Give me one reason why I should invest in this man?

Give me one reason why I should invest in this man?

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Don't, we want you to stay poor

Because of the man to the left of him

He needs moneh for new clothes

Because his 35% body fat is 95% sugar and 5% soy.

Perianne is so qt

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I'd love to rail Miss Boring

because he's fucking boring

Your trips of 8s and dubs of 7s are enough of a reason to invest in LINK. Kek has blessed you user.


>no thumbs up or wave

thats not sergey

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How big is sergey?

Which one of the three? The one in the left sees trushworthy.

Fucking massive

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Don't unless you're retarded and you want to throw away money on some Veeky Forums meme

absolute unit

because he uses the same shirt always which shows discipline

He's beard and dick are bigger than yours.

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Because He Fucks !

Because Veeky Forums said so

I bought a 7700 sats a month and a half ago because of the memes. LINK has consistently lost 10% each day for 45 consecutive days.

At this point my LINK balance is in the negative and I owe Sergey more money.


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He always wears the same shirt. That is a sign of succes

She went to U of Florida, and interned at the White House. The dicks user...imagine the number of dicks...

Everybody fucks

These guys fuck.

Left to right
>Normal guy
>Token woman

He supports Israel, reason good enough for me

About to tweet Sergey videos of Rhonda Patrick. Lay off the McDonalds bro. Think better if you ate better. Maybe get people convinced more to buy LINK.