What will you be doing in 2020 when BTC is $300K and we'll all have made it?

What will you be doing in 2020 when BTC is $300K and we'll all have made it?

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Go around telling people about this amazing blockchain technology because I'm an early investor.

moving money into real estate, doing venture capital investments, and living as best I can with whatever girl I end up with

Probably crying and consider killing myself because I invested in a shitcoin instead of Bitcoin.

How can bitcoin or any coin ever succeed for the masses when no one can solve the scaling problem?

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I don't understand how it makes sense to anyone that everyone will make it. I seriously don't. Once everyone does something it stops becoming profitable. That's just the way it is.

But sergey can solve the oracle one

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Spend money on research on how to solve the Jewish question

I will finally be able to start the rare internet kermit factory I've dreamed of

I wonder if more Normies are still on the sideline given the hockey stick growth combined with the free fall

what? Scaling isn't the issue and its essentially already solved.

Adoption and accessibility are the real issue


whats the jewish question aware me

You mean 2030 fren.

I will retire, buy some real estate and live of rents while i travel with tinder gold fucking 20yr with daddy issues.

Properly wake up and keep working to paid my student dept and regretting for not buying bitconnect when it's was low like this but buying a ton of shitcoin .

It won't. These idiots are delusional because they bought in December lol.

By 2020 BTC will be dead once people really realize its a piece of shit that solves nothing and by then there will 500 new coins that will do better than what BTC does, million times better. Right its just a tool to control the MC and suck money out of idiots. Enjoy those bags in 2020 bud.

Pay off all debts of my parents and siblings and then buy a house in Zermatt, Switzerland. It's gorgeous, famed for its hiking trails and ski-ing and it's even overlooking Mount Matterhorn. It even has year-around ski-ing up on the glaciers!

It seems perfect IMO, will probably go there this summer to scout it out. I can't imagine spending my life locked up in some city, I need to be close to nature and actually be able to do stuff.

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That looks beautiful

But i can give you some TLDR in a jewtube video.


I'm gonna be rich from Skycoin at that point and Btc will not have existed for a year

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How to cremate 1.5 million of them with 20 ovens in 5 years. We'll keep practicing until we get it right.

My next hodl after I’m more settled in with enough stinky linkies

[citation needed]

everyone as in everyone thats still holding btc or everyone on this board. everyone doesn't literally mean everyone, we're excluding normies which are vast majority.

We are the next 1 percenters

Two chicks at the same time, man.

>News- "Watch where the 100 wealthiest people congregate online and see how YOU can get rich."
>"Hey you stupid nigger, traps are fucking gay"

kek lawdy

Yeah and everyone bought in 2017. It'll be 3 years of stagnation.

Hold them bags until 2021 when the next bull run happens.

>only have 1 eth
>probably gonna sell during the next pump
I'm not cut out for this

You can't exclude normies, because normies have all bought in at the end of 2017/beginning of 2018. What do you think where the gigantic bullrun came from? EVERYONE thought they'd make it. INCLUDING THE NORMIES. And now everyone has been burned and will not buy in again, thus no bullrun will happen until everything has cooled off in 1, 2 or even more years.

fuck this hurts. i'll be 31.

Most people who bought BTC haven't held until now.

Some bought at $1 and sold at $10.

Some bought at $100 and sold at $1000.

Some bought at $1000 and sold at $10,000


Holding Bitcoin is harder than it looks because of that nagging feeling we all have now that 'it's over'. People had this feeling in every bear market before and it's hard to shake.

I need an adult

i would go to a coffee shop and set a timer on my rolex, buy a cola and sit back and relax and think about all the crazy times

Bitcoin's only benefit is its first mover advantage. Bitcoin is still using archaic technology and it is slow. It also has a public ledger.

Monero (XMR) is the only crypto which is private and anonymous BY DEFAULT.

It is the only crypto with an actual practical use.

The entire crypto market is filled with vapourwares/shitcoins/scamcoins/memecoins and coins that are simply pipe dreams with empty promises.

It is no wonder that Monero (XMR) is being widely accepted in dark markets.


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