If you don't have a substantial proportion of your portfolio in this right now

If you don't have a substantial proportion of your portfolio in this right now

-announced partnership with worlds largest accountancy firm, still hasn't had a real pump due to BTC dump
-mainnet incoming in days (and no, coins don't "dump" after they become an actual usable project

Seriously, consider that this is $150 mil market cap while TRON is $2.5 bill despite not being in testnet and not having a working product.

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just because they have apartnership doesnt mean they will actually use req req might have just bribed pwc into making a "partnership" so the req team can dump their bags on you

yeah, thats not how the world works.

Im thinking that there are two reasons it won't dump, ir, if it dumps, it won't last for long:

Everyone is expecting the usual mainnet dump to buy, meaning people want to buy, just not yet, because the market taught us that mainnets=dumps. But since everyone is expecting a dump, there may actually not be one, or, if there is, it won't stay that way for long, since multiple people already want to buy.

It's gonna get actually used. Different from other mainnet launches, people are actually gonna start using REQ right away, it won't be like the other coins, where there wasn't much to speculate after the launch, which justified the dumping. REQ will actually go beyong speculation and go into usage.

Also, if you think PWC wold partner with REQ without checking if everything was working 100%, INCLUDING FIAT INTEGRATION, then you are fucking retarded, this pwc partnership pretty much means big money looked at every nook and cranny of the code and gave it's okay, and wants to use it.

So yeah, I expect a pump in April and not a dump.

No pwc themselves have said that they partnered with REQ to search for "blockchain solutions in facilitating the need of accounting and auditing innovations for our clients".

This means that it's a true partnership based around Request Network's Triple-entry accounting system that they have explained within their whitepaper right here. request.network/assets/pdf/request_whitepaper.pdf

i know if I buy in, ill get JUSTed

give me one reason to buy your bags

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why is this shilled so much, whats special about an app that lets you pay on the internet

>It's gonna get actually used

As in, people will buy stuff on those online shops using REQ?

you're buying something that just partnered with the biggest accountancy firm in the world, has a main net launch soon and only has a $150m market cap

The people trying to spread FUD for Request are really getting desperate.

That’s right; PwC were bribed. REQ promised them a handjob and half a packet of Oreos behind the bikeshed after work.

Yes 43 businesses will start using REQ starting from mainnet release.

>why is this shilled so much, whats special about an app that lets you pay on the internet

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What is up with all of these shill posts??? Why are you making this post (again)?

this shit is cancer scam -85% down from ATH LOL. It will never recover faggots, never ever.

Fck off with this pajeet laughable coin.


Should I put down $500 or $1000? I am very poor

help me guys

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>85% down from ATH
>That means it's a scam

You're a fucking retard. In 1999-2002 Amazon went from $100 to $10. That didn't make it a scam.

that made me genuinely laugh thanks

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>Value propositioning based on price history

C'mon user, you're better than this.

Its a long term hold. At least until the end of the year

Don't even bother. These people all own REQ and either think it's funny to say dumb shit like this or legitimately believe by saying this dumb shit they'll have some repressive effect on the price allowing them to accumulate more. Either way, absolute retard level posting, don't entertain it.

pwc partnership isn't all that, desu - pretty vague as to what they will be doing together. Where did pwc confirm it? Where are the details of the "partnership" or is it another name-only crypto dealio?

Honestly interested, I don't own any but have considered it. Hard to know what's real in the biz echo chamber, though. And, yea, what does it do? You can pay online - wow, no one has done that yet...

Just accumulate every month until a new bullmarket starts. Pay whatever you can. Don't take a loan or anything, it's a long term hold.

Ok ill start with $500 for now, eth is pretty cheap

Bribing a billionaire firm are you like 4 years old or legally retarded?

I actually am considering putting 1 or 2 eth in it, unfortunately its winning hard vs eth right now so it's not a good time for me to buy


They are partnered with the technology arm of pwc to be precise. The partnership will focus on the triple-entry accounting ability Request Network will provide for pwc and its clients.

All of this is explained if you actually read the updates and search for a bit.

Oh ok


Request Network explains in the whitepaper how their automated accounting and auditing system will work.

Im putting 1 ETH on it now. Join me and be a pink wojak

im putting in 2 ETH i want to meme with you boyos

If im lucky for once I expect this to keep pumping for hte weekend mainnet

oh god eth is falling why do I even bother

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I'm not sure it's smart to buy right now, when it pumped 60% in this market in last few days

42 of them are selling lame crypto t-shirts


What's the cap on those
Ah not exactly. It's just that every coin has it's own cult no matter how good the coin is. Shilling it over and over makes everyone getting tired of your shit. Every fucking coin has some form of fucking partnership now. It's widespread. It's not fucking special any more. No one wants to buy right now. Anything at all. Because everyone is in a lil fucking cult that think their coin is the ultimate fucking coin and they will just keep accumulating. It's fucking disgusting honestly. Crypto currency is not all about fucking money. Crypto was awesome because of its tech. Actual code. How many of you fucking retarded have ever coded in your life? You all act like fucking experts but yet here you are just buying fucking coins on the internet hoping to "make it" instead of actually doing something with your life and really make it with hard work. Fucking stupid man I'm getting tired of this shit.

req is the true link

request cant work without chainlink

smartmoney is cashing link out at $1000, req will still be around 0.22-0.30, all in at req and sell at $100

thats a meme


Pic related

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pajeet detected

I agree with your post but I think Request Network is one of those projects that is actually useful due to its code and genuine contribution to the crypto space.

Such as triple-entry accounting done over the blockchain. payment portal that allows everyone to pay with crypto and the merchant to receive fiat, so that cryptocurrencies get mainstream adoption due to being able to get used without the merchants having to take the risk of holding volatile assets.

All of you guys are right but for the wrong reasons. It's the yellow paper that you should be reading.

Ok. Fine. But why? Why would someone wanna buy crypto first and then pay a merchant with crypto? Why dont they just pay with fiat? It seems like a hurdle to buy crypto first using fiat to buy a product to send money somewhere.

Sure. The network is good. But IMO it will get very little usage that even REQ holders won't make that much off of it other than price increase because of hype. All those crypto coins are useless. Nothing is actually being used. Every one here is so blinded and in their bubble thinking "it's coming". People have been saying it for 10 years. What do we have now? Wash traded exchanges that simulated huge amount of money being traded making it seem like it's an attractive investment. All this crypto just vaporware. No one at actual companies talk about this stuff. It came and faded away like a fidget spinner.

Ohhhhhhhh ok

REQ will have FIAT integration as well.

>Why not just pay with fiat
Well you just defeated the existance of bitcoins and all altcoins is over boys this guy killed bitcoin with a single post in a cambodian alt-right anime forum


Because it's cheaper than using paypal, Sure you can also use fiat with Request Network if you want but giving people the option to pay with crypto means they don't have to cash out back to fiat and thus never have to pay capital gains since you buy the product directly with the crypto.

You are also putting too much emphasis on "currencies". Crypto provides a lot more value than simple value exchange as a currency.

The Triple-entry accounting can't be overstated. That is going to save a lot of money for financial institutions.

You need to realize that crypto have valid value proposition and actually contribute to the economy. I agree with you that most pure coins only meant for exchanging value are essentially useless and that's why the bubble is collapsing.

But once people notice that there are actual crypto projects out there such as Request Network that try to target very specific markets and actually do something new and innovative the new bull market will begin again.

The last bull market was a pure "currency" craze. Nobody knew Ethereum was a decentralized computer. They all thought they were coins and bought Ripple/ETH/BTC/BCH/TRX etc.

The real value of crypto is NOT in currencies indeed. It's in providing services that wouldn't be possible in a world without blockchain. Request Network is one of them. Ethereum is also one of them and there are only a handful more of them. Most are indeed just bullshit.

>why not just send a letter instead of an e-mail
>why not just ride a horse instead of driving a car

That's you right now, do you even crypto?

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This user gets it, good post

One benefit of crypto is you never have to worry about the merchant charging you again or accidentally leaking your payment info that can be charged again. You forfeit buyer protection tho, I dont know anything about Req and if they have a middle man resolution center.

Admittedly Paypal is good where you can buy once and shield your payment info. Some merchants though they try to get a Paypal authorization to charge you anytime up to a certain amount which is goofy.

Paypal sells your information to over 100 businesses. So their "privacy" rules are sketchy at best. I actually deleted my paypal after I logged in on someone else's computer into paypal to buy some pregnancy test kit.

I got spam email about being pregnant and adds about pregnancy from then on out. Meaning the only way it leaked was through paypal. Fuck them.

Gtfo of my board roastie

Nah I'm a dude the kit wasn't for me.


Go and buy paypal then mate.

payments are one of the only real-world applications that actually make sense for blockchain and offer advantages over what we have now

they also charge huge fees to the seller. p2p is free but as a business they rail you with fees and always take the buyer side in any dispute.

Pretty much, user. That's the catalyst we need: actual use of blockchain to improve existing models.

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Got no LINKies this shit is too expensive for me :)

Sergey, you're hungry man. Grab a burger

>tfw Veeky Forums are finally seeing the light and REQ is gaining approval
>tfw it hasn't mooned and these cunts are still going to get in on the ground floor
I wish I was rewarded for being early for once. At least $1 would be nice.

Bought 1,333 REQ a month ago, am I going to make it anons?

15k req, will i do?

I agree with this thinking, I also think coins will start pumping during positive events again because so many people are anticipating "dump the news."