What stage are you at /biz?

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stage 6: Bart

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acceptance? i don't really give a shit anymore, i'm here for the keks


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I skipped them all and went straight to trying to fix it.

I’m stuck at depression


gen z wagecuck don't want to find another job

Please provide sauce

I accept I'm in denial.

i'm at depression, same place I've been for the last 10 years

I think I just got over depression this week
I don't even give a shite anymore

Probably denial desu. I still think the market will recover

Acceptance. I'm too shit for this. Deleted my binance account today.

100% acceptance, dreams crushed, no more lambos, know i'll wagecuck for life

but still hold crypto and think it´s a good investments which will at least provide better returns than other traditional investments

Did you expect everyone to win in a fucking zero-sum game?

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Stage 7: Rich

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Fine, its like on this thread near the bottom



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Some sort of Denial and Acceptance hybrid. Recovery is inevitable so I bought back in, set alarms, and not watching the price.

I think I'm squarely in acceptance, but I'm not sure as things have stabilized around 8k for a while now. I think if we regress to 4k or 2k I'll start going through the process again.

>Recovery is inevitable so I bought back in, set alarms, and not watching the price.
Oh sweet summer child

I am at acceptance i dont give a dam anymore. I dont even look at charts or coins. I just moved on

Lets be honest here, thats just the Denial phase. You cant say its the acceptance phase because you accept things will get better. Thats still denial.

>mfw I'm not a part of your system

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A-user... that's denial

I've sold everything and I'm waiting for the bottom.

Denial and some depression