Holy shit, how is this not worth $2.50 at the very least?

Holy shit, how is this not worth $2.50 at the very least?

You've got utter garbage and outright scams, littering the top 50 spots on CMC..

Yet a project with probably the most substantive real-world business partnership and use case flies under the radar.

Crypto is pretty much just retarded moon kids isn't it, with Tron etc.

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Watch tonight into tomorrow morning user ;^)

Because I haven't finished accumulating yet.

Stop whining about REQ's price and abuse the situation by stocking up user.

Seriously fuck Veeky Forums and everyone that is missing out, think about your own profits only. This is your opportunity. Just buy as much as you can every month until the next bullrun. Then make smug threads laughing at Veeky Forums for missing out.

req is the true link

Pls don’t moon before my fiat arrives

Take this as a godsend and get all you can. It is legit one of the best projects out there.


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I get paid on Friday, can I wait til then or nah?

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Owning a fuckton of REQ is the best play right now. If crypto ever goes up - REQ will be there.


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it's so cheap still cause it's kinda...I don't know...weird and creepy?

Alright Veeky Forums, currently I hold 10k LINK, and 10k ADA, do I sell my ADA for REQ? I feel like ADA is a surefire 5x by 2020

Oh look. Someone shilling REQ. How unique.

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IF the bull market ever comes back how much REQ would I need to make $100,000. Be realistic please.

Very weird and creepy how this coin stays at this price.


less than that desu

100k req to become a millionaire


I'm thinking about dropping some money into Req. The vision and product look very promising. The only facet I'm worried about is if they can comply with (inter)national regulations regarding fiat transfers. Do they have a clear idea about how to handle this and is the team equipped/experienced in this field?

Req fags enlighten me please

I'm gonna buy some just incase

I have 130k but I still feel like shit. I could have accumulated so more when it was cheap (as in 0.04 USD cheap)

CHECKED. 67k reporting in.

Checked I'm all in link.

No one bothered to this simple question? Guess I'll stay away from Req then.

>implying anyone cares


Do your own research this isn't an ama by the team. But They seem prog3ssional and already have exp in cross country fiat transfers

I bet the giant accounting firm they partnered with has some idea

19k LINK
10k REQ
Brothers in arms

The main value of Request Network right now lies within its ability to provide automated accounting/auditing/invoices services.

Their fiat for the use of a payment portal is a VERY small part of their business model that will likely provide less than 1% of their revenue. So it's not really worth worrying about as it doesn't even matter if they will have a fiat option or not since the real value comes from their accounting branch NOT the payment portal.

The founders' previous project Moneytis (also part of the Y-combinator incubator) was actually devoted to the niche of lowering the costs of international fiat transfers.

So yes, I would say that the REQ team is rather well-versed on the intricacies of this subject.

Would also agree with this comment- the accounting/auditing usecase is by far the least speculative of them all, there is simply no other competition out there who are trying to do the same thing.

For handling payments, it will be facing the well-established behemoths of Paypal and Stripe, with its only advantages being lower fees, and a more appealing product to the niche audience of crypto owners (e.g. people who want to be able to buy shit online with crypto).

If you want to know more about the huge implications of Request's tech to the accounting sector I'd suggest reading this thread: