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I knew this immediately. Scammy, shady as fuck, overhyped chinkcoin.


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Who the fuck falls for this anyway?

As if a 100 year old company is going to "partner" with some unknown group of shady chinkpajeets.

But user, the rumor was true!
Vechain said so themselves!

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are you going to post this every day?

the more i look at it the more hilarious it becomes

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b-but it's shopped
i-it's ackcully carvertical
s a l t y w a l t y

I am actually sorry for you poor folks (poor not in the sense of finance) are holding these bags


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That's what I always asked the mindless shills who wouldn't shut the fuck about this flavour of the month coin.

kek is this real?

Veeky Forums was awash with this several weeks ago. Have you been in a coma?

Fuck yes.

yep. what's more, idiots on Veeky Forums actually defended it

damn it been a fucking long time since i have seen a quality FUD like this one nice job m8

Ayo My Boy, drop this shit scammy chink coin and be free.
What to buy is in the first letter of the first 3 words of this comment

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from one chinkshitcoin to another



The chink stance of scamming.

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You guys are fucking retarded. They corrected that tweet and there is an article written by HARVARD BUSINESS about how hard it is to get into the Garage Startup program.

sorry man, it sucks to be holding bags

>They corrected that tweet
No they didn't.

>when you can't cope
>get the rope

I hope I have the courage to end it all before I develop the ability to lie to myself like this.

This will never get old

>coordinated VEN fud breads
the fud bait on this used to be 1. less obvious and 2. intelligent

i didn't think this place could get any more retarded

This is why I come to Veeky Forums. You guys are the best.

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I don't even hold any VeChain but this FUD (like most FUD on Veeky Forums) is retarded, I can just smell the curry through my screen it's disgusting.

True, I even added it to my filters so I didn't have to see it.

Even you guys are deluded, I just want a quick laugh lmao..

And to be fair, everything I posted here is the facts / proof unironically

>"They're onto our scam Xhuang-Ji! Quickly call them pajeets they forget that our coin is still a scam."

your proof is that you posted a screencap of one tweet and not the follow up tweet, a screencap of you typing some words into a form and no proof of acceptance by BMW (90% applicants don't get accepted)

try harder though, I can go all day

fucking chinks again..
Always triple-check with these chinks.

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>coordinated VEN fud breads
Yeah, even BMW is joining in on the fudding.