The next 10x coin

Loi Luu an advisor that was involved with Eth, Kyber, and Zilliqa (all top 100). Polychain and Huobi are investors so Huobi listing incoming.

And sub 20 million cap. How insane do you have to not hold Ren when testnet is launching in a few weeks?

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So where can we buy it, OP?

And its 86k coins to run a node and collect transaction fees that you can do with a mother fucking CPU. Dont even need a mining ride to run a node... literally the perfect coin and any exchange can run on top of the protocol.

You can get it on Idex or Okex right now. Huobi at some point as they gave initial VC investment, so you know they will list.

Shhhh we don't want Veeky Forums to know about good coins


wtf, op, shill LINK or TRX or something other retardshit

Apologies, but i finished accumulating 1.3 million of these so now its time to spread the word. But honestly who cares if biz buys it or not, once this thing hits Huobi and is officially on 2 major exchanges, followed by testnet launch, were rich anyway.

Who's talking about it, any YT shills etc?

Nope, none. This is a virgin product with an advisor that doesnt miss and the #1 crypto vc backing it, not to mention another top 5 vc fund in Signum. Signum were early investors in Zilliqa, OmiseGo, Qash, Kyber....

You have companies that do not miss funding this project without assholes like Suppoman shilling. You can run a node for transaction fees on a CPU, and a top 5 exchange as an investor too in Huobi.

Try the ICO of:

this coin seems good OP. too bad I had to spend all my fucking money on rent, brb gonna kms.

>when testnet is launching in a few weeks?

I can't find that info, link?

Also, testnet before any proper exchange, even?

Seems "legit" in terms of investors, but maybe a small project and narrow use case, right?

Sorry to hear that brother. Its a very legit project though whether people choose to invest in it or not. The first decentralized dark pool so whales dont need to pay crazy OTC fees or lose control of their funds.

Testnet is q2, if you go to telegram there are constant updates. You need 86k ren to run a node on testnet (they are going to provide some financial incentive for testnet users). Final amount needed TBD, but they anticipate between 86k and 100k.

As for narrow scope, maybe honestly. But we know that dark pools account for 30% of US equities trading and while some exchanges offer dark pools like Kraken, they are centralized. With the future gearing towards decentralized exchanges that even binance is getting on board this is the first decentralized dark pool.

And did i mention it uses atomic swaps with eth, btc, and erc 20 coming in q3, and other protocols added in q4 and beyond?

This is not skycoin

delete this not finished accumulating

What does it do ? And thanks for helping out, i hope someone reciprocate in the future

Best logo in crypto 2bh


Investors: Polychain, Signum, Huobi, and more.
Advisors: Loi Luu (3 top 100 projects already)
Idea: Decentralized dark pool where 30% of equities are traded on dark pools and presumably far more in crypto

Additional benefits:
-Can run a node on your laptop CPU and collect transaction fees
-Atomic swaps for btc, eth, erc20 in q3 when mainnet launches; more coming in q4

18 million cap.... 18 million. You want to try and tell me with this team, vc backing, and first mover advantage, they arent going minimum 10x from here?

Decentralized dark pool; token used for transactions and gets burned (decreasing supply) + you lock up tokens on your CPU to run a node and collect transaction fees.

Seeking to capture the crypto equivalent of the 30% of equities traded on dark pools in the US alone, but in a decentralized way so whales and privacy focused individuals never give up their private keys or custody of tokens.

791k REN marine here.

/comfy/ af

70k away from running 10 full nodes simultaneously and collecting trading fees day and night like a boss.

currently holding 100k

my goal is to hit 1 million of these things, i'm frantically day trading other coins to reach that target before it starts to moon. might have to settle for about 600k though as i feel i'm running out of time...

ico price details pls

I bought over 200K shortly after listing, only coin I bought recently I NEVER EVER went down from my initial on. Comfy

What the hell did they need 30 million ICO funding for? These projects are insane.

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what website is that?