Any thoughts on this? Is it worth buying coins on the extended token sale?

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i own 1500 of them, couldn't be bothered throwing in any more before I see something convincing

Coinmetro is a guaranteed 100x, use and you'll get +2.5%

I own 15k. Solid project with a great potential. The only problem I have is the fact they haven't allowed Yanks in.

fuck NO
how long has this ICO been going on for?
Sorry you feel for a scam, it happens sometimes

You're telling me as if I lost anything significant
1500 is like what, $200-300? Piss off peasant.

>feel for a scam

Crypto beak started shilling it , this guy shilled BNB at 2$ and KCS at 60 cents.

So i think CM has a potential to take off if they make a decent exchange.

only pajeets who care about the token burn fud coinmetro. easy 10x at the very least

Stop shilling this you cunts.

I'm all in and want them to burn as many tokens as possible. Non-pajeet.

All in? SRS?

I'm all in as well. I've done my research.

Where do you see this price wise eoy?
I bought 10k that I am somewhat regretting..
Glad to see there is still some optimism out there

piece of shit binance always freezes. i'm jumping ship as soon as CoinMetro launches. fuck these chinked out exchanges with their fuct up interface. fucken binance if you're watching BTC in "advanced" (wtf is advanced about their chart?) you can't switch back to alts. fucken 3 clicks to see a fucken alt coin. piece of shit can never handle any volume too. Kevin better get this shit right because this chink exchange bullshit needs to end. fuck giving those insects anymore money

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30k checking in. Will buy 20k more when it goes live, and will have $200k by eoy. Cheers.

Already got 20k, waiting to buy another 10k once the beta goes live and the price tanks to 9 cents. This will be the next major exchange, for sure.

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Why do you regret? The project looks solid and Kevin is risking a lot. He seems to be committed to the project. He moved his whole family to Estonia. If he fucks up it's over for him. I don't want to speculate on the price. It might be anywhere from $1 to $5 EOY.

Telegrams is awful., full of bitchy pajeets (William and boaz) . Feel bad for kev.

This is true as well. All they have to do is to not go into maintenance during crash and they are already the best exchange.

i just counted, 5 clicks to get from the BTC/USD advanced screen to my alt coin advanced screen. wtf is that? how can that be possible considering binance has been around for so long? fuck these fucken dog eating slopes, they can't do anything right. and all those specks of coins sitting in my account. fucken jewish chinks. fuck ching chang exchanges, CoinMetro has to be better based on genetics and ancestry alone.

I have 6k and I want out.


I don't even know why people are getting cold feet when it comes to this project, this has more potential than any shitty ICO out there and already has credible people like crypto beak shilling it.

Just watch in 6 months when you 15x and you forget that you were even worried

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I don't understand the sentiment either. It's probably the best ICO so far yet people keep FUDing it.

It worries me the ico keeps getting extended, the presale holders will dump once their tokens unlock, and binance is going to be adding fiat. I guess I will wait until the exchange comes out and see if I like using it. One thing it has going is the word "coin" is attached to its name which normies will love.

Probably because the ticker on the time sale still says $0.12 after all this time and people are getting nervous that no one is buying

the presale contributors have a vesting period. they can't dump all of their coins, and the percentage of coins bought above 0.09 was way higher. it may dump to 0.09 but I'll be buying more. doesn't seem too risky but i see your point

You say "keeps getting extended" but it's only been extended once, until the 31st. The reason for the extension was made very clear, it's because Kevin are attending various conferences in Asia and will be back by the 31st. So while I understand your reservation about it being extended, it's in the better interest of the company. As for presale holders dumping, yes that is a possibility. Those who bought at 7 and 9 cents could sell for a quick buck but it's irrelevant in the scheme of things.

Binance adding fiat strengthens their position as a competitor sure, but there are a host of features that Coinmetro will have that will seperate them from the litter. TAM, ETCF's, margin trading and a debit card just to name a few.

The potential for this project is huge and it has an experienced team behind it who have shown the lengths they are willing to go in order to make it succeed. I don't know, it just seems so obvious to me.

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The bastards are trying to avoid doing a token burn by extending the ICO.

they keep doing this shit on twitter/facebook. 300 retweets 150 likes, come the fuck on? all fake pajeet bots too. ridiculous that they are doing this shitty marketing

30k xcm btw

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I own 2k but the sale extension is a red flag plus it has hoards of pajeet shills shilling their referral code.

What are those

TAM stand for Tokenized Asset Management. How it works is that a professional asset manager creates a unique token that is tied to his performance. You as an investor can choose to purchase this coin, which will rise and fall in value based on the performance of the asset manager. Managers benefit by earning a commision on their overall gains.

ETCF stands for Electronically Traded Crypto Funds. These allow new and inexperienced investors to easily diversify their crypto-portfolio by choosing from different curated funds, sorted by things like market, risk profile etc.

I don't think most people understand just how huge these two options are. The fact is, if we really want normies to start investing in crypto then we need to simplify things because currently its too hard for them to understand. This is exactly what this market needs to succeed.

They're trying to get Americans in, it's not their fault