Is Canada a good investment Veeky Forums?

Is Canada a good investment Veeky Forums?

I have about $740K in assets and I wanted to move my family aborad. It is either Canada or Australia.

I was thinking of using those to either buy a house there in a city like Ajax or Calgary; or opening a 7-11 or am I better off bargaining for securities?

What’s the market like these or should I just not bother moving?

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If you come to Australia be prepared for a fucking stupidly expensive cost of living. Dont even bother with Sydney or Melbourne, your 740k will get you a rundown shitbox nowhere near the city

Put that money somewhere where you can get a return. I'm planning moving to andorra after university. only 10% tax too

It is slightly less than my entire networth. I have been wanting to plan this move for a while. As much as I would love to gamble and risk more and to earn more; I want my family to live a decent life, or else I have a very good income where I am as is. I want to them to be better off, with or without me.

Funny how much harder it is to work under a liberal govnement with a modest amount like I have. If I had three times that much Australia would also be a paradise.

Don't waste your time with Canada. This place is brown as fuck. And if you're a pajeet then fuck off especially.

Can’t help but enrich your genes. Just how I was built.

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Problem with colored people is you think Whites want to live around you and be with you. We want nothing to do with you. Even the faggot Liberals avoid you.

Idk man, you should like you are terrified of my skin. I don’t really care though.

Still, if you could help me understand your market better, that be appreciated. The VAT, the tax windows rebates. Recession, anything works. I’ll throw you a bone.

What exactly do you need to know?

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Generally how much harder it is for a non-resident to open a business, and if there are necessary special taxes I do to pay because of that. How much harder it is to buy property in say Alberta compared to Ontario and how much would I be taxed for selling it?

What the inflation rate is etc etc. All the basic information I need to have to know if whether moving all my capital will even be feasible, or if I need to start small and see where it leads.

You're asking for a lot here. How much are you paying?

What I’m most interested in knowing is the chances of economic upturn. So I can consider buying securities or not. I was recently offered a few bonds but it the interest rates jump again that would be disastrous.

Well, my current residence set me back by about $350k when I got it, and the current value is around $438k. So anything generally around that, I don’t mind paying the higher tax which sounds moronic I know. But I don’t.

Don't do it. Especially if you already live in the States. The only good thing about Ontario is the appreciating real estate. High taxes, worst traffic on the continent, especially left-wing, the people are obnoxious and think Toronto is the best city that ever existed, highest sub-sovereign debt in the world.....just don't.

If you absolutely must go to Alberta where it's more conservative, cheaper and much better scenery.

> t. American that grew up here and is depressed each time I come back

Move to the US instead

t. Canadian

don't! never, that place is shit! you can live east of there, make sure you go past Oshawa and settle somewhere quiet that has access to major highways. the 407 highway is pushing east. stay the fuck away from Ajax

read this, sir pajeet

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Canada is the fucking shit. Live in BC or Alberta, pick a city based on what activities you want to do.


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>conservative in any way

You must come from San Francisco lmao

no, its like top 5 countries to turn to shit soon

switzerland, japan, united states (for a couple more decades)

after 10-20 years though I wouldn't want to be in europe

Get back to the shitting street, pajeet. $740 will get you a long way in Hindoostan.

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Go to Victoria, BC man.
Great place to live, it's becoming more expensive ( derp capitol of BC) but you're in a fun city that's super easy going.
Ratio women /men is 3/1,

really good weed,

really good food, fuck yes, the salmon and burgers man! (go to Red fish Blue fish) That place is frickin' delish!

Good bars and plenty of 'm.

Easy to find a job

There's a lot more I coud tell ya, but you gotta discover that on your own.
I love Canada man!

I said it's more conservative than Ontario. Do you dispute that?

Expensive as fuck. Everyone is communist level leftist. The actual city gets extremely boring and repetitive.

740k wont get you far in canada ill tell you that

and youll get chink'd

super boring place, lefy cuck hole that's overrun by chinks, actually difficult to get a decent job, expensive as fuck. nice scenery and nice weather better to visit than live.

I lived in Canada for 4 years and it's a nice place to raise a family, your children will love it until they're 15 and up, Alberta is boring as fuck for teenagers and young adults, good education and health tho, taxes aren't that high compared to my country, Alberta had a 5% tax on products, not sure about income because I lived off a scholarship that a Uni gave me, rent is somewhat high, I payed 800 a month for a 2 bedroom apartment, 1 bathroom, aprox 80 m2, it was in Lethbridge though, cheap town in Alberta.

Canacuck here. Wages are horrible and cost of living is insane. Would be a pretty shit idea to move here.

Lol. Average house price in any decent canadian city is 2+million

750k might get you a 10sqr ft studio apartment in the shittiest part of town living with sand niggers

>Anywhere near the GTA
Yeah, no. I quite like the chinese food we can get here, I like living here but it's expensive and taxs are way to high

how tf the sand niggers afford it then

I moved from Scarborough to Oshawa, it was the only place I could afford that wasn’t 2 hours commute to work. It’s not bad if you are north of Taunton.

the govt subsidizes it using whiteys tax dollars