Some AssBlaster Screenshot Dumps

>Let me put it this way, LINK is not a currency. It wont “moon” it won’t “correct”, if LINK is what I have been told it is, if LINK does what SWIFT is planning for it to do, you need an entirely net lexicon for what will happen to LINK.

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AB predicts $3 by May.

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Origin of the reasoning behind 10k LINK to make it.

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AB optimistic prediction of +$100 by 2020.
(will be editing more screenshots into one image now brb, forgot about the cooldown)

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That doesn't mean 10k, hes saying having 200k link is enough to make it, or else he would have specified the 200k was USD

theory that AB didn't leave because he was doxxed but for some other reason unknown

personal theory is that he's given us all the information we needed already (explaining what chainlink does, what the whales are doing, how the market will react, his price predictions, etc.)

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He's saying 200k USD is enough to retire, sorry I didn't screenshot what he was replying to, but in this context 200k USD. In the latest post he had accumulated 300k LINK and estimates it will be worth about $12MM if not more.

Whole marketcap by 2020 will be more

AB prophesizes the singularity as $60 in May 2018

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That's true, that's why even $150 might not the highest price for LINK

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one of the best LARPers in Veeky Forums history

Lmao it won't even be $1 by May.

oh god please let it be true

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Trezor doesn't support monero though....

>putting Monero into a separate trezor address
What did he mean by this?

Mysterious LINK omens.

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enjoyable larp, but that's all it is

Sorry I didn't really look at why Monero, but now that I look at this screenshot, he really believes in Monero too.

He argued for and against a lot of different coins, especially against Ripple. I think it was OMG he said might be worth 100$ (don't quote me on that) but honestly, there were lists of coins and I was looking at LINK things. I used Warosu and typed in AssBlaster for the tripcode

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why has nobody taken the time to thoroughly expose him of actually being a larper?

Why haven’t you

people had already thought he "left" before and then he came backafter allegedly switching jobs. The doxxed guy wasn't AB, that was some belgian dude that came to slack's node channel with his profile pic and name.
Unless you believe it's AB playing some 5d chess there is absolutely no reason to believe it was him

But I like how AB is one of the few that actually understand the token economics, when I see idiots putting their life savings into trash like ripple or nano (because hurr durr it's SO FAST) I can't even feel bad for them.

Sure it may go up due to speculation, but no holding incentive=no value
his 1usd fueling the economy reference is on point I actually forgot it was him who came up with this, feels like I read it long time ago

So, the price singularity is in may and link will be 3$ by may.

So price singularity will be a 10x. Good to know.

it was exposed, though

After going through like 600 posts (though half of them were "ass blaster"/ not him) he got accused of LARPing a lot, and a lot of other Anons guessed the company he worked at.

(One instance was they found two companies that fit his description, based on how much LINK it bought, what his company does, and how it was located in London. One of the firms had an interview with Medium and their price prediction matched what AB said, $10 - $20 for LINK (his earliest, most conservative estimate) one of the Anons got in touch with a representative of that company and posted a screenshot of their conversation. It was later revealed that guy was not AB but AB did know him.)

Of course just take the information with a grain of salt, no one can predict the future, but there's still lots of good information and speculation too.

I’m surprised he claimed to only have 200k LINK. Maybe he has bought the dip by now, if his leveraged longs in December worked out.

>will be 3$ by may.
he will be surprised if it's BELOW $3 in May. He said the price may take a long time to grow, not to mention is famous prediction of moon to $60, down to $10, steady at $150 - $200.

just bought another 4k now have 15k link will i make it?

I'm surprised any of you dunning kreuger faggots are actually deludded to the point of believing this larp, emotionally invested retards

LINK $1 in 2021

There are not the original AssBlaster trips.
These are the original AB trips.

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>t. emotionally invested no linker
you're even worse, lmao

he had at least 2 trips, sometimes used both in 1 thread

He confirmed the diffrent trips i think

The guy who got doxxed was assblaster. It's pretty fucking obvious. It's not like he's ever just gonna say it was him in a public forum. He's posted several explicitly Veeky Forums things. Notably on his birthday, which was after the doxxing.

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He had more than 1 trip. After reading so many of these posts his writing style is recognizable too.

AB said in one of the more recent threads that his predictions were probably conservative and based on what he wants to get from his holdings.

This shit will hit $1000 easily.

Dude was rock solid by me. He said he changed jobs, my theory is in his last post in Feb he was pretty aggressive about the race against time for Link (you will find that first post in the thread can no longer be seen in archive) and as a result he was actually given a cease and desist by somebody or he simply no longer has access to info as a result of the change of jobs. Either way, I appreciate all the info he shared when he could.

dude, you realize that guy came to chainlink's slack, with his profile pic as avatar, (probably his name too AFAIR) and started asking questions about some hackaton involving CL for his company.
I mean if you want to believe that AB did all of that not knowing biz autists would investigate his profile right away + simulated broken english after that then be my guest.

It's not even the same person on those pictures, different hair color etc.

You need 100k.

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yes it was simulated bad english. If you really think he had any role at NATO and wrote like that you are having a right laugh you dumb nigger.

And yes, if anything he said was true, then he demonstrated questionable judgement from the moment he opened his mouth spilling company information. I wouldn't be surprised that eventually he'd want to milk it a little further and keep the attention on him by dropping some pretty obvious breadcrumbs.

>listening to some shill called "AssBlaster" on an anonymous forum.

god, how delusional are you?

you're the dumb nigger here.
Explain to my why would AB go to chainlink's slack, with his profile pic and name transparent to everyone and ask some questions in the general chat first to then get redirected to node's channel/private convo?
You think he is stupid enough to doxx himself? you think if he needed any info from the devs/managers he wouldn't know where to go directly?

you're retarded.

Last one I have.

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I am bullish on my delusions
see this

Put your trip on faggot. No one seriously believes your bullshit. Pathetic larper.

>huur duur my firm owns 1/3rd the circulating supply


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I'm not AB and one of his earliest posts was about his firm owning a small amount compared to what larger corporations will own; and once his company finished accumulating he began to talk more freely about link. In the beginning he wouldn't even say it's name.

The medium article you are talking about was outed as pure bullshit and Assblaster was caught out backpedalling after claiming he worked with the company in the article
The company in the article doesn't exist. They copied the name of some real estate firm in London.

Its all bullshit and you're an idiot for even trying to read any further into it

do you have any proof? i kinda want to believe AB but at the same time i am very skeptical of his posts.

>after claiming he worked with the company in the article
can you prove it?

>You only need a $100,000 investment to make it big guys


Theoretically speaking 10k should be enough if LINK taps into the market it's designed

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There's been so much LINK shilling on this board I don't know what to believe in anymore.

I feel like there's a critical point of shilling where it becomes too much and you should avoid whatever coin it is.

Yet in the back of my mind I want to buy like 3k link just for the memes.

How much more proof do you faggots need in order to spot a larp? None of this larper's "predictions" were even remotely accurate.
That being said, I'm still holding LINK regardless.

I explained it. If any of what he says was true he was already an attention-seeker with questionable judgement. Obviously he wasn't supposed to share what he did, if it were true. He gave himself a ton of plausible deniability (to everyone who didn't really dig down into it and understand Veeky Forums culture) while also getting to indulge in his attention seeking peccadilloes by subtly outing himself in the way he did.

I'm not digging through archives
The larper has to prove himself as not being a larper

Here are the ones that are my personal favorites. He had many, but if you read this one again it is hard not to go buy some more immediately.

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Nah his earliest post was that his company was acquiring 100 million link, nearly a third of the circulating supply. This alone was a highly suspect claim. We know over a third of the circulating link is held on exchanges (over 100 million on binance then more on assorted dexes and other centralized exchanges).

Now this is possible (we'll grant him the wallet explanation, that seems plausible) but it seems unlikely that 1/3 of the link could go missing like that and be sold completely off the exchanges without any of that getting out. Remember 90% of the tokens were sold in the presale, not the crowdsale.

In that one he gives some history around the SWIFT and Sergey relationship.

You should have 1k link as suicide insurance

That's from part of the screenshot that inspired me to dig through the archives.

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>king shill is a light skinned pajeet
shock level 0

lol ok, you sound like one of those people butthurt that AB gets the entire Veeky Forums's attention whenever he comes here.
It's not even the same person on the pictures on his tiwtter and the one AB posted here on biz.
But believe what you want

he called pretty much every price swing. Some pumps were even called with an accuracy to a day like weeks in advance, but I'm sure it was a lraper burning his own money to impress some neets on biz.

of course you aren't.
You're confusing facts. Show me where AB says that this "Signal Capital" company was the one he worked for and I'll apologize you no problem

I don't really care about if he was a LARP, I think that's missing the point.

I cared about looking at how he explained his predictions, the market psychology, and his arguments for promoting LINK.

But since no one has said it, some of the things assblaster said that have since been proven wrong

>Binance listed link without permission
Not true. There are screencaps of binance sending people to the slack to ask. CZ is also very by the book and has said on twitter they have a strict listing process and only list coins with permission.

>the go port was a surprise and a big setback
Again, not true. Sergey says in a talk on video from February 2017 that they are planning on porting to Go. So they must have known even earlier and this was in no way a surprise and in no way could be a setback. Assblaster said this around the time Rory said it in the slack, and at that time for some reason people thought this was new. Assblaster probably read this and thought it was new too.

Those are two of the big ones I remember, but there are more lies and inconsistencies.

There's more, smaller things that turned out to not be true. His signal capital explanation was weak. Why would he think the Signal Capital london would buy link tokens? It's a real estate fund of some kind. That makes no sense. Then even smaller but still hurting his credibility is claiming he has a trezor for monero. Trezor does not support monero.

Assblaster is smart and understands the market sentiment well. I think he's the guy who got doxxed. But most of what he said with regards to link was not true.

Let's be honest with ourselves guys it was larp, pretty good, but still larp

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I dont think we ever found the second document right?

What is the point of images that are in his posts? i don t think they are randomly put in there...

He explained that situation well, as in he did not deny it because he did not want to say he didn't work there on 4Cchan in fear it would be sent to where he actually worked. Wasn't long after that he said he changed jobs, and pretty much went silent other than one more post in mid-Feb. Whoever the morons were that sent that bogus info most likely ended the info we were receiving from AB. Nice work morons.

Let us pray
>Our Father who art in heaven
>Sergey be thy name
>Thy stinkies come
>Thy link become
>1k EOY

>Give us today our daily thread
>And forgive the weak hands
>As we forgive those who dump bags on us

>And lead us not unto JUSTing
>But deliver us from Jewery
>For thine is the link, the stink, and the big mac forever

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>Veeky Forums doesn't host people smart enough to emulate patterns of others
>Veeky Forums has hundreds, if not thousands, of retards posting "nice fud" in an attempt to force a get that already happened
you might be right


Xmr is the best, most robust, most decentralised privacy coin. It will never seriously devalue unless it comes out as an fbi honeypoy

I said he worked with not he worked for
Larping faggot said his company worked with signal capital mentioned in the medium article
Signal capital referred to in the article doesn't exist. The medium article was pure fucking bullshit and nothing but.

Nice work trying to pick on literally nothing in an attempt to avoid rest of my post though

You guys know he called out Mar 20th as a critical date for CL right? I believe what he said was "it wont make a difference after Mar 20th". He said that in his mid-Feb post. 2 critical things took place after that, the SWIFT project with Banks was completed (where they stated they would continue to work with third parties to improve the process) and on March 20th the CL team announced they were prepared to move to Eth testnet. Pretty big coincidence IMO. That was also AB's last post on the board. Just sayin.

It's all bullshit, and this is still a biz scam that preys on the newfags

>Larping faggot said his company worked with signal capital mentioned in the medium article
I have yet to see evidence of this

>avoid rest of my post though
what rest of the post are you even refering to?

Correction, not last post but last thread he posted in. Has been silent since.

A quality larp yes. Compare that shit to Sherlocklink

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More like 3 cents by May from the looks of this shit market

No, the question is, why does he say he puts Monero on a trezor if ITS NOT FUCKING POSSIBLE. this makes me question his validity.

Sherlocklink wasn't really a larper, he was just a tripfag who looked up people on the slack and github, but a faggot nonetheless.

the riddle user was a massive faggot. Remember the Singapore news. Project ubin is very obviously never happening.

Jacob on the other hand felt the realest. Still Check Andy Mullers twitter every day. It's just a matter of time until he tweets or likes something related to chainlink and it's confirmed. I almost bought Swisscom on his recommendation.

This always stuck out to me. I never knew what to think of it. If someone was LARPing how the fuck could they think of this?

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im sure that the head of a project who presents at SIBOS and sxsw along with the founder of docu sign is preparing to exit scam. seriously some of you are dumber than I thought.

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at worst they could be half-truths. facts that are eloquently spun to give hope about a promising project. at best they could be life changing.

Hahahahahaha linkies BTFO. Rank 91 now. Turns out you paid 32 million dollars for a json parser hooked up to the eth blockchain.

Literally NOTHING from the whitepaper is done. There's no decentralized network. There's no reputation system, there's no node consensus algorithms. There's literally a single node that processes some json blobs and sends HTTP requests. This is literally an afternoon of work for any seasoned blockchain dev. I can't believe you fucks fell for the memes. They will be lucky if they have a distributed ANYTHING at this rate.

To put it in perspective, a single man named Satoshi created the blockchain, distributed nodes and all, by himself and released it. ChainLink has 4 devs and ZERO distributed code written. The quality of the developers of LINK are FAR below what is required to build a proper distributed consensus node network. Get real linkies, unless they buy some serious blockchain talent, this shit is fucking over. There's no way they will finish this codebase by Q2. You're mad if you think otherwise.

Oh ok. Tldr btw but looks like you put effort into it. Upvote

>Literally NOTHING from the whitepaper is done. There's no decentralized network. There's no reputation system, there's no node consensus algorithms. There's literally a single node that processes some json blobs and sends HTTP requests. This is literally an afternoon of work for any seasoned blockchain dev. I can't believe you fucks fell for the memes. They will be lucky if they have a distributed ANYTHING at this rate.

>what are private repos

lol. you actually took the time to type that out. you must really be some kind of brainlet

holy fuck. ididn't read the D.E.N.N.I.S. thread but I just remembered that AB used Dennis pics in his posts...

Read the archives and stop worshipping a larping trip faggot you delusional bag holding fuck

Creative mind with a lot of free time. This is Veeky Forums dude.

That is what i was trying to point out. Intersting, isn'it?

Here is a post from the discussion around Signal Capital. AB NEVER said he worked for them, and he explains why he originally stated his company knew of them as there were other investment companies involved than his. Believe what you will, but IMO, this dude had some great info and some dickheads on this board blew it for all of us.

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I'm sure a project that heads major conferences would be at least a dollar by now, retard

That was in reply to this ...

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did you happen to look across the board? did you not realize that BTC is the bellweather of the market and almost 95% of alts follow? jesus fucking christ. you are dense.

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I can see why. These fudding haters on here like to talk shit but most of them haven't bothered to go back and really read the posts in archives that actually were made by the real Assblaster. If they did, they would not be so quick to dismiss him.

Now see, I read the 200k-no-more-work thing as 200k link

I'm confused, is he saying 200k is enough money to not work again?