So now that Crypto has almost completely died. What are we going to do now on this board?

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canadian kneepad stocks

Member the fallen and the memes.

go back to wagecucking.

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is it ganna fall more? someone please tell me im sweating here

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Anime discussion

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Accumulate and show off our bags

Can we turn Veeky Forums into an anime board?

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killing myself when parents die j-just as planned

2k is the floor

>implying we ever stopped

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Crypto, we're shorting it this time.

That's strange, I bought Bitcoin at $2,000 and Ethereum at $160. Is it really dead? Hmm...

Maybe for you retards who bought in at the absolute peak. Lmao.

fuck you OP, faggot

>I bought bitcoin at $2000 and ethereum at $160
You've got a few more months of being in profit then.


When crypto is dead you buy crypto.

Fuck you.

I gotta hot tip on some penny stocks...

>Bought in at 2k
>lolz at people who bought at 20k
>still holding
>who will lol at u when shit goes to 200

I will, bought at $300/33 and sold at $9k/$600, should have sold earlier but was deluding myself.

i guess it's time to start buying again. I mean, the market was thriving when I was buying every week, I haven't made a cash purchase of crypto in like 1 year. Coincidence? I THINK NOT

buy faggots

remember when Veeky Forums talked about entrepreneurship? Yeah me neither.

If i wanted to work hard and not make money, I'd be a wage cuck.... been there done that.

Ive actually done a 3x over the last week with
Anyone that complaining must not be trying.

discuss business and not internet sky wizard money