Game just launched goyims

It's on. Simcity eth edition is here. Btc's in a resistance zone, entertain yourselves here.

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>Buy land for Eth or rent land for %
>build a city for free, just pay gas
>start a business for free, just pay gas
>buy metal in order for your business to sell buildings

Just built myself some citizens and a hospital user.

This looks interesting, I'm still figuring out how to play though.

building my city to rack enough points to build a brother bruh. Come get your dick wet at ma cityyyy.

Interesting economic process, just sold my keks, closed website and getting a city. Will call it KEK town, all keks will be welcome!

nice economy

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Protip: Buy the buildings currently underpriced compared to cost. Theres still a lot of arbitrage.

brothel ^

looks like a scam, what do players do?

they give eth to the discord shills

You build a city upon lands, and create houses, hospitals, schools and such via your businesses. Other players can buy your products for eth,

I've already broken even in less than 3 hours, and am on the way to profit town.

Players get a plot of land and create a city on it
Use gas to buy a business on the city
With metal your business will routinely (every 2 hours for a house) create a building which will automatically hit the market at a price of your choosing
When the building is sold you get the eth you sold it for.

U know what fuck KEKs exchange, lets make cities guys! There I can store army of KEKs.

Im already in Ethercraft. One ponzi is enough.

Also, what's the game aspect?

Just check the discord there's only 30ish people online it'll take 2mins.



Is there a trailer, or a gameplay video somewhere?

>only 30 people
enjoy your bags faggot discord shill

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Holy fucking pajeet. This is an autistic roller coaster of samefagging

This is the greatest pajeet advertisement I've ever seen

It's a shitty scam but a well thought out one

lol @ bizfags always calling crypto games scams.. thats why you are still poor

They got burned on ethtanks and now think that every game is a scam. They're happy to invest in Confido and Chainlink though.

nice try you poor fucking internet neets

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what are you trying to prove with this?

haha what do you think this means? Are you fucking retarded? The fact that there is 0 ETH in the contract means it's working perfectly as the funds are being distributed between players in the right amounts. One player sells a house for .015, another buys it for .015, the exact amount of eth goes from the second wallet to the first. No eth is left in the contract.