I'm going to be getting pegged tomorrow night. Set it all up and everything with the woman...

I'm going to be getting pegged tomorrow night. Set it all up and everything with the woman. Lately I've been experimenting with pens and pencils to get used to the feeling. Apparently it's a life changing feeling with orgasmic pleasure beyond what anyone can imagine. Has anyone here been pegged before? I'm just curious what should I expect?

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He's going to get pegged?

>Marry him, divorce him, and steal all his money

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Doesn't that make you a gay?

Pens and pencils aren't going to prepare you, you've got to lube up some carrots or cucumbers in a rubber and really go to town.

Also pro tip, don't do it with someone you have feelings for. She's always going to look at you like a faggot and after you blow your load you will feel an unimaginable amount of shame.

Just get a dom prostitute to do it, they're more expensive but they know what they're doing and you won't care when it's all said and done

Why does this need to be posted on Veeky Forums?

Veeky Forums has been getting bent over since January.

Is it actually possible to cum just from being pegged

Pens and pencils aren't nearly big enough, plus it all depends on how skilled she is. If she's good though, it's a pretty life changing experience

you are a winrar

Of course. I can come just from playing with my nipples even.

100%. It's intense as fuck too

prostate orgasms are almost equivalent to a female orgasm once you have one you'll see why fags like it so much

Can you give more details? How did you find a chick to do it for you? Any pain?

Pens and pencils? Wtf.
Use your fingers with a lot of spit or a dildo with a lot of lube. Also to a sex shop and get some Jungle Juice Platinum or other amyl.

Yeah besides the gay nature of it I am intrigued.

Mfw my doctor rejected my appointment request. He already checked me twice this year but I wanted to make sure
No homo obviously

Woah this is like... pp,p,.pretty gay you guys but boy has it peaked my interest.

get an aneros lelo or nexus



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"white folks"

Unless you have legit anal cancer and need a medical professional, yes. Or a cuck in training.