Jibrel Jinirel 3/27

in this thread we discuss Jibrel Network Token. please keep in mind that if you do not hold JNT you cannot post in this thread

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best thing to do is ignore jibrel for a couple of months and then check back in on progress

>Hello guys! We have had an insanely busy past week, and have slightly delayed the medium post (jCash, jBonds, etc ) to include some of our latest developments on the tech side :) We will have another post to serve as an update status..
>mfw my jibrionnies are safe

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from the tg?

18k, am I gonna make it brahs? Shilled my dad to buy 5k for himself, to afford a nice retirement.

anything over 10k should be good. i bought 40k just in case.

It's insane when you think about it. We only need $15b market cap to reach $100. I feel like buying REQ at $0.04 all over again.

Yes also
>Hello A This isn't related to a "busy week", but rather about including a new functionality which we added to the Jibrel CryDR Architecture..

Hold me brahs, I can't believe we get to buy this gem at $40m market cap.

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i think so, as long as you can hold for a couple years.

I wonder what the "new functionality" could be

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any thoughts on what it will be EOY? i'm thinking around 5-10 dollars and then 2019 it goes to andromeda

they keep expanding the roadmap till it becomes too ambitious

$10 sounds about right, but could be more if the December/January bull market repeats.

100$ after next bull run confirmed by Talal.

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EOY 2018? We can be happy about 1-2$. Ether keeps getting raped and jnt is still tied (price wise ) to ether. Also people do not invest in new coins during bear. Same with institutional investors

In theory, once the tokenisation starts this should be much less dependant on the market cycles.

It will take time to ramp up, but it can easily reach $2 from SEED partnership alone. And once people see it working, the real hype will begin.

I am glad that you know what institutional Investors are doing. Thanks for your insight.

You're extremely new and it's showing.

the current opinion is that the dao only needs to hold the jnt which represent the jcash in circulation. Seed might hold 250 mil ready, but if people are not buying and using jcash the dao will not buy back.

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you're better of keeping that money in the bank and buying JNT at the end of the year.

The DAO isn't even operational yet, that's why there is no price movement.

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yep, buy high

I think what's really happening is they're talking to banks and the banks are probably saying "this sounds great, but if only it had THIS functionality...", y' know? So even though it might look like they're taking on too much, what is likely really happening is banks are looking to work with them if they're willing to add x functionality. Just a thought.

good point, could definitely see that.

Talal literally said that a couple weeks ago

I only check the telegram periodically, so I must have missed that. It's just what seemed most logical to me.

screencap of talals message

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Hans back at it again

who is hands?

And telegram is literally the worst platform imaginable. You can not even view all the posts by a certain user.


Never felt more Comfy

This is good. This guy is big time.


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He doesn't have at least 500K JNT and therefore won't make it.


this was me all last month. ended up getting almost twice as many tokens because it dropped so much in that span. you probably have plenty of time user. the market is fucked.

m8 I thought the same when the 250 mil was announced at fomoed in. By April this token will be likely at 20c due to Ether dropping.

This one is starting to hurt.

webm related, how I felt at the start until now

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Is this really a coin to hold? Or you linkies trolling me?

At this price, I'm not sure you can lose with this one desu. It will almost certainly hit about $5-10 by the end of the year at least

Why do you think that? Is it because that's what everyone else says?

The team is good. They're ambitious. Being in Dubai for this kind of thing is a major plus. I suggest you look into what Dubai is trying to become and becoming as i type this. Watch the video i posted few entries above, this guy is huge in Canada, England and Dubai.

They're trolling you bud. The value of the token being over $1 defeats its entire purpose

This always happen when running start-ups and is a good sign.

I too shilled my dad, be bought only 4k jibbies but it should still make him a decent amount of money.

Is not the whole point of crypto to surpise your parents that you are rich as fuck all of the sudden and that you are not as much a looser as your parents thought?

tapscott's the fucking man

yes. it's why i haven't told my dad at all. the guy's a prick, i can't wait to rub it in his face when i'm worth more from internet meme money than he is after an entire lifetime of wagecucking.

Nice fud cuck

A legit token.

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I wonder what happened to that user with 450K JNT.

he was looking into a medically induced coma last i read

Seems reasonable though I'm pretty sure you could do that with a baseball bat.

I went 100% all-in on JNT today and moved my funds to cold-storage. We are all going to make it, Jntlemen.

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How many?

Really good clip

Not enough lol. Will throw in some more fiat if it drops down to $0.20.