How much BAT do I need to make it?

Is this real? Is BAT going on Coinbase?

Can someone explain this whole "can't go over a dollar meme"?

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How much do i buy

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Yes BAT is real, and the only coin that has a working product with a team with a real track record.
Yes BAT is going to coinbase. Coinbase CEO has tweet naming BAT Specifically as something they would like to add.
The over $1 meme was just that.

BAT is legit. Look up the "speakers at coinbase" youtube channel, BAT is maybe 1 of 5 projects that has been invited to speak at coinbase.

Not a security, working product, easy potential for 100x gains if you're willing to wait a couple years.

I just want a 10x.

They will double the supply if it trades above $1 for too long
Really shouldn't go above 50 cents if you think about it

>if you're willing to wait a couple years

Like every other fucking coin shilled here.

Gonna have to do better than that brainlets.

Looks like the over $1 aint a meme OP.

everytime they double the supply, your token quantity doubles. So it really shouldnt be an issue if you think about iy, you should be look at it based off market cap, not price. whatever the market price increase is, thats your gain or loss percentage

For the newfags here who don't know, BAT works at the moment using BRAVE browser. This is a real browser that has already been released, not projected to be released like most crypto ideas. Since I'm not trying to bullshit you, the desktop version needs alot of work, and is not #1 atm. The mobile version however, is easily the best for both IOS and android. They both have constant work done however, and real progress is being made.

In case you are wondering, this browser currently comes with adblocking, mining blocking, tracker blocking, and cookie clocking. Next step is getting paid to see ads, IF YOU WOULD LIKE TO DO SO; not by default. Currently already supports twitch, youtube, wordpress, and other content sites.

BAT is great for microtransactions, as it allows publishers to get paid for viewtime, and not clicks. Let me know if you have actual questions, I love talking about this stuff.

The supply double is a split, like a stock split.

Then go back to your stinky linky you fucker, I'm not here to shill, stay poor.

This is a lie for those not sure.

Does $2 per coin make sense given its application?

I think more, but $2 is certainly possible. We have been to $1, and that was with no adoption, no hype, no updates, no listings.

read the fucking white paper. Yes. and No. bat will stay at a dollar or under by splits. everytime they double they half the price, they double your supply so it stays equivilantly valued. Look at market cap for valuation. rn its 200 mil. if you put 1000 dollars in and it becomes a billion, regardless of the price, youd have 5000 online advertising industry is 550 BILLION

Don't yell at me.

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its funny b/c people wont actually read the WP and they'll just take ur word for it....even though what u said is completely false


>CEO has tweet naming BAT Specifically as something they would like to add.

this is not how NDA works. it won't be BAT because of this.

Its funny because iff you read the white paper youd know what I said was true, and you are just trying to illustrate your point by saying Im false, and hoping people wont read it to realize everything I said is factual. Nice FUD

You only have yourselves to blame if you don't hop on the rocket desu

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he violated an NDA right here if it existed

ummm no a retweet does not violate an NDA. Eich retweets 20 things a day

no he did it as a diversion. If he wasn't retweeting coinbase everyone would know FOR SURE it's getting listed. If he did nothing that would be the NDA violation.

this is autism

See image (thats you two).

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its the type of autism that allowed people to buy btc for 100 dollars. back then Im sure you were calling those early investors autists. If it wasnt a complement, no, it is not a negative form of autism

but ur completely wrong tho lol. It's nonsensical b/c what ur saying isnt even FUD. If they were actually doing a coin split (which theyre not) it wouldnt do anything to negatively affect the $ amount of ur holdings

I've explained multiple times why the "BAT WON'T GO OVER $1" meme is fucking retarded but I'm sick of explaining it. The coin itself needs to start walking the walk.

You didnt explain it once here unironically

>tfw sold my BAT a month or two ago and have been depressed about not participating in these memes since then

rebought earlier this week. super comfy thinking about how this token will never go above $1 again i can't wait to be poor

BAT is my comfiest hold desu. Idea is good, brains are good, connections are insane.

No shit. I've explained it in hundreds of past threads. Not going to bother anymore. You're in on BAT or you're not, there's literally no point in debating with brainlets or trying to convince cretins to get rich with me. There's no benefit for me in explaining BAT to low IQ incels.

Should I go all in?

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LOL you do realize this is an anonymous board right?

>I've explained it in hundreds of past threads

Unironically you havent explained it once here. Looks almost like your bluffing.

Image is you until proven otherwise.

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Bat is going nowhere. Are you really going to "tip" ads you like with fucking bat coins? Is anyone?

it's all automatically integrated you dweeb


Not how it works, try reading the white paper.....pajeet

Yes I'm going to "Tip ads". I'm going to pay the advertisements that pop up... not the other way around or anything like that...

yea brah we pay advertisers to watch their ads. whats not to like?

If you actually believe this lie then BAT isn't for you. It requires a working pre-frontal lobe, something that is severely lacking around here. We'll all have fun getting rich while you stay poor.

are you fucking dumb?

Ive been spreading the

READ THE FUKING WHITE PAPER YOU AUTISTS!!!! It is the opposite. You get PAID TO NOT USE AN AD BLOCKER. instead of advertisers paying google and youtube, they pay YOU. Instead of google and youtube paying people like pewdiepie for generating ads, youd be tipping pewdiepie the BAT that you recieved vrom watchig the ad play b4 his video. DUMB FUCKS READ THE WHITE PAPEr

It's just a meme.

There is a pool for user growth. When that's exhausted no new tokens are created.

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Retard, the token being over $1 defeats the entire purpose of its existence. Enough with the fucking 4d trolling. WE ARE ALL IN THIS TOGETHER, BAT $1 EOY

Um thats not a lie...jesus christ. Im bullish too, you are acting like I was bearish. I was illustrating how yes, even tho BAt will never go over a dollar because the supply will keep being increased, everybody holding bat will have their BAT supply increase as well. If you want to get in on BAT, at least know what you are talking about man. What i said originall was correct. The only reason you would deny that is if you wanted to FUD, although you implied your I think y ou are a fake shill tryna FUD to accumulate more. FUCK OFF

It is real and you don't deserve to make it. Sell everything so I can continue accumulating

There is a fixed, total supply of 1.5billion BAT

Next pump inbound

>current year
>not tipping your advertisers

BAT is almost certainly going to be among the first of the ERC20 tokens listed on coinbase, but it won't be for a while

It's best to just wait this pump out until the market with it's goldfish memory forgets this whole announcement

its gonna keep being speculated until the news. Watch BAT 4k sats by the end of the week

Way to go above and beyond there brainlet. Here is a direct quote from page 24 of the WP:

What amount is being raised? Whats the cap of tokens? Will there be a
follow-on offering?

We are targeting a raise of as much as $24 million USD and a cap of 1.5 billion tokens.
We do not plan to have a follow-on offering.


You do realize that google exists right? Or were you hoping that I wasn't going to come back with concrete proof. Either way I can see why your parents don't love you. Fucking btfo and kys fagget.

This fag is a lying pajeet. Don't listed to him.

Has any of you actually tried brave? I did, the adblocking was trash.

Are you kidding? It's phenomenal.

cuck BTFO

BAT is a scamcoin, and everyone who owns it will get burned one day.