This is it

the bull market is officially back. Green candles all over the place, the last chance to buy below 8000! Where are my fellow bulls?

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WHTY CAN'T IT JUST fucking die

Bitcoin will never, EVER, be below 8K USD again, TUNGSTEN grade support at 8K


Sitting here with my spaghetti, comfy and stoned. I'm gonna be rich user.

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So what did it anons, was it the PetroYuan and the sudden out-of-nowhere stock drop late in the day?

We have to break out of this wedge, need to get above 8050 and hold above it. Otherwise we're going back down, no lower than 7600 for now though. My meme TA lines have spoken

BULL reporting in.

I hope you boys took advantage of the opportunity to acquire some more during the dip, because April marks the start of the bull run.

>being this deluded

>want to put more money into crypto
>already down 80%
FUGGGGGGG the pain is real

Prepare to get S I M P S O N E D

All I know about this guy, is that he looks so blatantly Russian that it makes me kek.

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>mfw this is the same shit as yesterday

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5 hours consolidation DUMP screenshot this

1 minute candle?

there needs to be a $500 or $1000 jump for it to be a proper bart pattern

Feels like its being pumped by a single whale, not even any volume on this pump

Whales have been pulling out for months you're delusional. Don't buy above 5k.

forgot to add it needs to be within a 5 minute time span

death cross when?


more like the daily Bart incoming

April came early this year boys!


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About to dump again, noone is buying above 8k

And there it goes.

Goodnight, Bitcoin.

Roger that. Bulls inbound. This is it, this is what we’ve all been waiting for BARTS BTFO.


Literally everybody knows this

Very besrish looking right now. I suspect a huge drop in 15 minutes or so. $500-$700


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Go long at the top and short the bottom
Buy high sell low the /biz way never change

The king lives once again! Hail!

>Wages dont come in for two weeks
>Cryptos or starve for a fortnight
Hope this doesn't go up too much

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This isn't over until we hit sub 7k.

I wouldn't worry too much about that.