FunFair Officially Dead

Looks like this pajeet scam coin finally released an updated roadmap.

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>erc20 token
What a faggy project holy shit

pic related

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> No Pepes, please.

They literally made a new 'official' Telegram channel to drop Alex like the dead weight he was

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laughed manically at this

They're just stalling cause all cryptos are crashing.


hahaha i fucking cackled like a fucking psycho reading this

alex is a fucking psycho

Funfair has always been a blatant cash grab. Literally no purpose for it to be a blockchain project. It's just another worthless ERC-20 token that will clog up the chain the second it gets any real use. Wagerr had a better use case.

I don't agree about Wagerr but I agree with your assessment of FunFair

Wager was supposed to have its own chain and distributed oracles to confirm W/L. It's a solid concept that has been poorly executed.


Literally all scams, literally

Well, FunFair's not an outright scam, it's just pointless as said. Those other projects you list are pure shit.

>haha what a shitcoin pls dump it back to 445

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give it a day lol

I remember this shitcoin. Sold in decemeber after it pumped.


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pray for btc to shit the bed again tonight boi otherwise you missed out on the dippp for good

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it's already plummeting back, look at the chart, it's just pathetic
volume's gone, this coin is dead
delisted from bittrex... nothing on the roadmap...
it's toast

just give it up lol

Anyone else daytrade up their FUN? Started with 6k in October (before the October event) and now I have 20k+

G0d bless you based fudders I luv u guys

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I did for a while, I regret not selling it all though, especially in light of this new "roadmap"

thx just bought 100k more

I have 13k, I'm not ready to throw in the towel

Are you having FUN yet?

Hey funfags... remember me, the real gambler who said this shit will never work. I said it has 0 use, there are already huge sites that have been trusted for over a decade who alrEasy accept crypto and have for years

Oh.... btw, just got off the phone with Caesar’s palace, they will stop accepting cash/credit and only use funny tokens.

Stay poor fags

OP does for sure, sold at 490 and now wants your tokens

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Im a retard, wuts changed with the roadmap?

Also I was lucky enough to sell @ 1150 im sorry for the people who bought at 25c shit like that really gives crypto a bad name

its a great roadmap actually.

>"double digit weeks for operators"
>new roadmap just continues to kick the can down the road

Haha based, cant wait to gamble with FUN too

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what's the end game of these obvious reverse shilling threads, there aren't enough people here to move the price anyway


What did you expect from people on a nepalese yak milking forum?

I legit hate this stupid coin. I have no price predictions I just hope it fails because of how dumb it is.

this what an absolute shitcoin

Ok faggot.

This is obviously coordinated. (Newfags, you can spot these by noticing flimsy premise and info that doesn’t match any research you’ve done. This is coupled with a bunch of samefagging affirmatives or several other cockroaches {Indian/Russian} nodding their heads in agreement to whatever the premise’ll notice in this thread there really isn’t one).

The team for this is actually amazing. If you haven’t looked up the life of Jez (superstar and face of the project) then do yourself a favor.

Also if you bought at much higher than .06 you’re probably feeling like your bags are heavy...stop with the persecution complex, it’s jewey, and almost EVERYONE has some heavy bags right now it’s not just you.

If you’re new don’t get any crypto advice from this shit hole. This sites only actual merit with this market is as notification service to when price movement is happening and you’re not already staring at your portfolio/markets.

>TLDR this FUD is gay and weaker than usual, and biz is for limp wristed faggots to commiserate, scam you, or jerk each other off, and FUN is one of the most promising projects in crypto.

Eat my fat white cock OP, you Street shitter.

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no u

Yeah you think he knows what he is talking about!?

Let’s start with the fact that users will be playing games off chain? But I’m sure it will big wverything down, you fucking sheep.

how deluded jesus fuck
>coin is great because creator has an awesome life
yeah wow let me just spend 20000$ on this faggot's life

>there aren't enough people here to move the price anyway
oh sweet summer child

>and FUN is one of the most promising projects in crypto.
yeah that's why it's deader than your sex life and the price is falling once again

You're right user, what kind of shit coin has a product reaching market in the next couple months and led by a large team with existing and well regarded expertise in this sector. Can't believe I fell for it and didn't take the advise of you.

Yeah buddy I was up to 120k but I needed to move some to grab BNB at 10.70.

Still at 100k

Just keep holding those bags kek

Jesus christ. You can smell the desperation in this post.

I'll hold mine and you hold your linkies, we'll see who's wojack-ing first.

>Completely fair online gambling, can't be pajeet scammed
>Developed their own turing-complete state channel tech for scalability
>Wide variety of games
>Doesn't look like Etheroll
>Open to 3rd party development
>Lower cost for casino operators to adopt than other platforms
FUN is the exact opposite of a scamcoin.

It does nothing that normal online casinos don't already do. Literally nothing.

lol agreed

No you little retard, he has delivered in amazing and ambitious projects.

Pic related is you, gtfo my thread

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there will be a number of these threads throughout the next month. the point is to try and create a viral fud effect across all mediums (not just biz) and drive the price down so big holders can maximize their gains when they pump it. the threads are pretty easy to spot most of the times, especially low effort ones like this one.

Yeah what project are you all in that’s rising today?

Hurry run to binance and find some pump and dumps that are up today so you can make up an answer!

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>b-buy my ERC20 template token please, because memes and company spending!

enjoy looking at pretty javascript games boi

Opposite of what Veeky Forums says

The only truthful post in a sea of FUD

Look at the replies to this quoted post

Thanks user sincerely

price is already down. Dipped 3-4% since I posted this thread.

>will never get a license
>saturated market
>too complicated for third parties to switch between tokens and software
>erc20 prefab token
>games are nothing special
>lower cost to adopt; no because you deppend on 1) ethereum 2) token price
>casino are already an established bussines not eager to innovate a winning strategy

>needs to resort to personal attacks

I’m not desperate, I bought at .04 lol. My comfiest hold tbqh but you fucking street shutters are cancer and this is a great project with real upside.

Don’t you wish you could pm me to stop pissing all over your FUD thread so you can buy more!?

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>it's a conspiracy
okay nutjob
actually there are just a lot of people who bought at $0.20 (lol) and this coin is going nowhere and has no use case


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Where will casinos get the tokens?

t. Jez San


Yeah, Casino operators are really going to be buying these low-liquidity tokens on Binance rofl

Bahahaha all these old chestnuts. The license is not even that important but they will almost certainly get it anyway. You don’t know if they won’t I don’t know that they will, but at least I’m not purposely trying to trick people, and lie on a Brazilian pastry recipe repository. You’re not getting the price lower Sanjay, cope.

Anyone new enough to believe this shit bird ask yourself, why did this thread get posted...out of the goodness of his heart to help you not buy a scam coin?

I can smell the desperation on YOU faggot. No one is buying your fucking apples

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How on earth haha?? Are people really spinning the fate channel as a negative now??? Lol XD I cant even wrap my head around that heheheh

>fate channel off chaining is bad! Total scam tech
Lolz XD Veeky Forums is so FUN you guys are awesome

Yes I would fucking punch you in your nigger face if you were in arms reach so you can bet I’ll crush you like a big in these threads.

>if the shoe fits, princess...

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>coordinated FUD isn’t a thing

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defeat: the post

it is but this thread is just me shitting on this junk coin

So you ate our of goodness heart stop me from buy fun?? U such nice guy we no buy fun now thank you much guy you can be my Veeky Forums bf

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>100k FUN
>14k REQ
I'm gonna be a millionaire, just you watch

I was saying it’s a good thing. He said it will be another coin clogging the chain.

It’s off chain until settlement and he fucking knows it.

There's no possible way you aren't trying to be dense, but I'll re-iterate. FunFair makes it so you literally can't be scammed by a casino, the games are powered by smart contracts and you deposit FUN to said smart contracts. A typical online casino doesn't give you any guarantee of fairness. FunFair has developed turing-complete state channels which make playing their games equally fast as a non-smart contract casino. Casinos typically rent high-cost gaming servers, as well as pay large licensing fees and royalties to gambling software developers, while FunFair elimates those costs. Of course you'll dismiss these points, but anyone with an ounce of critical thinking skills will be able to tell you haven't done your research.

>FunFair makes it so you literally can't be scammed by a casino, the games are powered by smart contracts and you deposit FUN to said smart contracts
Who gives a fuck? Nobody has any reason to actually use this. There are established online casinos already. I understand what smart contracts and state channels do and I don't care. You don't seem to understand that casinos are not going to buy funny money on an exchange to power casinos when they can do the same fucking thing already without this overbuilt garbage.

If there was a debate I already won.

If you don’t think I would punch your fucking teeth out you’re wrong. So I’m right again.

You gotta find somewhere else to crap your pants corky, I’m not gonna let you stink up my thread

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>If you don’t think I would punch your fucking teeth out you’re wrong. So I’m right again.
Damn dude
You're one tough mother fucker!
oi vei

>I don’t care so no one else will
>people don’t wanna gamble with transparency and know the House isn’t cheating
>my opinion and emotions are reasons for others not to speculate

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Is splatter you lol. I deal with pussies like you all the time and you’d fucking apologize to me for wasting my time while I held you down and made you cry.

>no bully plz

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>people don’t wanna gamble with transparency and know the House isn’t cheating

they don't really care, otherwise they wouldn't gamble


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Unfortunately for you, this project has to survive on the market, where it will die a sad, quiet death

Enjoy watching your portfolio hemorrhage as this project continues to go exactly nowhere and Jez "fatboy" San lives large on your contribution to his pile of literally 85,000 ETH. Lmao

> HURR durrr I’m a glamblur and I prefer to loose

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I will. And you come back here and lick my nutsack when it gets to .25.


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They really don't care, you treat gamblers like they're reasonable, rational people. They aren't, and casinos will keep profiting off that

BTFO bye bye homo

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>who gives a fuck about being scammed
>who gives a fuck about the entire operation costing less to run

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You’re a real forward thinker with your finger on the pulse!

Keep me posted!

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are you a professional?


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Just because you trust online casinos doesn't mean others do. If you're denying there's any demand for transparency and lower operation costs for casinos, you are simply deluding yourself. Good luck with your investments, hopefully you researched them more carefully than you have for FunFair.

>sold my FUN bags at $0.16

One of the few good decisions I've made in crypto actually

>If you're denying there's any demand for transparency and lower operation costs for casinos, you are simply deluding yourself

LMAO the absolute, deluded, out of touch state of funfaggots

you are so desperate

nice move

>mfw most funtards have literally never gambled online except with their worthless ERC20 tokens

That’s a great call and I believe in the project.

I would trade it if it were more liquid, as I don’t get emotionally attached to coins, but I’d be doing it to buy back in when the time was right. Anybody who sold above .10-14 did themselves a favor for short to medium. I bought at .04 so I’m comfy as fuck.

People who posted here and bitched simply because their bags are heavy are weak or sell, but hating a coin because YOU made bad decisions is literal mental illness.

No fucking accountability...

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Honestly checking out the chart, this is the best time to drop your FUN bags if you still have them

>if it were more liquid

>all of these people measuring an ERC20 token in USD

>you don’t drive actesla so don’t invest in Tesla.

You are proving to be quite the fucking idiot! Please continue

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point being that you don't know anything about gambling and you're just repeating talking points prescribed to you by the fucking marketing department who do nothing but shill this coin to idiots like you LOL

it's really pathetic...