Who else here /financially ruined/ ? From $200k down to $60k...

who else here /financially ruined/ ? From $200k down to $60k. Should I just pull the fuck out right now while I still can afford a rope to hang myself ?

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60k is still nice, provided you didn't buy high. you didn't buy high, right

buy high sell low thats the biztard way

You fell for the whole HODL meme. Sorry, better to just wait it out.

200k -> 60k

unironically useless information if you dont tell us what your initial investmen was

if you went from 10k to 200k then to 60k, then shut up faggot, you made it but got greedy

if you poured 200k at dec high and is down at 60k now, yes its time to buy that rope

>telling someone he "fell for the HODL meme".
>then telling him to HODL

>he trusted chinks and now wants to kill himself

This happens with all these scamcoins that don't give a fuck about law or regulations, if you value your money get some AMB , there will be some announcement this week and i can guarantee you would not be an half partnership like the chinks do.
Because Ambrosus is one of the few crypto companies that actually is compliant with Swiss laws

what sold you on vechain?

Jim Bryer taking free ven for a logo on his site
the $500 nfc sticker printer for a working product
The revolutionary idea of product tracking
The rebrand before a testnet
the fact its an erc20 token
The team taking selfies in BMW dealerships?
The amazing bitconnect style events?

What was it user?

OP is confirmed dead.

>what sold you on vechain?

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I bought from $1 up to $2 or $3 back in January, and like that gentleman said, fell for the HODL meme like a retard I am. Even though I knew the bitcoin dip is coming, still held those bags of shit for some fucking reason.

my initial was $500 a year ago, but anyway I've lost life changing money and my portfolio just keeps on bleeding. Thinking of exiting at a 70% loss from ATH to buy into coins that actually move, not just constantly bleed a few % a day.

I got in right after breyer's blogpost on quora and some chink smart city partnership. Way before CCK was even a thing

Don't be such a pussy. Hold for a few years and you won't regret it. Sell now and regret it in a few years. Your call.

Take your 60k, put it into AMB (it's at ICO price right now), and place your trust in the Swiss from ETH Zurich instead of Chink master scammers. Wait one year and enjoy your cool 1.2 mil

60k is a lot to spend on a rope desu

>just hold pets.com for a few years, you won't regret it
Are you fucking insane holding shitcoins for such a long time? They're all worthless. Bitcoin, ETH, VEN doesn't matter it's all useless shit with no value for the real world.
I'm angry that I'm stuck in this piece of shit, while other coins are mooning. Knowing that my time to make it is limited and I will never have the same opportunity in life like the cryptobubble we're in now, which will last 1 or 2 more years at best

I might actually, I've been following AMB since ICO, it's a good coin but never fucking moons. Seems like they don't care about marketing that much

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I have 15 VEN. will I make it

its a golden rope with diamonds in it

You got 60k in VEN? Enjoy retirement in 1-2y

>bitcoin has no value and won't exist in a few years
Well, now I know you are either trolling or one of the retards in the last bull run that got lucky.

burn your tokens first

what value does it have ?
>need to send $1000 worth in bitcoin across the globe without a middleman.
>wait 4 hours for transaction to go through
>by the time it arrived, lose 20% of it's value because of whale p&d games
>minus $30 transaction fee
>Need to dump it for fiat
>wait 1000 days for withdrawal aproval
>Need to send your urine sample to pass the KYC
>Exchange takes another cut of your stack
>left with $700
>oh shit, forgot about the taxes
>now $400
Yeah, very useful technology

Try to send 10k out of the country and tell me Bitcoin isn't useful. I hope this is bait...

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not a bait, just slowly losing faith in crypto. I think I'm out after upcoming summer bullrun. If it's ever coming at all

i believe it's over
It won't go to 0
But it will not be worth a shit, in the years to come. It was a fad, no one needs our alts. A new blockchain will be formed for these independant companies and corporations.

Want even more proof? The TA fags are losing it as well
>Go to trading view
>top author is Magicpoopcanon
Made lots of good calls in the past, i pissed him off in one of his comments and he went on a tyrade of how he really feels. Go look up his most recent chart. The market may get a little recovery, i am not saying it never will.

A bullrun coming like we had. NO - not happening

Please sell low OP. It's entertaining to see you idiots get rekt.

sorry no future. IBM over AMB. supply chain doesn't want a pump and dump pajeet discord group fucking with their international logistics and trade. have fun with that bag nigger face

*breaths in*

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well you can just take $9999 on a plane and withdraw the other dollar from an atm nigger

I don't think it's over now. We didn't even reach $1 trillion total capitalization. Dotcom bubble popped at about $10T and was it like US only ? I think crypto bubble could be even more than that since anyone in the world can participate.
Dotcom bubble was exactly the same as crypto right now. People flipping IPOs for 500% gain after going public, lot's of retarded companies with no real use case. Companies selling pet food or some other stupid shit overvalued by a factor of 10.

It's just there won't be another bubble like that in a long time. Maybe even once in the lifetime opportunity. So not holding any bags right now could be riskier than holding.

I see, yeah it's tough when it's a bear market. Just take a break from crypto every now and then

You make logical sense...thanx for the input

you all are the same idiots who would have sold eth at $10


Thanks just bought 100k

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No he doesn't.
The dot com bubble was a different technology at a different time. You can't just say..."well the dot com bubble blew up to 10T, so it's only fair if we do too."

Most of those companies were actually selling shit were they not? Real life use cases, at least at the time. Then they died
No one is using crypto for shit besides trading. The people who do send crypto to each other could easily use venmo or paypal....

>I still can afford a rope to hang myself

www.rope.rip - ico open, 40% bonus

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value of crypto isn't going to lie in currency use. it's going to be things and uses alike to what VET/VTHO is already doing right this second. when it's demonstratable, publicly, that this has a major use and saves a ton of money, more global businesses are going to want in big time and that means more transactions, ergo more value.


You should have payed your debt PUSSY

What does this mean? What is pu'er
Please help I'm losing faith, I will kill myself

No im luke. I also hold ven but not this much

I always wonder how the type of person that doesn't see vechain is shitty scam coin that makes up partnerships even gets investment capital. I'm guessing a trust fund.


>I always wonder how the type of person that doesn't see vechain is shitty scam
Oh like Jim Breyer and Tim Draper? Yeah those billionaire VCs are really stupid!

no i'm luke

Paypal doesn't like me though.

>you fell for the hodl meme
>better just hodl
the absolute state

Went from $600k to $250k. Initial investment $40k

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well, it is /biz after all.

I was always a poorfag so the crypto-crash didn't affect me as much. Sucks you lost 140k in cryptobux though man.

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Unironically wanna kms even though im still in overall profit. Wen mün?!

400k to 140k, learnt my lesson
but been trading my way to 40k ven, gonna help in the next bull run
will 100% learn to take profits and just wait for the next crash

especially for early next year because it will definitely happen again as everyone will be expecting it unless decoupling from bitcoin happens this year