What the fuck just happened

guys... someone just transferred 1000 bitcoin into my kucoin account.... im scared. how did this happen. I woke up and checked my email and saw that I had received a deposit notification from kucoin. I opened the email and literally dropped my phone. How did this mistake happen? should I report it to kucoin?
Should I transfer it out right away and keep it? need advice ASAP. did this happen to anyone else???

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Ill take care of your problem for you OP send them to me

if you’re not using real info just transfer it out asap
i had .4 eth the same way too
seems fishy
kucoin could be jn trouble for this

shapeshift monero->zcash->new btc address->shapeshift monero->zcash->gemini

kill yourself you larper faggot

Well transfer it asap

Transfer out ASAP and give me 1, shared guilt!


im using real info... should i just contact kucoin and tell them? not trying to get in trouble.. this is a lot of money

prove it you larpsicord

Can you share it with Veeky Forums?


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why would you get in trouble, someone gave you 1000 BTC for free. you did nothing wrong. cash out son

kys larping faggot

>send 900 back right away
>use this opportunity to make it
>send the remaining 100 btc back after you've made it

if you fuck up step 2 just kys

oh my fucking god...this is 8 million dollars. i have to report this to kucoin

Use the funds to buy monero, transfer them to a local wallet and literally fucking vanish.

Man just withdraw as much as you can daily

send me some if you decide to share the wealth


Probably more someone set to a mis typed address, and you got lucky. This isn't the first time people get random coins. I got 70$ in some token I never bought on my etherdelta wallet, no idea how it got there.

im not keeping this shit guys, theres no way. im not poor and im not about to get in trouble for someone elses mistake

I like you OP so I gifted it to you. No need to report, take care of your family and enjoy the rest of your days.

Post wallet address or else this is fake

>tell me where you live
No one is giving out their address.

You should probably tell kucoin or just keep it and swap for Monero, but just in case you decide to give it all to biz randoms here is my addy


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why are people falling for LARPs of quality this low?

you could always claim you were hacked
you can take it out
but then
that’s all up to you
do the monero thing some user just suggested if you intend on doing it

i know it sounds immoral
fuck it
this is crypto everyone knows the risks involved
people who get exit scammed should’ve known better than to rely on chink exchanges

Implying that wallet address is the same thing as giving your home address brainlet.

Listen to me OJ:

Activate a VPN, with this VPN get a psyed VPN with a fake address in another country. Hack your own account and tansfer them out. Change then to Monero and send them around in 2-3 Accounts. Transfer back to BTC and ETH and sell all via different exchanges.

Share the wealth! Fuck them!


Ring ring.

listen to this guy op

This. And don't forget to share with us.


If you're not larping, you could become
>our whale

Just think of the possibilities

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Hello sir!


Please to deposit to address. I have mistaken send to your kucoin account. Thank you!

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bro take them out into a private wallet ASAP

Open a long position in bitmex with all the 1000 btc and leverage 100x so we will finally moon


i'd literally shit myself op, if you sent me 1btc

>No screenshot

Why is Veeky Forums so retarded?

How would you get in trouble You tard? Cash out like 20k and get a bad ads lawyer then cash out the rest I mean cmon


Please, change my life

if you use real info. Then whoever sent that will contact kucoin and find you. There is no other way.

OP. I lost about 9 bitcoin by doing this on accident. Here's to hoping that what goes around comes around?


spend it all on link you fucking retard

Shittt op that was my 1000btc. I accidentally entered the wrong my address. Pls do the right thing and send it back op, pls. I’ll dm you my address

AHAHAHA all theese pajeet beggars crawling out of their holes, pathetic

bait is bait

Cue beg thread. This place is filled with pathetic people

>when some random user from neurological online laboratory for heart transplantants earns more money than you could in a lifetime.

why nobody here use segwit?


ty op

You're either a great LARP or the luckiest person alive.
Take your luck and run with it. If not, I'll help take some off your hands.

>did this happen to anyone else???

I just checked and I got it, too! Can't believe it, so happy.

How is this a great larp?

Send about 800 back if you're a good guy, keep the rest for yourself. And share the odd 0.1 with biz if you're extra good guy 13KspCBkGm9PPCQBHA5RJo7uEmgGuV488e


>the btc drop from solid 8.1k to 7.9k right now is user buying monero for btc.

Op you’re an idiot. It’s got a period and an E somewhere in there, which means it’s a fractional amount, pennies. I got one of those transfers from kucoin, not sure what they are and it’s too small to find out but lots of people reported the same.


nice larp OP

you know the rules: screencap or kys pajeet

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post pic or didn't happen

nice LARP faggot
It's like me saying I bang 10/10 thots on a daily basis

No screenshots/10

shapeshift it to monero and repeat through privacy coins for couple times

>give me $8k

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Send it to me... wash them coins... dump them out and pay taxes on your gains... done

>im not about to get in trouble
you think this is communist russia or something? you got free money, chill out

you really think someone with 1k btc is stupid enough to mis type address? This is a shitty larp thread

You got nothing.