How low did you get in?

How low did you get in?

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when the contract was at about 250 ETH

ty for lining my pockets

tree fiddy

No probs m8, in since 500

in since 1700, still doing fine, over 3000 in the contract now

About this

Just got in

Thank you sir!

Got in around 280
Started shilling hard at 770
Everyone that use is in the green

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It's happening, isn't it?

Got in at just under 400. The quantum fomo has just begun.

anybody who bought ETH at ATH should be tossing it into the pyramid and gambling it for dividends and shilling like a pajeet on curry steroids. why hold that bag if you're not making dividends and shilling?

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Last chance to be in the first 2000 token holders. 1684 right now.

Where will the contract be when P3D hits 20,000 token holders?

if i would get this reply anywhere else than biz, i would sell my coins immediately.

Got in at 250 eth. Bought 214 tokens for 0.50 eth. It's now worth 1.48 eth if I sell. Also got 0.18 eth in dividends so over 3x my initial investment

Could have got in at 2000. Not touching this with a fifty foot pole.

Never thought I will actually make money from this but now... YEAHHHH GIVE ME MORE P3D!!!

I don't even care about CMC anymore, POWH3D 4 the win.

Feels like keeping your cryptos in a real fucking bank and earning dividends.

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Is it too late to get in?

Looks solid to me btw

P3d is on pluto

Got in yesterday. Divs are nice. Few weeks and I will be in pluss.