All I wear

All I wear
>Brioni bespoke black cashmere sweater
>Brioni bespoke wool trousers
>Brioni bespoke black ribbed cashmere socks
>Calvin Klein boxer briefs
>Gucci horsebit loafers
>Creed Aventus cologne
>Rayban sunglasses

All I eat
>grass fed beef
>organic poultry
>organic veggies
>fiji water

All I do
>trade stocks and crypto
>occult research

All I fuck
>brown girls
>ebony girls
>latina girls

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>All I fuck
>>brown girls
>>ebony girls
>>latina girls

patrician taste

All I wear

>hanes a-shirts with holes in them
>hanes underwear with holes in them
>a cheap pair of rubberized sandals
>sweatpants (sometimes)
>old shirts with holes in them

All I eat

>cheap processed carbs
> /sip/ Monster energy

All I do

>Buy crypto
>go to the moon
>get justed
>moon again

All I fuck

>any 2d waifu who does not intimidate me

if your almonds aren't activated you might just kys rn

all i do
>be a larping faggot on a mongolian basket weaving forum

this desu senpai

Even though this is clearly a lazy larp

All I suck
>my wife's son's father's cock

>wears bespoke from a brand that does RTW

absolute pleb

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Imagine getting your entire self worth from material items. Hoes count as items.

i dont wear suits

All I want to be
>you op

now let's see what paul allen wears, eats does & fucks

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If you matched all your categories to the last, you'd be wearing H&M, eating McDonald's and smoking weed.

>get justed

why do manlets even try lmao

>brown girls

Goddamn, yes.

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fuck off kike

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>this is what poor people think rich people actually wear


face looks like a thai man's

That's literally how the European race came to be. Warrior-like North men taking brown Neolithic farmer women.

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wtf u talking bout