LAST announcement before the space mission leaves

Ok biz I got rich from you all so I’m gonna return the favor. Ambrosus got some big Fortune 500 partnership announcements this week. Get in or get out before this money tree becomes moons

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Is 21.5k amb enough to make it op? Eoy price prediction?

over 500 mil mc

Eow price predictions ??

100 EOY minimum

30k to be a Greek hero
50k to be a deity
100k to be a mount Olympus god

your CEO is a doucebag


Lol 10000000$ eoy

Should i sell 2k vechain to get 20k more amb?

10k, gonna make it?

Do real men scare you soyboy? Back to plebbit you go.

Lol, this guy has no source.

Either way, I have invested all-in in REQ. Sold my AMB bags. What should I do? All in in AMB?

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Fuck yeaaa. Sell your soul if you have one

Why the fuck do you have to all in anything?

not all in but 75%, asnwer the q nignog

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This is how you lose money

>sold AMB bags

deserves to be poor

by the way, I have a bulletproof, 99% accurate information that AMB is going to the fucking moon this week because of what they are going to announce. The only scenario where it doesnt happen is the 2nd mt gox

share it then. Prove you're not a dirty pajeet shill

Are swiss fag and pharma fag legit or larps?

Oh cool, user has 99% accurate information!
Definitely not lying
Just bought 100k

you have to be a fucking NEET to not understand this is a gaurenteed moon mission

>guaranteed moon mission
my absolute sides

please give me some good arguments why dont think so

There's been no announcements good enough for anyone to "moon" these days, at best we'll see 30%, and I'm long on AMB


If it's so good then why has it been bleeding?
Partnerships are priced in already. Nestle is a foregone conclusion at this point.
Continues to bleed.

Give me some why you do

Ppl are claiming "guaranteed moon mission" without any evidence in this thread. The burden of proof is on them.
Anyone that goes out and buys AMB from this thread is a fool

Oh poor babby

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not gonna buy your bags

already priced in? are you a fucking NEETTTT or what??? you have no understanding of basic economics, dont throw out bullshit based on your insecurities phaggot

Fucking Neetards

last time I shared it, the thread became flooded by Modum shills, but I'll try again

I can give you some hints: it is somehow connected to a demilitarized zone, the backyard. There are three letters. I would give you another hint, but I am not qualified enough to do it.

share with me user. i have enough for amb for a dozen of masternodes

Read my lips:
Already priced in.

This coin crasht the hardest of anything since you and rajesh started larping as watchbro and kimchi whale.

lmao you fucking NEET stop browsing Veeky Forums all day and do some research

Yo I just bought 3.5k of this shit
Am I fucked??

Evidence: "You're a fucking NEET"
Thanks just bought 100k

b/c the project is dead. all those faces on their "team" work other jobs during the day. what amb is proposing would take an organisation bigger than microsoft to pull it off.

it was nice idea, but instrumentation engineering, which is what amb will ultimately rely, is just too high end for a part-time crypto outfit like this.

I don't think you have any idea what you are talking about,
I know from personal experience AMB team is working very hard on the project AND is ahead of schedule.
Your weak FUD can only mean 3 things:
1)You are mentally challenged or simply ignorant
2)You are accumulating
3)You are just a hater
That said i wish you all the best