Since end of january 1000€ on coinbase

>since end of january 1000€ on coinbase
>still waiting for the right entrypoint
>market looks like a gigantic plaything for whales to me
So tell me Veeky Forums when to invest - is it likely to go below 6000$ again?

t. poorfag

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d-did taytay get BLACKED?

You should wait till the market has really overextended on the downside. That's the best point to enter. Not necessarily because it will moon from that point on, but because the chance that it is going to bounce a good amount is extremely high. That will put you in good profit and then you can decide from there.

If you want to hang around our discord to get a better feeling of "when to buy":
discord (dot) gg (slash) tebwEwv

Accepting that you can't time anything, is the first step.

Sage, report and gas,

I wonder who’s behind this post

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i'm just waiting for the 7k dip and praying it's the last one.
sure, nobody can predict a manipulated market like this.

Better off to set buys in intervals on the way down rather than buy your whole stack at one price

Remy boys

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>1000€ on coinbase
Transfer it to gdax



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quick peek at my name - laid cards on the table
sounds smart fren
so I'll split it in 4 parts


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is that even a question still?

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here we goooooooooo

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>post-hitler flag on his lapel


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