Will bitcoin survive the meme triangle?

will bitcoin survive the meme triangle?

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It will survive. Most alts will never recover.

100k 2019

100k eoy

What was wrong with the other lines

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they still make triangles within a close range.

Whats with the arbitrary lower line? lmfao

Houdini's triangle.

Because it made all gains disappear.

That volume chart is fake

Op lines has 3 points of contact. You cannot have an established support or resistance without 3 points. You can speculate but that is it with only two points.


symmetrical triangle, when it breaks, it continues the trend it was on when the triangle began. Up we go. Could also be a bull flag, same result. Up we go

If we break that support downwards we’re fucked....

Death cross?


it's xbt on bitmex

I made a light kek

it will break downwards because all the casuals think it will break upwards

wall street will kek and short to 4600 then long from there all the way to 30k while people are still screaming "bull trap" "bitcoin is dead"

and then when it reaches 20k confidence will be back again and the real wall street money is gonna flow in for the first time

But we are literally screaming "bitcoin is dead" already.

they will get me if this happens. it will happen right guys


were just gonna have to deal with a sideways market for about another week

They are more recent? Are you stupid or what?

Its a meme. Go back and tell me when it had an effect on BTC's price previously? There are several "death crosses" where BTC's price went up

this looks like ~5k

monero and dash are going to survive and that is more sure than btc

Isn't that a bull flag?


100k eom

dump eeet