Another poorfag trying to make it.

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You are into to many coins.

Pick 1 or 2 max.

link...req and no skycoin or nuls, how do you expect to make it fren?

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but I believe in all three of them

With these dubs and a little luck, fren

80% of your profit will come from 20% of your coins. Choose the ones you believe in the most. Diversifying is a meme, the only thing you are hedging against is making money. You shouldn't hold more than 3 coins MAX.

Why? If he just hodler, not trader.

What do you mean why? There is a reason he bought more LINK than Req and more Req than AMB and so on. Because he believes in LINK the most. So why not just put your money on projects you believe in the most? Why divide your money up on multiple projects? If he wanted to diversify, why didn't he by the same amount of all coins?

In ANY diversified portfolio, 20% of the shares/coins make 80% of the money. This is just a fact of life. Diversifying is thus meaningless if you want to make money. Diversifying is good if you want to make sure not to lose money, but your are minimizing your chance of making as much money as possible.

user said he "believes in all of them", this is not true because he didn't invest the same amount of money in all of them.

I like it. I have a similar amount of link. Hopefully get more before the inevitable moonski.

way too much diversification for a poorfag. Your only shot to make it is to go all in on one coin and hope it pulls at least a 10x and then rinse repeat. Your best bet right now is BAT

>overly diversified
Not making it.

50/50 LINK/REQ, you're welcome, enjoy your lambo in 2021

Because if AMB or REQ moons before LINK does, I can buy way more LINK
Maybe this is just brainlet reasoning, but it makes sense to me.

Do you believe AMB or REQ will moon before LINK? ok, then put all your money on AMB and REQ.

What you are doing is not investing, but playing the lottery game. You hope that one of your shit coins that you put $5 in will become the next BTC. That is not investing at all.

16k link here will i make it?

Most, if not all crypto current prices come from speculative valuation. Buying crypto - what is it other than gambling really?

What you could do, ofc, is to calculate an minimum variance portfolio between crypto+etf and see if you get higher risk corrected expected returns with some combination of the two asset classes.

But crypto only, to me it appears nothing more than an more or less educated guess as to which token is going to shoot up next.

Go to bed m8.

way overdiversified

I have come to terms with the fact that I dont have the brains or time to daytrade, so I just buy what I can and hope to be able to afford a down payment on an apartment someday.

Never called myself an investor, but please do show your own portfolio so that I can learn from it.

Consolidate into LINK REQ AMB and put the portfolio away until September

I already consider myself consolidated, just too lazy to move my money from Kucoin to Binance to buy more.
Achain is a nice wildcard idk, just going to buy more LINK, REQ and AMB respectively with my wage and not sell until 2020.

Wish me the best

Exactly 3500 Euros went into crypto and I'm on the edge for weeks now, some days breaking 4k, some days dropping below initial investment... I just want mainnet to release and raise the bottom of LINK and REQ so I can stop checking every hour.

TAU is my lottery ticket. If this suceeds nothing else matters.
If HST suceeds it's not going to be that big though

Hoping to make it in 2020, not selling before fuck you money (1 million euros and above)

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Sounds like we're pretty much in the same boat user.

It has to work. In my opinion, if LINK and REQ fail, pretty much crypto fails. These are the projects this whole space will rotate around basically.
Either that or people have to be willing to circle jerk around crypto kitties and paying thousands of dollars for ETH to be able to breed a crypto kitty or to buy a rare pepe.

I qualify for posting here now. I fucking fucked up. I knew I should olhave sold and didn't. I'm dying. I'm 24. I had 120k. I was only 10x away from "making it". I'm sitting jhere drinking Smirnoff trying to figure out what the guck I should do? Any advice? I've already read link whitepaper 20 times. Wish I had a wife tbfucjinghonest

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>Diversifying is a meme
go back to /pol/

stop buying into memes and start buying into projects that you've researched and actually believe in.
You'll disregard this advice I'm sure, pretty much everyone does.

Relax. Cash out like 10k during the next little bull run just in case everything in crypto goes to shit in the end. If not and crypto survives, your link stack will make your life a pleasure.

I have about 80$ invested and you're claiming to be a poorfag. fuck off you sad pathetic loser. hurr I got thousands invested such a poorfag life hurrr durrr moomy and duhdy dont love me so I pretend I have a bad life online.


But I have researched the memes very well.

I’d follow anons advice and not buy into meme coins, read whitepapers and DYOR.
I currently went all in on NAS and AMB so your doing something right atleast OP

When AMB releases their economics program you should atleast have enough AMB to hold a node, it’s only speculation at this point but 5k might be the least you need so watch out for that next month.

Probably wise to hold that amount before they release it because the price is probably gonna spike alot before and after

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2000 is not poor. Try 200. Not investing anymore because it's not mooning again. Crazy to think big money will come in any time now. That ship has sailed.

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idk i just get irrationally upset when link goes down after i just buy in,

maybe i should not spend my time at work staring at the charts but i have nothing else to do

Are you me?

If you can't tell me what the coin does, or what it's purpose is, without looking it up - get out of it.

Just fuck my shit up senpai

Should I be changing anything? How is my future looking biz?

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how are you down so much on gvt?

I used to have quite a lot more, like $2500 worth and kind of bought high and held through a dip before selling at a loss. Just recently re-added it to my portfolio today.

>sold at loss
>bought again
Veeky Forums

ah right, well... shit, that explains that then.

Thats why I am green in everything except GVT but negative more than I have showing. Of course theres missing money.

Im sorry, should I just hold everything forever? I actually recovered some of the losses I took from that by selling and putting it elsewhere. Its not always best to just sit and hold.

You believe in it going up enough to buy it again but sold it previously. Unless you needed to get out of something for fiat, then I don't understand

>$22 in ETH
Oh man I missed blockfolio threads

I'm just as bad though

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