I have and idea that could save us all from this sea of red

I have an idea that could save crypto, or the very least fastforward this shitty correction we're in. It could be impossible but, here goes:

>form band of Veeky Forums brothers, both talented and non-talented
>together we create a twitch/youtube clone
>100% of transactions must be made with crypto
>website will include video uploads, live streaming, and easy "crypto how-toos" for the noobs
>get as many people as we can to build the website
>get even more to stream, upload content, shill, etc
>have "subscriber" option just like twitch to donate to users monthly, as well as donations
>users will have their accepted coins on their profile and will also be shown when trying to donate/sub to them
>have youtubered bullshit for no ads and special benefits, to be paid in crypto
>include easy "how-tos" for how to get into crypto, and how to exchange coins etc
>possibly provide disscussion forums for different coins, games, crypto in general amd so on

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The way I think of it this would be a win-win, anyone who plays video games a shitload could just stream in hopes of getting free crypto, the website builders and developers who work their ass off could profit from fees we would put it into the site and from ads. And then we could have people who just run the servers can make some extra cash from that. We could make a reward referral system to reward shillers, if you get someone to make an account you get this or that etc. Could even make a universal coin for the site that every streamer must be able to accept. As for coins we could include our coin, btc, btc, ltc, eth, neo, xlm, and maybe a few others like monero or whatever. Probably try to keep it around or below 10. If this got even relatively popular and big time (or even small time) youtubers/twitch users started using it word would get out and we could blow the fuck up. Now obviously this would be a huge project and we would need a to account for all the space videos would eventually take up, but if it got popular all the developers would make bank, all the streamers would make bank, and everyones wallets would make some PHAT gains, especially if our coin shot through the roof. Anyway what does everyone think, impossible or plausible.

nice try zuckerberg

Not the worst idea. Make a discord and I might help out.

Difficulty Level: Extreme

Make a telegram group user

why did you choose to include the neo pic?

Telegram/discord? Make it

it was in my downloads folder from a few days ago, just clicked it, making a discord right now

here is the discord: discord.gg DMG8V

Oh .. Then create an ICO for a token ,which will be used internally to reduce transaction costs. Oh wait...
Chinks and pajeets already did it.. Gtfo

Most coins are a copy of, or somewhat similar to an already existing one

decentralized youtube/twitch already being done



Damn that really is quite similar to what I had in mind

There's a discord, here's a non-expiring code: DQRUD6D

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dtube.video/ exists.


>already being done
vs already live

You do know almost no one on this board has talent right?

Go to reddit. Maybe /g/ everyone in this board is to busy making pink wojacks.

potentially the most retarded thing ive seen on here all week

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Myself and a buddy are down for this. I have a friend who owns killyourtv.com, just waiting for a use. Domain cost a pretty penny but is just sitting there, he would be more than happy to work on a joint project related to this.

Let's do it. I've got racks of servers and in depth knowledge of coding.

I'm pretty sure there are plenty of programmers on Veeky Forums that have the ability to make a small-scale video hosting webapp. I know I could if I actually wanted to spend a few weeks wasting my time on it.

/g/ doesn't know anything about programming you idiot, they only know how to spend their Best Buy wages on overpriced computer towers and "gaming" mouses.


>"If we build hard enough we can put another tier on this pyramid scheme"

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Graphic designer here, can make some mockups if you'd like.

Fuck yeah, you guys in the discord yet ? We're gonna try to establish roles and put something together once we get an okay amount of people gathered

2 year javascript angular node cloud ops developer reporting in.

Giv discord

right here

Smart contract/frontend/backend developer here. Live streaming infrastructure is expensive as fuck. How will we pay for this given that we're all broke rn?


We've got a good few people to join the discord, right now we're looking for someone that could host a dedicated teamviewer server on a laptop or desktop, so that people could collectively work on the website

discord link expired, can somebody post a fresh one?

We made a new code that doesn't expire, here it is again though, the code at the end is: DQRUD6D

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We're currently trying to think up some catchy names, if anyone thinks of anything good feel free to post here or on the discord

Here's some screenshots from the discord, in case anyone wants a sneak peak.


Floatplane Media Inc. Plans are already laid out

I'll help out, dev here

if you wanna help then join the discord if you haven't already