Which coin will it list?

Which coin will it list?
I need to FOMO into one, but BAT and 0x have already mooned, so i guess REQ?

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Probably 0x because of the instant insider trading


OMG I believe. With huge name advisors including Vitalik and an established company, that would be my guess. But fuck OMG, tired of that coin.

>BAT and 0x have already mooned

Lol, BAT hasn't mooned. It has recovered a little. BAT was at 50 cents like a month ago. BAT hasn't mooned until it's near 70 cents-$1, it was just incredibly underpriced during this recent dip and didn't recover

Sadly its already like 30% up, fk that kek.

Never heard of it.

it is realistically between REQ, BAT and Ox

I heard somebody mention QuantStamp, but I don't think so.

BAT has the edge obviously because Brian Armstrong literally said that he would like CB to support BAT/Fiat. (tweet 30 march 2017).

0x has 3 ex Coinbase team members working on it, and is a promising hype coin that would probably be a good grab at this stage.

And REQ is the most interesting of all.. since Coinbase has been having trouble with PayPal, and recently closed services with them, it's possible they are looking to inhouse their payment processing.

idk. I bought all three for shits and gigs.

if neither of those 3 get listed, then the'll drop 30%+ in a few days, so be prepared for that

It will be the normie coin of choice by start of 2019. Top 3 by market cap. The prophet has spoken.

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BAT has the best shot of any token/coin right now.

Everything else is secondary.

it's okay i'm ready for that.

but let's not forget that CB won't be listing anything for probably the next 4-6 months, so the announcement might precede it by a week or two.

I got in on the groundfloor on 0x, Bat I bought in low too, but i'm a little exposed on REQ, it's been fucking climbing for 2 weeks now.

Why the fuck do you think a Coinbase listing would lead to a pump in a bear market? It'll just go up a bit and then drop to the ground.

The only thing I can think of being problematic is Brendan Eich....
Crypto is literally being called a white nationalist boys club run by angry 4channers and trolls, and Coinbase would be entering business with a Homophobe..

For those anons who do not know, he was fired in 2014 as the CEO of Mozilla for donating to Right wing anti-LGBT groups, and stating publicly he wasn't fond of gays.

I think it's absolutely illegal that they fired him for his views, but that's business...

is crypto different?

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because there are more retards than sane people in this market and it will undoubtedly lead to a pump

Please you need to go back.



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I really think we can do better than this.

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REQ definitely.

Perhaps wait after this week because it might dump after the main net announcement. Of course, this is a risk so you can also just buy now.

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req is the true link


i really believe REQ will be listed.. however i think there are still a few kinks to work out...

another thing is Coinbase has an Apple app...

BAT just recetnly got approved by Appl, the only ERC20 SO FAR.

0X and BAT are really the two in my oppinion.


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Since coinbase needed apple to approve of BAT before Coinbase could integrate bat in to their coinbase app on the apple store, now that is done, the next logical step is....?

You say this like it matters. It didn't stop Trump from becoming god king emperor, you think it'll do anything to Big Brain Brendan??

OMG has no working product. so they dont fit the criteria

Nothing right-wing about believing that traditional marriage is critical to a functioning society. You may not like the repercussions for homosexuals, but that doesn't make it 'anti LGBT.'

It's going to be omisego. They've been working with ethereum and vitalik before plasma was even announced, eth will be dependant on omg/plasma, they already met with the owners of coinbase, staking goes live the same time coinbase will be adding coins. Just remember this post

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San Francisco can be a pretty ruthless place for those who don't kneel to the might of the twitter SJW's...

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Goes live q2 which is the same timeframe as coinbase adding coins omg is guaranteed since it works with eth

it needs to be approved by IOS.

I know that seems like an annoying impedement, but Armstrong confirmed as much.

BAT did it 6 days ago... maybe because of coinbase, maybe for no reason...

Word on the street is that they're listing FunFair

Highly likely to be NANO, BAT, NEO.

I'm sure if omise is already processing billions yearly they can handle an app getting approved. Gotta be hard betting against money skelly and poon

you picked a literally the only coin that's actually under SEC investigation. Nice going fucking retard. Put KIN on the biz pajeet shill list next to:

>stinky linky

Am I missing any others?

Doesn't seem to bother Peter Thiel who invested in BAT/Brave.

Fucking delusional

jesus fucking christ the announcent can fit in a stupid jpg why didnt you take 1 miserable minute from your time to read it

Coinbase isn't mooning anything anymore you normie brainlets, those days are done. Litecoin was cbs last moon reeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

REQ has the best shot of any token/coin right now.

Everything else is secondary

The to be listed coins are ERC20, NANO isnt ERC20 so no.

Nano will never be listed. It's a scam shitcoin that the devs own a majority of.
Don't you realize this yet?

have fun getting dumped on by the people who bought 1.9 billion worth of private presale

Bcash immediately mooned upon introduction on Coinbase you newfaggot

>working directly with vitalik and poon on plasma
>plasma is the scaling solution for eth and omg is plasma. Eth directly depends on omg
>omise is already a huge company processing billions a year with direct ties to the owners of coinbase, banks, ascend capital, Thai and Japanese gov and more.
Only one delusional here is you. Good luck with your startup company and just remember how retarded you were to not realize omg will be first because emotions

Neither. I don't care about this fucking "erc20 listing" hype, coinbase will never list coins that small in cap. The ONLY realistic answer is XRP.

Nano won't get listed because it's centralized trash which one of the requirements to be listed on cb is decentralization

Hey kid... Wanna have some FUN?

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this is a BAT thread not a pajeet thread. stop ruining all the fun. Noone is BATting an eyelash at FUN, its a shitcoin, unlike BAT which is tremendously undervalued and underspeculated compared to the rest of the crypto scene

Except ya know, BAT is utterly pointless and everything they are trying to do can be accomplished with fiat. It is a scamcoin.

this bullshit again.

Read up on KYC or even the fact that most payment gateways wont even process donations in the amount that BAT users will be giving (10 or 20 cents at a time).

tell me dingus, how am I gonna donate 50 cents of fiat when the processing fee is around $2.50??


Um content producers get more money, cut google and youtube out as middlement, and the consumers literally get paid to watch ads......yeah...fucking USELESS

0x did the same thing during the last round of rumors, when Coinbase was down an hour for scheduled maintenance...

I think it all leads back to their CEOs tweets, saying 0x has done more for ETH than any other token, or something like that. Thing is, it's friggin' middleware, and Coinbase's entirely philosophy & unique market position is about being user-friendly.

Their next listing will be something that has utilitarian value for CONSUMERS, e.g. REQ or BAT. They know a new coin listing is a huge press event... adding something that can then actually be used in everyday life on an existing platform is much bigger news than "oyyy another speculative investment."

Non burger here, is being added on Coinbase really such a big deal? Bcash pumped to hell when it was added, but it was more likely due to insider shenanigans than real demand. I wouldn't be surprised if being added there wouldn't do much for a coin or token that's already on a dozen or so other exchanges.

My Reqy stays high techy $100 EOY

Yes. It's a big fucking deal.

It'll be Moria Token.

It's the smart move for boomers who understand the concept of dividends.

Got my 1k OMG standing by. Thank you for reinforcing my fists and strengthening my traps


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>What erc20 token will be added?
>People name off non erc20 tokens

same here, user. if i hadn't been holding since august i might be rattled more.

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Some user came here a few weeks ago and said he knew something about LINK he wasn’t supposed to know and to be patient. I wonder...

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never change.


This is not user friendly enough for you? Literally anyone will be able run a token exchange service on their website.

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My guesses