Anyone else here thinking about moving to Puerto Rico after their portfolio moons?

Anyone else here thinking about moving to Puerto Rico after their portfolio moons?

>Pay zero in capital gains tax
>Pay zero in personal income tax
>Favorable business tax
>No need to renounce American citizenship to move there
>Women in Puerto Rico are better than the entitled white women in the states

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amazing how American women have become so hated. feminism kills

Can I move their, cash out, then move back to a nonshithole part of the US?


I'll see you down there user this sounds awesome

don't lie man
you want to fondle some kids with the eos pedo in his children relief shelter there
off yourself you disgusting animal

Nope, last I checked PR got hit hard by hurricanes last year and it took them months to recover.

I've lived in the caribbean all my life and every year I have to deal with multiple hurricanes, one of these days is gonna fuck my shit up if I don't get out of here.


>puerto rico tax (is higher than state tax)
>higher crime rate, especially murder and other violent crime
>everyone speaks spanish
>women are still entitled americans
>dependent totally on the USA and puerto rico government can't even into electricity/water

Basically yeah if you have money for a nice place with your own water and power it may be worth it, but at the cost of maintaining all that it would be cheaper living on mainland.

No taxes? Is that why we need to bail out this shit hole constantly?


PR woman are a nightmare bro. They will fight you over the most minor shit. Crazy temper. I’d stay clear of the PR woman unless ur into being cucked

Currently thinking about it. I will go visit as a vacation sometime soon just to check the scene.If i like it and feel comfortable i will definitely do it.

Also this. I grew up around PR women. You don't want any part of that mess.

Isn't it full of poor af niggers? Likely to get robbed and murdered for showing a 20 dollar note desu.

That's why I keep all my wealth in crypto user

user - i am moving to Puerto Rico. By my calculations, I will be able to live as i do now (if not a little better) by making this move, as well as letting my crypto stacks appreciate in value tax free.

Join this Discord and let's talk, unironically:

Discord: /wDKrvEB

At this point my only fear is that i move there and have nothing in common with anyone and make no friends, but lowkey everyone says that faggot shit at every stage of life and somehow we all make friends and life goes on! So I think I am pushing that voice to the back of my head.

Worst case scenario I dedicate my life to the gym like a faggot and come back to the mainland in 5 years time with a great tan and a six pack and start cucking bitch niggas.

Also what's with these fucking spam filters i can never share info anymore

They will probably kill you for your socks user


Yup. Nice asses tho generally


>mfw a single post brought hundreds of millionaire neets together on an island that was just destroyed
>then they proceed to rebuild the territory and create a booming economy
>and trump personally flies down to congratulate you and gives you all medals

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You need to do more research. Investments must be made after residency and held for a year. If that's your plan move now and wash trade your shit while it's still legal for crypto

-Veeky Forums board
-people that do research

Pick 1

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spoken like a true cuck