Stockbroker/Financial Advisor AMA Pt 6

Feel free to ask questions outside of crypto as well. I am here to help. Crypto became my hobby at the right time during the summer boom around late July I put 30k into the markets to play around and turned it into almost a million before this huge crash. I have posted proof of my licenses (series 7/63/65) CFP (Certified Financial Planner) and my holdings. No fraud check me out on twitter @welambonow. I will answer questions if anyone has any.
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recommend some coins shortterm, midterm and longterm, user

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Where do you think Bitcoin is headed in the next 30 days?

How low so you see BTC going realistically? Will we have another year+ long bear market? Deciding if I should put everything in tether.

Are you buying any alts right now or sticking to your heavy CMT/GTO positions?

What do you recommend as a next buy? Your BNB and CMT recommendation helped! Doubled my 0.5 BTC play money.

Currently holding $5k worth of VEN, WTC, BNB and BTC each. Was worth more than double precrash and trying to make gains in current market.

CMT for the Testnet release. BNB token burn event next month. NAS main net. Safest play long term is going to be BNB in my opinion it hits $100 a coin over the next 2-3 years assuming crypto does not collapseStill think we need to drop a little more before a bull run starts. We are near the bottom however. Just look at the sentiment across the crypto community everyone is bearish and negative and that means you are near the bottom. Soccer moms and weak hands have been shaken out already.

Are CMT releasing a masternode? If so how many required.

>muh vip discord group
kys kindly

How much risk do you want to take? You could swap the VEN and WTC which are the heavy weights of that sector for some smaller caps in the same area like TRAC. I am bullish on BNB long or short term it does not matter focus on getting more and more just like everyone wanted to do with BTC back in the day. Fiat pairings with binance could lead us back to a boom.

I have seen some people warning of a major crash of our various markets in North America* for a couple of years now. Do you think we are poised for that? I have read warnings of things like the stock market being significantly over-valued, for instance.

>*NB: when a Canadian says "North America", what they actually mean is "Canada and the USA"

Any chance we go below $6K again???

Yes if you check out the white paper they will have masternodes. However exact numbers needed have not been released. It is a proof of stake coin most people are not aware of that.

I'm fine with risking the 0.5 BTC. That's my play/trade money.

I'm not touching my WTC just yet with mainnet launching end of month but I will sell 75% when it launches and pumps like crazy then buy back in after it dumps.

Already sold half my VEN holdings since it's gonna keep bleeding, don't want to sell all of it just in case shady Sunny makes some killer announcement.

BNB I'm not selling until we hit 0.0018 and 0.0022 and rebuy after burn.

Well you always have people that say the markets are going to crash, warning about the governments printing endless money, inflation, etc. Realistically we are due for another good year in the traditional markets. We have not had a down year since 08. Trump has one thing that has been going well for him which is the markets performing well he will not want to fuck that up. Nope alts will be too cheap. People will enter and buy them up at that price.

follow me on twitter, ill get you some quality information

Then take a look at GVT RCN UKG ZIL LRC etc.

None of these are found in my power rankings but keep a eye on . Zilliqa(ZIL) Aion (Aion) Ark (Ark) Loopring (LRC)

Do you like STORM for short term?
Probably a shitcoin, but I kinda like the chart, maybe will pump soon

I had storm in my power rankings a while back before it got it's binance listing. The coin is promising but it was dieing because it was only on hitbtc which was a shit tier exchange. I think storm is a solid hold mainly because we know at some point and probably soon it will get listed on bittrex. They are finally starting to list coins again and the ceo is an advisor. So yeah not a bad pick up.

I got some BTC left on Bittrex - what do you consider a good buy right now (Has to be listed on Bittrex) - and why :D?

UKG or UBQ. Mark Cuban and Gaming industry becoming the next big thing makes UKG a great choice. UBQ is just way oversold.

user you are really the shining light of biz these days. Can you tell me how we can make money in this market? I'm fucked, tried shorting yesterday but the whales had their dicks out with Bart Simpson formations. What can I do to make money? Scalp? Short? Anything ?

Thanks dude

will LINK be 1000 eoy? and what is your opinion of JNT?

Hard to answer I know but what kind of gains do you see from CMT? Is 10x on the cards? Appreciate the threads bro

Req or link long term if you had to choose?

How low can ETH go? Will it ever recover to 1000?

TY for the positive feedback. Just hold CMT and BNB and sit comfy. I know it sounds boring but it will make you money trust me. The bots are so in control right now of all the exchanges you will get wrecked trying to swing or scalp imo unless you have several million to play around with on a major exchange or like 100k on a smaller and run train on a few small caps yourself and yes it can be profitable but you need to do it on exchanges like hitbtc or other small ones that you can play both sides of the book I can explain more on discord if you would like. lol no but link should have a good couple of months coming up based on some things I have heard around the crypto scene. I am not sold on JNT. I see lots of shilling on here about it. Several guys in my vip group love it as well. I just have not fallen in love with it honestly so I won't pretend I like it. I stand by my convictions same reason when everyone was going bananas over Deep Brain Chain and Bounty0X I was avoiding them like the plague.

Yes 10x is possible. Need a bull run to get those type of returns. Nothing can go 10x right now in this current market. Not enough flow of money and the bots are controlling the trading hardcore on all the exchanges.Yes but it will continue to get shit on while all those ICO's that were coming in massive waves continue to dump and present downward pressure. Bearish on ETH for a little while but eventually the price will get too juicy not to buy. Hmm I think both are solid. I would probably go 50/50 between those 2.

Thanks. You've said previously that if you had to hold anything in the top 10 cmc you would for xlm and eth if I recall correctly. So let's say xlm is a safe bet, but how much can it really go up by? x2-3?

What do you personally think will be listed on Coinbase? Idk if you answered that in previous threads. Also thanks again for the BNB recommendation. Sitting pretty on 35% gains even with Abe Simpson shitting himself. Gonna sell half on the next pump and hold the rest long term.


gays on the blockchain

Bumping, this is a great thread

Just to be clear when you say CMT are you referring to Comet?

He is talking about cybermiles which is up 50% since I’ve followed op on twitter gonna join his group he’s had solid plays over the last few months after checking his history. Actually a legitimate source for crypto advice

>public test net this Saturday
>mainnet in May along with mobile & pc wallets
>will have staking & nodes
>At least 3 apps will be running in July
>Inchain will be sidechained in December

EOY Thoughts on NULS?

OP has said he's not convinced by NULS team. That they're just a handful of Asians in an office with no major funding/backing. Could just be trying to accumulate but who knows. Search his previous threads for exact words.

I am back from the gym I will answer questions now. Sorry for the delay.

Short or Long BTC now?

I would not personally hold any coins in the top 10. The gains will be limited and pretty much all of them are overvalued currently. Even if we went on a bull run you are looking at a 2-3x max from current prices they are just so high the potential to grow will be very limited at current evaluations. That being said yes XLM and ETH would be my choices of the top 10 if I had to pick and hold for years.BAT and XRP if I had to guess.No need to sell BNB even after it pumps again just hold and relax. If you believe in crypto and the future then BNB will kill it. ?No man. CybermilesTy bro glad to help.Maybe $4-6 still not convinced on NULS need to see more from them. Yep exactly.

I would lean short for a small time. I think we dip probably a little lower but we are near the bottom IMO. We have removed soccer moms and filthy casuals from the market. Anyone who has not sold now is basically saying I am going down with this ship. Crypto would have to completely collapse to shake the remaining people out and there is too much money at stake and big players involved now to let that happen.

I want to buy ADA, ICX and WAN during this crash at the max pain point.
Good or no?

Why do you want to be in the generic normie coins that everyone shills. Find game changers out there that have not really pumped yet. Another coin I am high on is BAT. I could see them getting acquired because that is what big tech companies do. they have insane amounts of money to throw around and they like to acquire the competition or anything with promising tech cheap before it really grows and can really impact them. Plus the founder of BAT has really deep tech ties with some the of giants I could easily see him cashing out.

Would you please critique my portfolio and offer any suggestions on what you think is good/shit holdings?


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They just pumped though due to coinbase. Also my biggest holdings are AMB and ZRX (which just pumped due to coinbase ETH tokens) so I have lower caps.
I just wanted some safe bigger caps to round out and I see ADA as being a major player to flip ETH.

I guess you might as well hold the ICON and see if it recover. It probably will but it will be a while till it is back to where most people bought in. Balina is out which IMO shows the project wants to be more serious which is a good thing. I have NAS and GVT in my power rankings so obviously I like those. I will have to look more into Banyan Network to give any real advice on that position. NAS getting on a major western exchange would do wonders for them.

Yep I know they did. Still at a decent price to enter. Be aware that BAT is majorly controlled by whales. The coin only moves when they want it to. If you have patience then buy it. Your other holdings are fine would be nice to see AMB actually do something the use case for the token is hurting it. If you are deadset on a large cap coin then sure buy ADA it's one of the better coins in the top 20 from a team wise I certainly do not think it is vaporware like some claim.

What do you think about POWR

Great, so overall it sounds like you think things look solid. With your main exception being not knowing much about BBN at the moment. Thanks for the critique. :)

Real project. Way off ATH. Listed on all major exchanges which is a huge deal IMO with coins meaning it has the liquidity and ability to have lots of money to flow into it. Niche market. Interesting idea. A lot of promising coins die because they are stuck on shit tier exchanges where normie money and big time whales can not or will not bother to chase them . Cliffs : I approve.

What are the best APIs that you know of? Both for crypto, and outside of crypto.

I'm trying to find an API that I can use to monitor indicators(without having to calculate them myself, obviously) but I'm having a hard time finding anything besides raw trade data.

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pls respond OP

Skycoin OP?

Whats the benefit of 'shaking out soccermoms' etc?

Ive never understood the shake the weak hands phrase.

>10k LINK
>200 NAS
>1k ENG
>5k REQ
Am I delusional not going for any high caps or is this an ok portfolio. I'm a poorfag and will iron hand until I make it

What is the highest rate you can withdraw from an investment and still have it grow?

If I believe btc will be high but i own plenty of btc already, I can sell off my btc to trigger others to sell their btc at a lower, less desirable price, driving the price down further than what I sold it at so that I may repurchase for cheaper than what I sold at.

What do you think of PwC accounting firm’s announced partnership with REQ?

You tried coinapi or cryptocompare? Super high risk. Would not put more than 5-10% of your portfolio in something so speculative but it could fly at some point. Shaking weak hands means you are getting rid of people who would instantly sell as soon as they lose money. Many people jumped into crypto when they saw on the news people were getting rich off it and expected to turn $100-1000 into millions doing no work or research. They come in masses and exit in masses and buy up coins they heard were good like Ripple,Tron, and BTC. Looks fine. No need for high caps imo unless you are very conservative and even then they have been hammered because of the heavily weighted investments of normies who buy the easiest and largest most convenient to get coins aka coinbase coins. Depends on a lot of factors. Search for calculators online that can show you time value of money / roi etc. I suggest when depositing or withdrawing do it in increments that way if the market continues to rise you do not miss out but also you take profits in case it falls off a cliff like lately. Yep but with BTC you need millions to really do this effectively. Hence you can control tiny cap coins on small exchanges with 50-200k. I did this for a while on HITBTC with a coin called HIVEJust brings more legitimacy to what req is doing overall. I like everything about the project. Bullish for sure.

Let me expand. I just turned 26 and work a wagecuck Job in the Midwest. I currently make 50k a year. If I stick with my current job I’ll probably max out at 65-70k. I currently have a 100k taxable portfolio that I haven’t touched (and keep contributing to, 14k/yr). but later on in life I’d like to periodically withdraw to supplement my income, like extra mortgage payments or a new car.

Stop fucking promoting your shitty VIP discord. No one is gonna pay $1000 to hear your "advice" on a manipulated market.

Ok good news is the money is in a taxable account so you can pull from it penalty free. Also good news is the market is healthy and you can expect anywhere from 10-30% gains this year more than likely. Bad news is you will get cucked by the government on taxes when you withdraw so you need to hold atleast a year to avoid short term gains to ease the blow. My advice is just enjoy life and pull money out whenever you want to buy a nice car or party I know its crazy to say but I meet alot of old people who saved all their lives just to be old and sit on a ton of cash doing fuck all with it. Then they are like I guess I will leave to my grand kids or some charity bullshit. The grand kids are not even appreciate. Just avoid credit card debt and you are good. You can get a baller car with a really low interest rate if your credit is good and keep your money invested which should outperform the interest payments you have to make. Also 26 50k in the midwest is way better than most just keep that in mind. Everyone pretends to be rich but do some fact checking and you will see you are doing okay buddy.

Are there any coins still capable of 100x by end of year?

First off nobody asked a peasant like you to join. I know that is a ton of money to a scrub like you but some people find value in having an adviser or someone who watches the markets for them. Some people want a second opinion or someone to make sure they do not go full retard on their investments. I personally do not have time to learn all about car maintenance so I pay someone to do that. Same thing when I am sick last time I check I did not go to med school so I pay a doctor for his opinion. Some people do not have 8-10 hours a day to pay attention to the crypto world so they come to me for solid advice and know that I provide honest insight and do not shill bs to them like most "crypto experts". To back it up I have real credentials that show my knowledge unlike a majority of the kids out there trying to do the same thing. Also I give tons of helpful advice for free so fuck off nobody forces you to join.

I love you.

You've given me hope.

Doubtful. Crypto is in a new stage now. It is more evolved and way more people have entered including big money, wall street, banks, governments. Some coins will have nice runs but your days of buy XXX shit coin and having it moon hard because the entire crypto world is on a bull run following BTC are over.

Ty for all your advise Stockbro, what do you think of CoinMetro (XCM)?

When do you think the bull run will start again and what will issue it?

1) Institutions - OK but they can only open retail investor accounts on Coinbase. Also, why would any big money invest when it's so volatile and controlled by whales who are worth a lot by luck? These institutions have hoarded USD for decades, whereas whales have hoarded BTC and can pump and dump these institutions. I don't see why they will usher in the new wave.

2) USD pairings - Ok so Bittrex/Binance/and Circle/Robinhood are going to have USD pairings. Why would that matter? Normie money came and went. People can already buy on Coinbase and send to Binance. Surprisingly, a lot of normies went through the hassle of figuring that out only to eventually get burned and leave.

What would bring it around this time and when the fuck is it going to happen? Do I seriously have to wait another 6 months for that Kobayashi faggot? I'm already pissed off wishing I sold ATH back in December but I was too fucking greedy. My portfolio used to be over 300K. Now its like 60K. Tell me some good news man

>muh trading bots
literally my favorite meme

Hey retard, you can't NOT act like the reason you've made 6 threads on here is to sell your discord. Your ego is so fucking massive. Fuck off and die pajeet.

Not interested personally. Every exchange has their own coin now trying to cash in on what bnb did. Over saturated and Binance is so far ahead of the competition it is not even funny they are increasing the gap monthly. Fact of the matter is most volume is bots. MEME or not it is a fact. It is even bigger of a factor on Asian exchanges where it is so blatant it's become a joke. DM me on discord that is a really indepth question and I would be interested to see what your currently holding. I am off to bed and this thread will fall off before I could type a full response. You can find my discord link on twitter or just add me WeLamboNow#0551
Good night everyone.

holy fuck you charge $1000??? you are literally a piece of shit

one; prove it (you can't)

two; prove it's not just OTHER idiots trying to do the same thing as each other, all simultaneously blaming the trading bots

Also I like how near the end of my threads its always the same 2 guys who come in and derail it with negativity and jealousy. They post the same things every time so it is easy to spot. Hello koreanjew or one of his loser followers :)

>You tried coinapi or cryptocompare?
I will check them out

Are there other good APIs you're aware of, for stocks as an example?

Do you have any general advice for starting a small business? Think small online storefront with a website, social media presence, ebay, etc. Just looking to support myself but grow if it happens ya know.

>paying $1000 for some paid group ran by a guy who's not even seven figures in crypto

Embarrassing the state of Veeky Forums.

I'm holding AMZN, MSFT, ILMN. How fucked am I?

I actually do you like your intelligent writing and analysis.

I signed up on your twitter recently- so one more and I will be recommending you to however will listen to me spout about crypto.
Longshot bets- thoughts?
Dragonchain is my hopefulty safe bet that I bought at 50-75 cents x 10k (hoping for a node)

Even if you don't reply, I do appreciate your posts and am following.

Nope never ran a small business myself so I can pretend to know the struggle. I know that most small business owners work insane amounts of hours if they want to be successful and even then most fail. I guess look for a niche market without much competition and take advantage of free advertising on facebook, instagram and other social media. We use internal firm tools so no I do not. Most of our research is done by analyst in new york anyway and we just use their portfolios.

Lol you are fine. Tech stocks have been on fire for years and all of a sudden a few negative articles about privacy and facebook and everyone is panicking. Only one I like in that group is TRAC. Do not know enough about banyan to make a comment. Dragonchain is maybe a swing trade play but the disney hype has already been used. I would not sell it though just hold they have enough good things going for them that you got a nice price on it so just keep it. I love platform coins as I stated a million times over. Hard to put evaluations on them and they pump easily with hype.

Anyone bitching about him shilling his group.

If you manage your own money- you are poor and stupid.

Successful people have money managers and financial accountants.

An intelligent person can value his suggestions and determine if it is worthwhile.

Not defending him but rather pointint out.. He has credentials that allows him to easily determine his value of money.

I get paid over 100/hr. Fuck doing my own laundry.

Do I work for 10 hours or do my own research? Half the time I sleep on the job and it is allowed because they pay me basically for being on premise because I have the credential that ultimately means if something fucks up- Its my ass on the line.

So- specialization bitches.

Finally a guy who get's it. First off in the real world "Financial advisors" like myself charge something called a wrap or management fee. I do not charge it personally but the firm does and I get a percentage of it. We manage million dollar + portfolios and the rich pay anywhere from 80 basis points to 1.5 percent depending on how complex their needs are. So they are paying a yearly fee on average of 1% on a million bucks minimum you do the math. Do they complain? No because we add value and they would rather pay someone to make sure they do not fuck up their finances. Doctors, lawyers, accountants, etc most successful people pay for someone like us to do it for them. Stop being a peasant and complaining about me charging nobody is forcing you to join and I have been extremely fair in working with people on pricing but I have to set a number to keep the retards out like the 2 guys trying to talk shit in my thread with probably a combined portfolio of 3 grand.

Hopefully enough for the rumored TRAC node..

Alot of the rest of the buys are all long shot gambles in the context of knowing Giancarlo';s stance as well the the 13 March Economic Report. To me, is see this market a a tremendous buying opportunity allowing me to place cheap casiono bets witht x10 odds for some in a year once we start rising.

Obviously they piss you off enough to keep you awake. BTW fuck off.

Lulz.. ignore the poorfags WLN. The majority of us appreciate your threads. Even if you're just a shill for your holdings you actually provide insight and are someone to bounce ideas off of. I'll definitely be joining your VIP group once I can pocket some decent gains from BNB and WTC.

i want to buy and hold some coins for at least 6 months more likely multiple years what should I buy

BNB seems like a great choice?

Guys I paid money and joined vip discord. Trust me you won't get anything more than you see here and and in his tweets. I did but you don't waste your money.

Literally this. You can be smart and DYOR for FREE

Not OP but I'd recommend:

WTC (mainnet, wallet, and mining launching end of month)
Then throw couple hundred bucks on low mcap coins and hold until EOY

I will go ahead and answer this question quickly.
Serious Institutional money has not entered the markets. Crypto is currently deemed to volatility for funds to risk clients money investing in them. They have prospectus that they have to adhere to. There would be too much risk and compliance/legal issues to purchase crypto currently. Assuming the crypto world get's regulated then you will see a influx of that type of money. In the meantime you should get a few "hedgefunds" that invest in the crypto world because they have the luxury of doing whatever the fuck they want with the money and are seeking as much alpha as possible. USD pairings are huge for the crypto world. It means alts can finally moon without being dragged down by grandpa bitcoin. When bitcoin is shitting the bed it currently kills everything across the board because of everything being paired to it. USD pairings are a gamechanger!
Yes another bull run could be months off unfortunately the crypto world got way overheated and for a while it was like printing money all shitcoins mooned regardless and that brought in tons of scammers and people looking to make a quick buck off the crypto boom.

Unfortunately a good majority of people were too greedy myself included and did not take as much gains as we should have. It is easy to say in hindsight why did you not take more money out during the good times but when things are rolling like that everyone gets greedy. The same thing is happening right now in the markets with old people seeing stocks remaining on a heater and now they are not happy with their bond returns and want to jump ship to something better! Human nature is to be greedy and when everyone around is thinking the good times will keep rolling that is the sign to get out.

WTC as in waltonchain? isnt WTC and VEN the same sector, or is that DBC and WTC? once everything collapsed months ago i forgot what the hell each memecoin even did

Search through the previous threads I have already answered this question a million times and yes BNB you can not go wrong with.

Yes WTC VEN WABI TRAC MOD AMB all same sector aka supply chain coins.

What do you do specializationbro?

I am jet lagged hanging out in eastern Europe and read biz.

I am enjoying reading your post telling him (and I expect me) to fuck off because it makes me laugh knowing that you value your time so little that you want to antagaonize this dude instead of ignoring him.

If you can't see that, at worst, his post is value added to make you critique your crypto fantasy profile- b/c really- you will only make it if you accidently by the right coin.

I figure I will find out in a year if I wasted my time reading these posts on biz.

My only semi-regret of crypto is not stocking up on $200 BTC at the time. But actually using it for transactions and taking 3 days to clear made its real life use worthless to me.

I would have bought 10 at most anyway-
200k for me is not life changing in the least bit. I just shrug it off and now make my bets. Each coin purchase is my best quess # for a masternode- so I don't miss the next dash and Neo.

A dude holding a series 7 license probably doesnt care about 200k either.

Enjoy never making it since your can't grasp basic $$ concepts.

I think the bull run was great lesson. I will be taking money off the table.

I agree 100% about the financial institution money.

Jamie Dimon bought Polinex.. Jim Breyer.

I wonder what a VEN masternode will be worth when institutional money comes in..

Same industry (supply chain) but very different target/niche.

Vechain - enterprise blockchain platform (PwC, DNV-GL, BMW, etc), maritime logistics, luxury goods, etc
Waltonchain - local/municipal governments, environmentally focused projects: air pollution, energy, shipping, textile, plastics, etc
Ambrosus - pharmaceutical and food

Wabi and TRAC are both supply chain but further behind in development. Right now Vechain and Waltonchain are the two big boys in the supply chain/logistics space. VEN has MUCH more impressive partnerships and higher mcap but WTC has better tech and 1/4 if VENs mcap which means greater potential for gains.

i have 10k sitting waiting for whatever the floor is going to be

when that happens what should i buy

omg eth eos neo kingshitcoin eos gto or some other shit

Buy Icon

This has been asked 100x over the last 6 threads. Just take some time to read through the threads bro :)