Please help. How do I become rich?

>Good looking
> support my NEET lifestyle because they perfer me over my other siblings who have to wagecuck
>Got a girl pregnant
>She's demanding child support
>Parents say they will not help me pay it since its "my responsibility"

Please help guys I'm to good looking to be working like a dirty peasant. Please help guys I need to become rich to pay my child support and keep on living the NEET lifestyle

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KYS faget.

>got a girl pregnant
op you dun goofed

Buy stocks while they are going to shit obviously. When they bounce back you get rich.

>Got a girl pregnant

hot damn boy you dun' goofed

especially if you're under 23 LUL

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>support my NEET lifestyle because they perfer me over my other siblings who have to wagecuck

Frogposters and shitty larping always go hand in hand

Falcon Punch. It's your only way out.

I already tried forcing her to get an abortion. The cunt wouldn't go for it and all that happened was that she made an instagram post on how much of an "asshole" I am.


Fuck off you retarded normalfag. Go write your shitty blog on facebook.

“Too good looking.”

No one gives a fuck how young faggots look. The fact that you’d even say that means you’re a mentally ill loser with no work ethic who feels entitled to something. You’ll never make anything of yourself with that attitude.

Yo this is actually pretty useful thanks. You ever need a freaky bitches number I gotchu.

>You ever need a freaky bitches number I gotchu
I have enough of those already but thnx. The good thing about day trading though is that it's a self fulfilling prophecy so it's good to share the knowledge.


Is a scam artist day trading will only make you go broke.

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I'm a NEET too, but I'm ugly and in my 30s now. Probably gonna hero soon.

>got a girl pregnant

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why didn't you make the girl have an abortion?

>get pregnant by neet chad
>call him and asshole
>get beta orbiter to take care of child
>still want to bully chad into paying for child.

Have you actually watched his trading tutorial series?

You don't know if those screencaps were by him and there is no way for him to profit if you are just following his general tutorial series. IF you are sitting there everyday trying to copy what some trader is doing then youre doing it wrong. His general tutorials are great though and it's good to watch even his live trades sometimes just to get a feel for the whole thing but if you try to copy them trade by trade then yeah youre being an idiot and not learning.

The point is to figure out a trading style that works for you. Watching other people though always helps. Idk how exactly you think philakone is making money from his viewers but unless you are trying to copy him trade by trade which is retarded and i guess people that do that deserve to get dumped on.

Fibonacci levels have always been a self fulfilling prophecy, same with RSI, and there is nothing wrong with trying to reinforce those trends. It's like the movie "rounders" with poker and the more reliable technical analysis is then the easier it is to get money from normies, holders, and/or emotional traders.

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I'm trying to start up a project that everyone involved could come out filthy rich. Visit the thread if you want more details

yeah I'm neet and I dont know a single girl

Isn't a NEET someone who dosent work? Or have I been using the word wrong?

You could be a NEET and still get girls you just need a social media account. A few good pictures of youself and a few pictures showing off your parents cars, house, or money.

NEET is a lifestyle
NEET is hate, NEET is ded

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She said it on Instagram?...oh boy you fuqqed up

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it was him. he is a scammer

Why don't you raise your child together with the girl? Sounds pretty fun to me. You sound a bit young, but I guess it's probably doable. You don't have to be rich to support a child, just make some reasonable money and be cool.