In all honesty, where are we?

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bart simpson's left ear at the moment


who knows how long that will actually last though

Denial. After capitulation it will be 3-4 years before recovery.

People who brought back in early 2017 will be in Anxiety/Denial stage, not even joknig

complacency-anxiety or anger-depression or the bubble didn't even pop and we are in the first sell-off (bear trap) of the other popular bubble chart

crypto market is maniupaled so anyway all of this can be useless


6k bottom sellers

we are at depression obviously

tho we can get another low if we break down 7200 I guess

maybe those who brought the top are depressed, those who brought in July are anxious. It's very likely to be a slow bleed out in a bear market for 2 years+

Anxiety BTC has a long way to go back down to 800

We are still in DENIAL.

Investments are already suicidal since most people seem to think it's going to drop but "maybe rise again in 5 years time" so they still buy in.

Honestly the people still left on Veeky Forums are just stubborn fucks. The type of people that will never sell even if it goes to 0.

Nope, everyday there are threads "what is next 100x?". If that stops -> then it means real depression is going on.

Im pretty suicidal with my 85% loss atm and dont care if it goes 99,9% so whatever.

This. BTC is going to 3-4k and there's nothing we can do about it, but fuck it, I'm accumulating on the way down. Crypto is here to stay

>in all honesty

Ok user

Still in Denial.
Look at /r/bitcoin.

Btc a year ago barely touched 1k. Prior to that it was like $200 to 1k. It's going down to 1-2k if miners give up. It's all over at that point.

That would be awesome.
I can't afford to buy now because fixing the house, but once that's done I can spend $1k a month getting some bitcoin.
I hope it goes down even lower and stays there for a few years

I don't give a fuck, this market is different because it's fast as fuck. If gold goes into bear market, it stays there for 20 years. If crypto at this stage goes down and enters bear market, it's going to be on another bull rally in 1 year max.

Thanks for proving my point.

Nah, 2-3k$ will be the absolute bottom.
Crypto is no longer some backstreet investment, big players won't let it dip too much.

Or a month none of us no anything about this shit it’s a brand new trail

> My investments are with great companies. They will come back.

Between anger and depression.

complacency for me desu

We are here

But all of you are too stupid to understand.

Denial. People still have hope and you would have totally missed the plunge to 6k if you were away from your computer for a couple days, we've been hovering around 50% of ATH otherwise. When it goes down and stays down the Wojaks will really come out.

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Anxiety, when I look into the groups of the facebook plebs.


Everyone has accepted whats happened and just bored asf waiting for it to pick up

looks like classic denial, make a straw poll

daily reminder

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Between capitulation and anger. Proof: simpsonposting

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Where do the billions come from sir?

>that was my meme from last year OP, kek
here is the updated meme

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You have to remember the crypto market moves much faster than a traditional market. I'd say we're somewhere between Anger and Depression


no, we're closer to anxiety right now.
this shit has a loooooooong way to go before it hits bottom.


I dont know where everyone is but Im pretty much over anger and depression made my peace with money being lost and well.. all I feel is disbelief and disapointment... So whatever it does now wont change anything.

Could be anywhere between Denial and Depression, desu.

15 times faster, some say

obviously denial

We are at complacency. Everybody thinks we just have wait for "the next bullrun." It's gonna crash so fucking hard from here.

So, do you guys think the mt. gox trustee intentionally sold his bags at the correct times to paint this meme chart for us? Or do you think the massive drops at those exact times somehow line up with natural "psychology of a market cycle"?

were at euphoria guys!

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Well we do just have to wait for the next bull run. What else can we actually do?

Not sure but I do not believe it will take years to recover.

Get out of the investment entirely. Gotta sell your stock in buggy whip companies and buy Ford eventually.

That was the play early January, its to late now.

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4 month bear market wouldn't be that bad at all

I meant to acompany that image with something like
>right here mother fuckers and we still have a long way to fall!!!

stock and crypto are barely in denial
btc panic will be breaking 6k

not sure what you're smoking but this board is 99% pink wojaks right now

This is bullshit weve lost over 50% of the value

barely in denial? You have no idea.

Capitulation. There's a couple more baby drops on the way down if you ask me. This sideways trading could indicate we're also starting to find what the mean really is, seeing as $7k-8k was right where the rocket took before December. Going to be a slow climb back up.

optimism is when the trend accelerates, breaks out of a prior channel, and goes vertical. on btcusd this happened at about 8.5k. opposite this we have denial. after denial we have panic and capitulation where prices sink to prior levels of accumulation before the prior bull trend really took off. in btcusd this would be under 5k. i believe the true bottom will be anything between 4k and 1.3k.

the other area we could be in would be capitulation leading into anger, but i do not see this sentiment dominating. the prevailing sentiment is bullish and traders switching to small trading targets in the chop (ignoring that we are in a massive downtrend that could still drop another 50% or more). also if we are in the anger phase, we should be in an area of prior accumulation, and we are not, we are still placed at prices that were in the midstages of the bullrun.

btcusd is in denial

The bullrun took off from $7k levels.

I remember thinking about selling at $10k because that was where it was predicted to peak. $20k is easily 'new paradigm' and weve since lost over half of that off the price.

This level imo is clearly 'the mean'

even if BTC loses 99% of its value we'd still be in denial phase according to Veeky Forums.

we are where the arrow is in your pic with some conditions however

the market cap is going to converge back to one coin
crypto will never again go down against fiat but it will go down against gold

the fomo into crypto that will happen when the usd starts to inflate will be unprecedented in history

we learned to spell 'simplified'

Soon to be in panic.

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