Why aren't you faggots buying this shit?

You fell for the "chink scam" meme? You seriously believe everything you read on this board full of curry niggers without doing your own due dilligence? Seriously, just look at the whitepaper and check out how their team is stacked with academics and industry giants in the IoT field.

Last week they won the "Blockchain Best Project Award" at the Chinese 2018 Blockchain Innovation Summit, and once these guys will have their mainnet up and running in the coming months we'll have iOTA 'muh refugees' developers on suicide watch.

They don't give a fuck about marketing so this shit is dirt cheap so get in and stop buying at the top you niggers.

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Op, what is your reason for making this post?

OP, guys like this is why you shouldnt even warn biz about these good projects. Let them rot

Veeky Forums shills alot of shitcoins and 99% of the time don't know what the fuck they are talking about, but this one time they did shill me XRB at 40 cents which I pounced on and sold for $25.

I just want to return the favor, I feel the same way about this coin.

everyone here with half a brain is in already.
I own 125K INT

give me a head start on my research user. do they have their own blockchain or will it run on NEO or something else? what exchange is it available on? how far along are they with the project?

>tfw only 40k INTlet

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Youre gonna make it user, I unloaded my int bags some time ago just to avoid losing more, just to swing for a while and buy more. We will see good stuff this year

I suggest reading the whitepaper, it gives some interesting use cases, however it will be renewed soon.

Here is somewhat of a roadmap they displayed at another event, understanding why this coin has such potential is really about context. Because of the chinese ban they had a private ICO last august and have been developing ever since.

Last month they had a public event where they demo'd a testnet and they are also working with Huawei on a IoT router and a partnership with IBM is to be formally announced.

Honestly so far the team is very quiet to the west but they post weekly updates on Twitter and if you keep an eye on /r/INT_chain you'll be as much informed like the rest of us.

Besides the industry experts and academics they also have ties to government officials and since China prefers their own tech I would say it's safe to say this is an iOTA contender based on the resume's of the team alone. Oh and they also aren't a bunch of faggots that constantly throw temper tandrums on plebbit.

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It will also hit western exchanges in 1-3 months

ok, i'll start digging. thanks user, i'll go to the leddit sub and see what's up. is okex the exchange that you use?

OkEx is your only option so far, I'm european but I heard there are some issues withdrawing as a burger. Pretty sure there is a workout though, you can ask for it on the telegram.


already exposed scam

Ok raj

coinegg to, worked for me to send them to mew but im not in the us

hey Pankaj what's up

Ok, Mr. Mendez.

Nothing much, fudded any toilets as of late?

this week is Sandeep's turn, man

INT was shilled few times
If people didnt buy it then they dont deserve anything

>I suggest reading the whitepaper
you mean the 10-pages whitepaper with over 9000 grammar/spelling mistakes and no technical details whatsoever? yeah, gives great insight...

>You fell for the "chink scam" meme?
"Falling" for this wouldve been the best thing you could have done, as this dumped from over 1 usd to 10ct. 90% loss.
Its still only on okex, the biggest scam-exchange in crypto, 60% of their volume is fake, its the exchange of bagholders.

Yall, do yourself a favor and dont buy this. Dont make the same mistake twice. Its a redundant shitcoin and 70% of the tokens are in the hands of the devs (not locked)

t. salty bottom seller

This is the last ditch effort from all the bagholders.
I kinda feel bad for you guys, but i told you to get out at 1$.

>Team won award
>effort by bagholders
nice reasoning brainlet

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>imagine being this retarded

Jesus christ sometimes I can't tell if you Veeky Forumslets are shitposting or are really this fucking stupid. I'm going to bite anyway.

Imagine slaving away most of your life, writing papers, doing post-doctoral research and being involved in many patents related to IoT.
Just so you can stage several 'fake' events attended by representatives from Huawei, SAP, IBM, Microsoft, several media outlets and government reps.
Only then to stage another event attended by hundreds of people and awarding yourself 'best blockchain project' award.
So you create all this 'hype' for this 'scam' just so you can sell some people your bags from some shitty chinese exchange, while having the laziest marketing to the western crypto scene out there. But this will all change, and once everything is polished and shiny and on a western exchange it'll already be at one or two dollars.

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I'm unironically screencapping this whole thread. Remember the stupid faggot that took a shit on ETH when it was less than a dollar? Some anons in this board will feel like this in a few months. Good luck everybody, and those who fell in INT by this Martian faggot, fuck him too but remind this is a good coin and being shilled by that cunt wont mean shit anymore. See you at the moon idiots

A lot of you are in this because themartian told you to. Please get out and take a loss, never ever ever trust Chinese companies. Use your reason.

Im going to brap every faggy thread like that that I ever see. Every single coin has shill and fud threads, just because your particular shitcoin gets PnD by a whale at some point doesnt make you a genius

> plz buy my bags cuz i cant take anymore i got chinked so hard with this shitcoin !!!!


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