My doctor just put me on 40mg of Strattera

What am I in for lads? Can it help with my ADHD and my academic and /biz-ness endeavors?

What's your experience with this shit drug?

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>my doctor just gave me 40mg of kosher goyfood

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It’s a non stimulant medication user

>DUDE, just don't seek help, LMAO!

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Does it help with ADHD? Is my dosage high?

Just take adderall dude. Get an actual medication instead of this non stimulant trash.

You are a dumb faggot for taking that shit. The only person benefiting from it is your doctor lmao

Tried adrafinil and it works real well. I get jittery and heart palpitations from too many stimulants. This only hits your head. Tried it with phenibut and it didn't mix well for me, but others say that combo is really good for ADHD and fatigue. Took like 10-20 mg and it worked.

I ordered some Adra recently, does it work like Modafinil? I know it turns into Moda in your body but there's a lot of mixed feedback about how good Adrafinil is in comparision.

Have fun with a high possibility of permanent loss of libido, erectile dysfunction, impotence etc.

Yeah it turns into moda. Think if 100mg of adra is taken, that would be equal to like 50-70 mg of moda. Just find your sweet spot. I'm taking it easy because of the reports of psychosis after dosing over time.

Turmeric and piperine extract from black pepper is good for ADHD as well.

That sounds like problems that gif fixes.
It did me.

Sauce now OP!


I don't want habit forming drugs, or am I doing this wrong?

From what I read on the drug it seems to help with ADHD without the habit forming and problems of adderall. Not bad if you ask me, can you be more specific on your objections?

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It doesn't if your hormone receptors are blocked by this shit.

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vyvanse is good at the beginning but then you start being kind of like a meth head after 3 months (and looking like one too)

i'm thinking of trying ritalin again.. vyvanse is just evil in the long run

Get concerta at least buddy

That shit is horrible for your liver btw

I have to paths in my life*

>DON'T TAKE DRUGS, and have a 90% chance of being a NEET, wagecuck, anxie virgin that will kill himself at 30.


>TAKE DRUGS, do better academically, get my fucking degree, make a little bit more wagebux, and maybe have the possibility to enjoy life a pinch more.

When you are in hell already, fire isn't concern

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* when I say two paths I mean practically speaking of course. Some retard will suggest that I spend 100k going to therapists, working out, 3nj0y1ng l1f3 and building my s3lf-3st33m but that's retarded if you are poor and you need to fix your life as quickly as possible to get going

change is painful because man is both sculptor and marble.

or you could just take drugs and permanently fuck up your brain because you are a pussy. Have fun making excuses the rest of your life.

I don't know your exact diagnosis, but I was the same as you with something else - acne. Had the exact same thought as you, that I wouldn't be able to find a girlfriend and nobody will take me seriously, so I can't get a job. Had severe depression because of it.

I took Accutane. Turns out it causes permanent erectile dysfunction in some people. Now I'm impotent and I can definitely say - whatever you have, it is NOT worth the chance of getting limp dick. Once you have that it's over. There's no real cure if it's physical and you have the hormones of a 90 year old man. Right now you still have the chance to get where you want without drugs. You might not experience these symptoms, but if you do you'll wish you fucking sorted out your life without drugs.

you realize medicine is completely corrupted by pharma industry? how can you delude yourself and take such crap lol.. have fun destroying your body

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Never taken it, but very interesting drug user.
It's mostly for ADD rather than adhd i think?
It literally makes some people more intelligent, like a well-functioning nootropic. It clears brain fog in some people, etc. In addition to helping ADD.
However, for possibly a majority of people, it makes them suicidal. Especially while titrating up. I forget why. Maybe its affect on the opioid receptors?
Read about it on drug forums like longecity or something if you're curious.
Big risk/reward imo.

>destroying my body

I am already dead retard. You are the equivalent of a kissless virgin worrying about "STDs!" when no STD could do the damage to his psyche that years of low self-esteem and self-loathing has done to him already.

Is fine buddy

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How long after taking acutane did you get erectile dysfunction?

Try not to lose hope man and keep searching for treatment. One thing I’ve realized after trying to figure out what’s wrong with me for years is that doctors are stupid as fuck and if they can’t diagnose it with a blood test or prescribe you drugs, they are useless.

Maybe try looking into ancient Chinese medicine. That’s what I’m doing anyways.

sratera makes ur dick leak and no Boners.ask for wellbutrin its an ndri and makes orgasms better.

or just get aderal u poosy

I read some studies that pin point the chances of suicidal idolation as a side effect at .4%

Maybe higher or lower but I am willing to take the risk. I expect some side effects (no medicine is perfect) but if I can find the right dosage and the optimal benefits (essentially need better concentration) I will take it.

>going to the doctor

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