How do you stop sweating? What products do you use to stay cool?

I'm using Old Spice Champion and recently I've started to sweat more for no apparent reason. Like I walk to store and back without feeling any heat and my armpits are sweating. I remember that I had excessive sweating some time ago, but it went away on its own. Maybe switching deodorants helps?

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I live in a cold place. Warm places where you sweat are for nonwhites




most likely an anxiety problem OP. eat healthier and exercise more

Try ban roll on antiperspirant and deodorant

1. wear deodorant
2. dress appropriately

sage this is not related to business. please visit a different board.

tight clothes will make you sweat like a motherfucker especially if it's tight in the shoulder area, pic very related.
It may look good and show your physique but it's not comfortable

its not bad. if you're good at it, you can change your entire style in a couple of minutes

shave your arm pits, then use odorex

Is the problem with the sweat or the smell?

If sweat, then adjust your body to higher temps. Can be done to some extent in the shower.

If the problem is smell, then unfuck your diet.

Use Odoban

Very much biz related, since staying cool feels great and that great feeling will help you focus on biz more.

I live in Eastern Europe so yea. Like sometimes walking in -10C and feeling a tad bit cold will still make me sweat.

Maybe stress? This crypto market hit me hard lol.

It's kind of both. I don't think the sweat smells very badly, but it doesn't smell good though lol.

Put maxipads in your armpits.

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Drysol, I'm not even kidding. The extra strength shit. It's 25 bucks for a tiny bottle of deodorant, but it stops even the most insane sweating. You gotta put it on before bed and wash off in the morning after you do this for a week you will never sweat from that area

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Doesn't those kinds of deodorants have some dangerous chemicals or something?

botox faggot, that's how you stop sweating.

yes, aluminum

I use driclor, literally after a week or two of use I didn't sweat at all. Can get it pretty cheap on amazon.

this is Veeky Forums you faggot. Buy BAT

>doesn’t realize the health dangers of anti-perspirent

Buy anhydrol OP, I sweat quite a bit under my arms and never have a single bead of sweat after using that.

You apply it the night before, and it itches like fuck at first, I won't lie, but you will literally be dry as a nuns cunt the following day.

thank you, I'm gonna try this

Holy fuck trips of truth with the number 3. Redpill me on health dangers of anti-perspirant user.

Certain-Dri is pretty powerful and worked for me when other things didn't.

Also if you want an undershirt that will absorb all your sweat, check out Thompson Tees. Meant for under dress shirts obviously. I've worn them for years

What's wrong with sweating?


Get some Pro-Banthine (propantheline) from a Dr. If you complain about Hyperhydrosis

Idk if this is available in Eastern Europe, but you should definitely try miradry if you don’t want your pits to sweat anymore. Sometimes if the intensity is on the highest setting it also destroys odor glands.

It’s been more than 2 years since I’ve had it done and I don’t sweat anymore.

Ok, can some kind user answer this for me?

I try to wear button down shirts but they are so uncomfortable. I feel like they hurt my posture in my shoulders, always end up hurting there.

Also - how the hell do you keep them from coming out of your pants? Even if they are tucked in they come out once I sit down.

Those shirts are very tight and don't allow the skin to breathe.

Connor is stylish, but he is very vain when it comes to his appearance.

This. Shit is wild.

I swear so much from my armpits that when I have no shirt on it literally drips in beads down my ribs and hits the floor. Even when I'm cold it happens. I swear right through insulated carhartt hoodies. I can only wear a black t shirt a dozen or so times before it's stained.

I started taking anti depressants recently and the sweating has probably doubled. I've given up on ever stopping it from happening.

>Odor glands
Human bio expert here

I use Purax, Works wonders

op serious advice here.
when are you applying the deodorant? the time of day?
and is it also an anti-perspirant?

the advice is to start applying the anti-perspirant & deodorant before you go to sleep.
at night, the pores are not active and will absorb the anti-perspirant better making you sweat less throughout the day

There's a cheap, plain scented deodorant called Arrid

It really works user you won't sweat at ALL

What is this fucking Reddit now?

Get a sweat proof undershirt like thompson tee before you start doing all this other crazy shit.

Buy Sage pills from herb shops, it's marketed towards menopausal women who have heat flashes.
Not even kidding, this shit saves me every time I need to wear a suit.

Cons: I don't use it everyday because it might be a tad estrogenic

A literal souboi good luck on your transition

this, anxiety will give you constant sweats since your mind is always in fight or flight. look into what this user said just don't take pills.

perspi-guard will keep you dry all week

also trim your underarm hair with a beard trimmer, it looks nicer and gets rid of a lot of hair that traps bacteria

Thompson Tee
Saw it on Sharktank and bought a couple to try, even bought some off brand but they where not as good quality/[performance.
They work amazingly well for a heavy sweater like me so I bought more to cover a weeks worth of wearing.

I wouldn't use chemical, botox or surgery to stop sweating because they just push other areas to sweat more to compensate. Not healthy and might end up looking like you pissed yourself from ass sweat

Stop buying shitcoins

Why would you want to stop sweating? I bet you have a vasectomy and identify as gender neutral too.

>hurr dude it's nature
not everything that's natural is good,
you think showering, using soap, shampoo etc is natural? allegedly it's bad for your skin/hair because it removes the natural oils bla bla bla, but who cares, if you want to smell and look like a caveman be my guest, I would rather not be uncomfortable with wet clothes under my shoulders because I want to be natural

Work out and eat healthier. Try not wearing shirts