He still isn't in a relationship

>he still isn't in a relationship
>he thinks money will make him happy
>he thinks women will respect him for playing with Internet ponzi schemes
>he doesn't know that having kids is all that makes a man worth anything
>he still isn't in a career or on his way to being in one to make 6 figure salaries

As I said above. Why the fuck aren't you guys married with kids on the way. Do you literally want to be poor and alone with no one to love you for the rest of your life? If you treat a woman right and properly with respect you'll have a soul mate until you die. Your Chances of having your soul mate decrease after you reach 30 years old btw.

That's why I'm studying to become an accountant. Get a really good corporate solid job with amazing bonuses. Women will look up to me and I'll be married in no time. So what's your excuse? Don't let your life pass you by and miss your chance at love.

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>soul mate
>unironically believing in true love
also some of us are in between 18 and 24 of age, so fuck off retard, I'm not getting married this early

im not a nigger so i cant get the government to pay for my 193.28 trillion children

I have all that but no crypto gainz. Tfw.

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i used my crypto gains to take the woman i love on a great vacation :^) now she loves me more than ever.

because romantic love is an illusion. Don't marry early OP. 99% chance you will hate yourself for it

It's fine if this is the type of life you want to live just please keep this depressing shit to yourself instead of trying to justify your life choices.

I have neither money nor a girlfriend. I'm in love but she doesn't want me, and I'm 27. So I guess it's over for me.

The love of my life dumped me because I’m too poor


They'll hang around if you're poor user. You're just not /fit enough.

You'll get that accountants job and a mere 1-2 year later my REQ bags will make your career obsolete.

Then your wife who will have been cheating on you before you lost your job will want to have my kids.

>That's why I'm studying to become an accountant.

You had me until this part op
He fell for the accountant meme kek

Dude it doesn't matter. The world economy is collapsing anyway. The dollar is toast. You dumbfucks think the next 10 years is going to be like the last 40? We are being invaded by Muslims and illegals and niggers and half the white population thinks we shouldn't own guns.

Also... you get bored fucking the same pussy. Fuck... I get bored after having sex with the same chick like after the 4th time.

Things are going to get so bad pretty soon. Pro tip... get some gold. You'll have a harem of formerly well to do molds that will all let you impregnate them after they leave their stupid husbands who weren't smart enough to get into gold and silver before the dollar collapses and destitution sets in.

>now she loves me more than ever.

Dollar is actually going to increase in value during the coming stock crash

>he still is getting laid even though he's single
>he thinks being poor will make him happy
>he thinks women's opinions matter, especially on matters of money
>he doesn't know that having kids drains you of your time, freedom, energy, and money he likely doesn't have saved
>he still isn't investing in crypto before the next bull run, he'd rather work for (((Mr Goldenberg))) all day for $125 than multiply his savings exponentially once the normies flood back into crypto

getting married is his goal
working for M. Goldmann is his goal

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Lol, i did what you did.

Found a degree where my employer payed for my education and gave me a reasonable entrance salary for eurocuck standards.

It was fucking torture. If you believe the shit you wrote, you got some things coming m8. Literally, i've also had quite a few girls, and you talking a lot of bull about after 30 blabla. But life will teach you oh wise one.

>Tfw in love with girl but she dumped me now i'm fucking a different girl but i want to fuck the original one.
>Tfw pretending to everyone and myself that im over it and having sex with women i don't care about
>Tfw we were sold a lie and having sex with random women whilst fun is a fleeting high that makes me more and more jaded with every girl and that as much as I pretend to my friends i'm happy in reality i spend my time writing fiction novels to express my emotion in private.
>tfw at least i'm making some gains lately.

Don't know why people are obsessed with fucking whores or pretending to be a "chad" cause they read a few pick up artist books and browse the red pill or return of kings or other inane shit. As much as I can talk to and get girls i can never get them to stay they always say i'm an asshole and leave me but I literally just be myself and I'm honest to a fault.

Overall if you are over your 20s and still on Veeky Forums you should probably just put a bullet in your head

Because I am already married to a wonderful Japanese wife.

stay lonely :^)

I'm going through the same thing user

It's not worth it mate, you don't need to bang slags to be happy.

The best thing you can do right now is understand that females aren't worth the trouble and they don't feel the same way you do. The love females experience is different than that of men, it always leads up to children and when that purpose (as well as being provided for) has been filled the love starts to dissipate.

It hurts now but save yourself the hurt later down the line and understand that this is an opportunity to learn and grow without having to look to a woman for approval.

If you still want to settle later in life it's never too late, pussy just gets loose and the ones worth keeping around get claimed so they're mostly crazy. If you're smart about your current situation you'll have enough money and life experience to pull a young one

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Japs only marry other Japs. Weak LARP faggot.

I'm 29. Get over it, faggot.

>literal blue pill hell

thinks he is more than electro-chemical hormone motivated mesh of cholesterol.

>become an accountant
most gayass "profession" one could think of
literally the most boring people
i don't even want to talk to them when i don't have to
vibe of dust

> If you treat a woman right and properly with respect

lol enjoy being a beta orbiter forever. Western women only want massive cocks from Chad and Jamal.

I am fine with expensive prostitutes, at least they treat me nicely.

>treat me nicely
because you are clearly the pussy here, mate

>He thinks he can trick me out of getting my magical powers after getting so close now.

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t. roastie

I don't want your heavy bags aka bastard children.

I dont agree with OP but if you think its even remotely possible to find someone to have a healthy relationship with after 30 you’re beyond delusional. Once you hit 30 its basically GG if youre single.

lol, t. chad you faggot

>If you treat a woman right and properly with respect you'll have a soul mate until you die.

You sound like a white guy

Women cheat because the sex is good and I've been with TOO many married women for me to marry

And I already have kids


BTFO you're retarded

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Not disagreeing with you OP but I haven't made it yet to where I'm financially able, pls no bully

We had wedding at a shrine and I know her since I was 17 , we are now 30.

Women cheat because they cant bond.....because of all the cheating.