All heil the chink shill who will make us all rich

All heil the chink shill who will make us all rich

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What is wrong with his face?

Justin sun Twitter followers: 425,000
Sergey Nazarov twitter followers: 7,513

Who would you invest in?

your perception. He is a beautiful Chinese man.


Why are people buying his stuff srs

He was baosting about poo in a loos buying his memee bucks why tho

people buy the hype. Haven't you already learned this?

I get it but what is the hype?

Explain a little all I know is Pooinloo

testnet is releasing in 3 days

So nothing just a random buzz word.

you have no idea what you are talking about. Go away and invest in link like the other biztards.

Skynet soon

No it means it goes from vapor erc20 shitcoin like chainlink to an actual product.

also coin burning happening prior to testnet

Tron, WOOOO!!

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Product vapor

These are buzzwords what is it going to actually fucking do that makes it worth something. I think the people on this board are slightly retarded.

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Read the white paper dummy.

>average Tron seller

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point and laugh at the stinky linky

Does user think that Justin can produce pump anything more out of it in three days? Already gone pretty high.

Tron Dogs Mooned on the actual day when it was released. Today is not the day.

It is nothing yet. Now is the time to accumulate prior to the next pump.

No it didn't

Are you retarded, it went up 4000%