I'm putting together a team

>I'm putting together a team

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say no more, count me in

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Reporting for duty

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>You will need need a financial advisor

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did somebody call me

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I have experience.

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i'm listening...

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Sergey and Sergey Jr. reporting for duty

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Reporting for next target

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fuck it, i'll come back for one last ride.

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You're going to need a genius. Luckily, my ads are now banned from Youtube, so I have some free time on my hands.

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Sirs, you'll need me and my bruddahs. We are the ones who took stinky linky from irrelevant garbage, to an irrelevant cult.

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Excuse me faggots, anybody call for an autistic coding God?

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lmao at justin sun

Hmmm no no no no thank you

i smell profit count me in goy

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go on....

>Sorry, but I must refuse your generous offer as I am fully aware of your malicious intentions

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I know a guy... he's in some really shady stuff... but he's the best in the business

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>Leave normies for me

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Not so fast

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