows a similar trend as 2014, it'll reduce in volatility and bottom out next year, before a slow start for the next run

>A breakout is a breakout.
Enjoy false breakouts and get liquidated.


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When this baby hits $88k, you’re gonna see some serious shit


>tfw have to wait 4 years for another legendary bullrun
see yall then