Has anyone else lost interest in school and work since discovering crypto and LINK...

Has anyone else lost interest in school and work since discovering crypto and LINK? I feel like it's set my expectations too high. "What am I doing earning x dollars an hour when I could be a millionaire?" "Retire in 2 years lmao NEET for life."

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I lost interest in school months ago. Lost even more interest last week when I locked up my job after school.

Hoping LINK moons so I can sit comfy at my new job knowing I am loaded.

Ofcourse not faggot. I became more interested in making money since that means more investments. Also I got a lot more motivation and drive knowing it is possible to escape.

I did in December. But now, since the age of moon missions is over, I pretty much don't have a choice and have to work.

I lost interest in other coins. Partially the shilling and community engagement turns me off. It's really odd after holding chainlink for a while to see the Ambrosus CEO actually asking the "community" on reddit what they think and posting there on a regular basis.


is this larp? i can't tell anymore in this shithole

fucking highschoolers dreaming of getting rich quick by throwing their allowance at useless shitcoins

>no ponzi user, smart money


This is true, I've worked harder in the last two weeks than in a long time, but not really focused on class.
I'm in college you faggot. In highschool I thought "wow $300 a week is so much money!" In college, I'm thinking how much money can this degree even earn me.

My life is consumed with working and I'm so tired. I think about retirement and it makes me even more frustrated with my current life.

Never had any interest in school or work to begin with.

I'm literally thinking about being a millionaire off of link everyday.
Even when I was getting a root canal treatment all I could think of was LINK mooning and making me rich

Let us pray
>Our Father who art in heaven
>Sergey be thy name
>Thy stinkies come
>Thy link become
>1k EOY

>Give us today our daily thread
>And forgive the weak hands
>As we forgive those who dump bags on us

>And lead us not unto JUSTing
>But deliver us from Jewery
>For thine is the link, the stink, and the big mac forever

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We all are user. You're one of many.

I still work, I was never interested in it, its just a job. I still hold 20k linkies but it isn't my only way out. Even if crypto goes to nothing my normie financial plans should have my mortgage paid off by 2020.

I was hit by a drunk driver in October and sued the insurance company because I suffered a concussion. That fucking check can't come soon enough.

Glad I'm not the only one. Lately EOY seems so far away though and my LINK isn't "enough." The high expectations of LINK is dragging me down.

I am going to finish college in 6 months. If LINK moons like ETH did I will retire before my first day of work (exept for being drafted into the Bundeswehr a few years back)

Can someone please make this with the perspective fixed on the links. This is pissing me off I refuse to save this pic

well, newsflash for you absolute retards in your stupid bagholdercult:
this shitcoin will never moon significantly

it doesn't have to go 1000x
at 20x from here I'm set for life
20x sounds like a lot but that's only 5 doublings

actually even less than 5
excuse my high level math

Use Gimp and the scale tool.

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